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Hearthstone is my shiz, but Magic the gathering with fully customizable decks is tough to beat. I stopped buying the planeswalker games because of the lack of building a from scratch deck. #4
Funk yes. I can't wait. Better unlock cards by playing just like on 3ds and vita versions. I'll gladly pay for any expansion packs but it better not be a random "real life" 5 card pack. It needs to be pay this and get all the cards in this expansion. #2
I have not had a wrestling game since Smackdown 2 on PS2. (Or whichever one came out in 2000/2001) Stone cold on the cover AND Arnold in the game? He better have all unique moves. No ddts and Swanton bombs. Have things fitting of the terminator. With my record it could be my last one so I hope it's awesome. #8
You forgot about the PS4 Dissidia game. Gameplay looks great. #1.4.6
I've played for a total of about 8 hrs. About 20 online matches as well. The game is awesome. Every match was silky smooth online except 2 Wi-Fi lag warriors. (Do not play fighting games on WiFi people!) Other than that, it was like I was in the training room. Hitting all my combos and links, tech throws, and parrys. (the few times I used ryu) I cannot wait for the full game. #6
Hell I haven't finished the content the base game came with lol. I'll pass for now. #4
Well I got in 30 minutes last night split between Ryu and Nash. Today I was on almost 2hrs before disconnecting from servers. I played one online match which ran smooth as butter vs a guy that was level 3 so he had a lot more luck than me at that point but I still got him. Game is great. While I wanted to play more obviously, I got in over an hour and a half of Nash action which should tide me over. This game IS NOT about combos. I have a stable 15 hit combo with Nash that I can hit consisten... #18
Some people think they signed up for a demo. I think it's the same ones complaining that there's no offline versus or training room in a online beta that's focusing on ONLINE. (Or in this case at the moment, offline since its not connecting) either way I got in about 15 minutes of Ryu practice and about 10 with Nash. Game has a great animation system and sounds great in surround sound already. Can't wait till it gets enhanced even more. I didn't know there was online issue... #15
Yep so it looks like he shafted himself lol. Can't wait. #9.1.1
Actually Magnum killer instinct had 8 characters for season one and that costed $40. Shadow Jago was just a reskin back then. Season 2 brought 8 more characters for another $40 plus shadow Jago got turned into a character which brought it to 17 characters for $80 that were drip fed over the span of a year and a half. Now you can buy the complete edition for $60. Street Fighter cost 60 for 16 day one fighters. I was there day one playing KI so don't make it sound like KI was some cheap ama... #8.2.3
Truer words have never been typed. It's not a racing game lol. #9.1
But each variation of street fighter is so different that it's back to the drawing board for each. The balance of Ryu in Alpha 3 with ISMs is nowhere near the balance needed for the SF3 Ryus with the stun gauge and universal parry options plus denjin hadouken. Then you got SFIV series Ryu with one frame links, FADC, Ultra and super options. All Ryu but all vastly different from a gameplay and balance perspective. Not to mention you have to then see how this new particular version in V, wi... #8.1.1
A lot of people are complaining about the upcoming dashboard rework. I however cannot wait for it. Every update has me hoping its "the one". From launch day I have disliked the XB One dash. It's a mess and if not for kinect I would have wrote Microsoft hate mail. It really makes me not have to deal with it. Now, whether I use my controller or not, things will be faster and easier to get to. I must not have been alone because NOTHING of the old dash seems to be retained. #2
People that are complaining about 16 characters at launch makes me feel like they have not been playing fighters long. Balancing is the most important thing. SFV is all new and the characters have been heavily reevaluated. With that in mind more characters day one would be detrimental. Less time to spend per character which ends with more unbalance, broken tiers, and useless moves all for the sake of more characters. If V was the same as IV then I could see people's arguments better. For... #8
Did you even glimpse at the article Grey? There's one version that gets added to. If they made another disk it would be the same disk and a box full of character unlock code leaflets. You get everything free ( except non gameplay stuff I.e. Costumes) you just have to unlock them via in game currency or cash. #18.2
What they expect is for people playing repeated online sessions to be racking up currency the fastest. That's why they said currency payouts are still being determined and that the 3 betas will help set a baseline. I'm sure they will be seeing the average amount of matches players can knock out per hour, the win/loss average in said hour, and if there will be bonuses for special finishes and its rate. I'm sure there will be a grind but no where near your speculation. Also I wouldn... #20.1
Exactly. You will not be separated from your friends. One version to ever buy. I'm sure the grind will be hell if you want everyone, but if you aren't that kind of player you will probably be better off. Either way they said they will be adjusting the currency based on beta results. No more split player pools has me hype. #13.2
You buy the full disk game with all the modes, characters and whatever else. The "service" is simply that instead of going to buy Super Street Fighter V and whatever else they used to do, you will get that for free. Your game will simply expand. No need to worry about a new version that you are getting but your friends aren't. That one disk purchase is all you will ever need to buy. Character additions and costumes will come after and you can get them for free just by playing th... #13.1
Wow Nixon, you seem pretty upset. Veneno made a simple yet solid point. You don't have to pay anything near full price to preorder and even then you can cancel. Instantly he is a fanboy and PS plus assumptions and so on. Going by your response the only fanboy here is you. While you're sitting on the sideline for whatever underlying reason you choose to do so, I and many others will be helping what looks to be the best Street Fighter experience ever, be just that. The best ever. Over 2... #12.3
SFV has become the league of legends of fighting games. Killer instinct already tried to apply a Tekken Revolution style buy only who you want model. Same as league of legends and dead or alive that did the same things a few years ago. The major difference here that I applaud is that you can earn anything for free. Want that new character? Use your game money. Want that costume? Put in the time and it's yours. I have been playing league for years and its a fantastic model. I've boug... #10
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