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I simply expect it to be a LOT better than the last one. The story was terrible, levels were bland, and AI was laughable. Multiplayer is fun but, as weird as it sounds, didn’t feel like Halo. I think they tried to do so much that Halo got lost in the sauce. Yeah you can still find a smidge of that old Halo feel in a couple levels in certain modes but..... It’s like Call of Halo: Future.
Take it down a notch and get it back to what made Halo fun and that’s never been about the number ...

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@ Notorious 😂😂😂

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I sold my snes mega man X3 for $800 about 7 months ago.

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Best anime out right now. Excellent character development and giving everyone time to shine is awesome. Cannot wait to beat ass on here. Day one.

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They are dead wrong for this. I warned people from my alpha and beta experiences.

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Says 90% of his friends didn’t buy a PS4....
Has 1 friend and one that is 10% his friend.

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Ooopss. I was talking about gears 4 lol! Gears 3 was fun. Not like 1 and 2 but the multiplayer in 3 was a blast.

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You should not BUY Gears 3 from anything but the bargain bin. I got it day one after previously being in the beta. A letdown for sure. Gears one and 2 simply should have been the end. Better yet just ditch the single player altogether and make a $30 Online only gears where it’s simply all multiplayer. Not to mention how fast the rooms decreased. Would wait for a looong time to get a room just to have nobody join and play with 3v2s

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My ONLY issue with this game is that I wish it had more voice work. Other than that it’s beautiful, fun, the drops have been in my favor cause I’m fighting stuff I have no business fighting and winning (plus I grind areas until everything is blue and I go explore instead of the main quest so far), the combat system is good and actually being hands on instead of pseudo hands on is a improvement to me. While it’s true I have never died in the game, I also can’t remember ever dying in Final Fant...

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My first time playing Catan was on Xbox 360 and I was HOOKED. Played that shit like my life depended on it. It finally stopped finding matches but it came out on PS3. Got it on PS3 and it took forever to get a match. I guess nobody really got it on there or there was something wrong with the search function.
Anyway, this will be my third purchase of the same game. I really hope a lot of people give it a shot.

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You are the real MVP DigitalRaptor

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I am very interested in this game. I hope it gets a demo or early access before release. If not I think I’m still going to take the chance.

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This game looks incredible. The fluidity in the movements. The combat. I hope it’s as fun as it looks cause if it is.......

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Cannot wait.... Hyde and Linne.... maybe Blake and Yang... awesome!

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I tried to say everything people are saying now a few times in the past only to get down voted to hell. I was in the alpha/beta/s for this game for around a year give or take.
Whenever it started I was there. I saw the updates and advancements that added details, sounds, effects, and zero gameplay. Every update the game looked better, added a feature like respawn behaviors like cooldowns, and wayyy down the line swordplay. Treasure maps, and places to go, prettier water. Every updat...

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Scar that comment was pure “wtf”.

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Silpheed, Sonic CD, and Batman returns were 3 standouts for me. I had Night Trap and no manual so I had absolutely no clue.

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Yakuza 6 is March

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