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Day one. Drive Club looks awesome and I cant wait to take it for a spin. This will be the hardest console "end of the year" for me in years. #9
Day freaking one. Ive never missed an Guilty Gear. Won't start now. #3
Looks like a type of explosive. #1.1.1
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This again... lol. Its about the GAMES not the console. #4
I'm online now and have been for a while. Guess I missed it. How long was it down? A hour? 2? #88
They are letting you play the games with gold freebies for 24 hrs if you don't have a gold account. If you're already a gold member like me then there's nothing to see here. #6
unfortunate that he went out like he did but I simply have no sympathy for suicide. I also feel that people actually kill themselves pretty often. Only difference with Robin Williams is that he was in TV. If the guy on the 6 o'clock news that spent the vast majority of his life donating to the underprivileged and contributing hours at a time to charity can't get a second look after he kills himself, why should a celebrity? They are just like us. Why should we put them on a pedestal? I... #7
Smart glass was pretty much useless for me. Not being able to access anything while I was at work for example was a drag. Especially not being able to make a purchase and start a download from work and have it ready when I got home. If this has finally allowed me to be able to control my XB 1 from anywhere then it's great news for me. The smart glass app was always prettier than my ps app, but being able to do all that from day 1 on ps4 was awesome. Admittedly though I didn't use all... #12
I think it's going to have your buddy download a section of the game. For example the multiplayer. Or the Co-op mode and maps. Or just downloads just what's needed. After level 2, it's deleted and level 3 replaces it. All temp memory. #6
Well my ps4 library just grew. Hotline Miami and now Journey, both of which I already own. Unfinished Swan is one that I missed out on. Won't pass it now. #7
That's why I say with kb and mouse. And tbh, picture this. Move your character with the left stick instead of click to move. Right stick will be your aim similarly to twin stick shooters. Or picture it as the mouse pointer. You have 4 shoulder buttons for your q,w,e,r skills. Click left/right stick in for the 2 additional skills depending on the hero or game. "D and F". You could map quick use items to the face buttons and have smart cast on (which is in almost all mobas). I hav... #9.2
I agree with you totally. Smite really isn't in the same league as Dota, league of legends, and even the newer heroes of the storm that I've played in alpha. That being said it is a start and translates to a controller better. I can only imagine if this catches on and Sony or Microsoft secure a console exclusive, cross platform play enabled League of legends or Dota 2. Even HON. Especially with how well keyboard and mouse support worked on ps4 with final fantasy 14 arr. Anyway I will... #9.1
Tearaway was excellent on ps vita. Will be there day 1. #3
I don't care about all that power of the cloud stuff. I want to see a actual gameplay demonstration for quantum break. It worries me when a game that was announced so long ago only shows random snippets. Let me see a level played out. Until then this game is on the bench for me. Announce some new first party IP's cause now a days that's the only way you can be sure something is exclusive. Basically show me exclusives, add value to XB Live as a whole, and Show a clear road map for... #13
Instantly made me think of the old Genesis days. Anyways, can't wait. #2
I can't help but notice that you don't have the recently released under night in birth: exe late on your list. Don't sleep on it. I didn't realize how much the easy mode, wide open frame cancels in killer instinct had ruined my timing. Check it out. #1.1.4
I don't have any of you guys issues on my ps4. I get my full 50+ mb dl speed, the store is almost instantly up and quick to navigate. My XB1 is the same way in terms of dl speed. I have zero issues with my ps4 speeds in any aspect. Friends, starting parties. Maybe it's certain isps. I honestly don't know what to tell you. Even playstaton now has zero lag. I rented Blaz Blue CS just to get the ultimatest. I can pull off my most frame intensive litchi combos without a hitch. #3.4
Why this depressing mf came back is beyond me. Always such a downer about anything that isn't about his game or an article kissing his ass. #1.6
30 min for me at 50mb dl. It's crazy how many people talked about how much Sony online sucked because of the destiny beta download issues (that I never had). Asking why people pay for Sonys horrible service. I have every system, all ways do, but I ask those one sided fans... Where are you now? Someday people will realize that as far as online goes these systems are really the same. How fast the ps installs things and downloads the game in question, & all current updates simultaneously... #19.1.1
I play my ps4 daily and thanks to Final Fantasy, I can't even finish anything else. 1001 spikes is fun, pixel junk shooter is phenomenal, and I don't even have all the abilities in infamous yet. ARR is that great. League of legends, Hearthstone, and Dota 2 have been shelved for a long time because of this game and it coming to PS4 made things worse. You owe it to yourself to give this game a shot on your preferred platform that host it. I called in sick today (I really am) and i'... #22
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