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PlayStation is eating mfs lunches this generation. Microsoft is going to have to come straight from krypton with some powerful stuff next gen OR Sony just completely goes nuts. These customers will be customers again next gen and possibly even faster.

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The story isn’t his game was a bore from beginning to end. The battles are repetitive as heck and the enemies are not smart AT ALL, they are simply overwhelming at times in higher difficulties. Plenty of fun times to be had in multiplayer though. Didn’t really capture the feel of the better multiplayer Halos, but still fun. Really hope they get some fresh air in the series for the next one. I don’t care if they put chief on another planet (that the covenant have not reach for the love of god)...

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Tbh Spurg your comment is so dumb Ian’s childlike that I’m just going to say have a good day/night.

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Halo being around this long is amazing. By now a series would have screwed up to the point that sales wouldn’t even warrant a sequel. Sometimes people just get tired of it. Masterchief, you planet jumping so and so, good job. You still have people interested.

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Shouldn’t be shocking to anyone that played the early access. Game wasn’t good then and clearly hasn’t improved.

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That’s pretty crazy. Goes to show what they have less of and more interest in.

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Good luck with that Gamestop. Make a offer like that when the system is in a long drought (if it happens), not when one of the most anticipated titles of the year is dropping. Good luck indeed.

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Deaths Gambit, Fire Pro is already digitally preordered, Blade Strangers, possibly brawlout, and Yakuza will have to wait a bit this time.

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Wellllll I’m getting this.

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Don’t have to worry about that with digital downloads and a 2 terabyte card! (Or is it a one) Excellent sound and voice acting so far!

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Only time will tell. I will say this, they have everything to prove for me. Ive always had every system and next gen will be the first time I don’t be get a day one Xbox since the OG unless Microsoft shows up to play and focuses on unique GAMING experiences I can only get on their system. No watching tv, no Kinect (although I love mine for voice control), and no other gaming distractions. Add that stuff later if you want but give me NEXT gen exclusives for my NEXT gen console. I don’t care to...

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I’m sure fallout 76 will. Looks like a expansion pack so it isn’t too demanding. I’m fairly certain the next Elder Scrolls won’t. I expect it to be on another level.

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I want to try this so bad...

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Final fantasy 11, 14, and Fortnite latest season pass. I’m so over that game.

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Why does it matter? If you kill someone do you want a switch player identifier? Seriously, all the games you play online now could have been cross platform and you wouldn’t know the difference. You see someone, you kill em, out race em, win the match, and that’s that. You had fun or you didn’t. If that person was a Xbox player you would have no idea and the fun factor of the game has gone up none.

When I try to play a game online I’m matched up within seconds. The community...

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And this game is??? Let me know when a game people are actually interested in leaves PS4 without a version at ALL. Until then I’ll keep playing with the system I’m usings respective communitiy. When I play FF, Warthunder, SFV or any other cross platform PS4 game I have never thought 🤔 I would have had so much more fun if the guy on my team/ I just beat was on a PC. Who cares who’s on the other side? How does it increase the fun factor? It’s a “If they never told you you’d never know” ...

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It was just too full of glitches for too long. It’s too many games coming out that deserve your attention when you own all the consoles. You simply start other games because they are more reliable. When the game works it is a blast and I would love to see a dev with some real backing and skills try it again. The problem is it didn’t work often or for long. Starting a game and having a great time just for it to suddenly end mid session and you’re back in the lobby or you win because the whole ...

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PUBG needs to evolve. As simple as fortnite is and as tired of it as I am you have to realize the building is a evolution on the game type. If not for that ONE simple thing (and being free) it wouldn’t be half as popular.

They need to take out some of the “realism” maybe and make some cool cover system and make it a huge focus or something. Boosting and sliding into cover and erecting cover from anything.

Maybe just focusing on mobiliy. Wall running, cl...

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Not going to lie the price shocked me at first. After seeing all the features and a full online I can’t help but give it a shot.

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