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It's kinda like cable. Change the channel if you don't like what you are seeing. I will bet anything that even though you "think it was wrong", you stayed until it ended in one way or another. The things people complain about these days. I'm sorry. #9.1.1
I have been playing final fantasy 14 on pc since vanilla (before a realm reborn) on Max developer settings. Then played ARR on pc, then PS3 for free, and now ps4 for free. I must say that the game looks the best on ps4. Some of which may be because of the screen differences. But Damn it looks amazing. If you have played the beta, it looks and runs even better than that. Not to mmention the sound quality on my surround sound. Seeing Garuda, ifrit, And Titan battles is a sight to see. But even... #14
Add me. Same name just DeathdelivererX #10.1
This shit was already in the bag on wii U. Now my 3DS will be getting some love also. So many characters im interested in. Virtually the entire damn roster. Mega Man final smash is beyond epic, Little Mac is sick as hell, My boy Lucario got some buffs, and they added even more pokemadness with Charizard and Greninja? My PS4 and XB1 will both be taking a bit of an hibernation when this shit hits the streets. Even the damn fitness trainer looks fun. And those new Sonic moves? Dayum. Gotta get i... #4
Better upgrade your wallet too cause this Shit Cost. They give the bare basics and you are limited play time in games that have items you have not payed for. I think they are on the right track but executed very poorly. If allowed the option to just buy the game and get everything,it would be a lot more attractive. #3.1
He made other great promises about the first fable such as; every hit tears your clothes and scars you, If you keep taking damage to the same area you can end up with a permanent injury like a limp for the remainder of the game and reduced range of motion, Every action having a reaction like killing someone may cause their offspring to hunt you down or someone you saved years ago could grow up to become a hero because you saved them as a child. Man Peter. Your ideas and promises were incredib... #2.2
Destiny is definitely one of my most anticipated games of the year. #19
The amount of stuff they have available for purchase is appalling. I would rather have just bought the game and got everything than to get a fraction free and a ton of pay to unlocks. It's primarily free but I feel for the pockets of anyone that gets into this. You would think they would give us access to some of the pay per use stuff in the beta so it can be tested as well. I knew the game would have micro transaction. But just not this many while it's a BETA. Who knows how many thin... #4
A hand held is not a console. Friendly fyi. #1.3.2
Some of you guys must be new to gaming. I have never seen a console get a price cut in under a year. The 3ds Got a price cut but Nintendo gave away games to compensate. Being a early adopter of a console is accepting that there might be glitches or missing features at launch or that may creep up later. A price cut some 97 or so days later is ridiculous. And it's coming with arguably the only exclusive game on the XB1 for cheaper? You guys can really sit there and say Oh it's fine? It... #30
You earn everything you get in FF 14. Especially when it comes to gear. Want that darklight dragoon lvl 90 set? Get some friends together cause it's gonna be a while. #7.1
This is a game I am really looking forward to. #9
Trust me, you don't need English for that game but believe it or not next to the Japanese text there is English text for the menus. So you see versus,arcade, survival, and so on. Now the menu inside that menu is Japanese but at that point you can figure it out quick. Plus there are wikis everywhere. This game is about the action and the gameplay. There is no real story either. Just get a partner, learn how to play,watch each others backs, and own the competition. #3.2.1
He forgot about Gundam Extreme vs full boost. I have that game and I love it. I hope there's a great turnout at evo to put this game on the map. Hopefully that will get it localized. Plus I need to watch some pros for tips because the Japanese and the people practicing for evolution are destroying my poor Epyon gundam. #3
I agree with what someone else said up top. Why make metal gear online only just to get the clouds simulated? Plus the headaches that might come with setting it up and maintaining the servers (whether virtual or not) just so the Xbox can have cloud parity? If other developers are struggling to get games at 1080p for xbox, imagine what kind of cuts would have had to happen to include those cloud algorithms? Clouds worth a lower or unstable frame rate? Lower res textures? Even lower resolution... #13
I love it so far. #3
The game is ok. Nowhere near the hype unfortunately. After spending some beta time on the XB1 version I can withouta doubt say it's not for everyone. This is especially debilitating for me because it's the first exclusive for my one that I was really looking forward to. It feels like it could have been great with some changes.
1) the bots have to go. Shooting a bot thinking he is a pilot, just to get shot and killed by a pilot from behind because you blew your cover on AI is... #17
Wow that got me hype! Was obviously already getting smash but now.... Little Mac all day. #14
Yes sir. #12.1.1
Got my beta code waiting. Couldn't play the beta on pic because I don't have windows 8. Hopefully the beta will make me more interested in the Game. #12
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