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Shit made me feel sick. I think my TV is too big. I saw some insane guns people made during the little time I played. #3
^ By a whole freaking lot. I don't use mine for tv but I do have friends that's history will only say played tv 7hrs ago and their current status is watching TV. I'm sure I have a lot of hours thanks to the twitch app. With all the tourneys in smash, guilty gear xrd, capcom cup and omega sf4 twitch has become a almost daily destination. #7.1
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Preach! #2.1
Holy smokes this reminds me of when I bought monopoly plus on ps4. I simply have to shake my head at ubisofts quality control. I was going to buy this but decided to see if it had online or not because the description does not say. Now that I see it's another half ass product from them I'll pass. They got me with monopoly. Can't let them get me again so soon. #2
Play against me in Killer Instinct. Not only will I stream it and show everyone how bad you suck and probably don't know a thing about fighting games other than the titles, I'll show you that even though I'm a beast at the game, it still is what it is, a mediocre fighting game at best. Same screen name. Day one XB1 owner. Just because I call it like I see it "I must not have it" #38.1.1
Looks like 2/3 of those are only on ps4 and if Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma is any indicator, seeing as how it was only on ps3, ps4 owners can have em all. #35.1
Your comment is hilarious. Killer instinct has particle effects. Some people are easily impressed. #38
I got mine day one and still do not have it. #7
I didn't include Xrd which looks and plays like it was created in heaven because it's basically out. Hopefully a Persona or Blaz Blue will randomly pop up. Nobody ever knows they are in the making until 3 or so months before release. #4.1.1
They just need to delay the game and increase the speed of leveling up. Keep it a grind but make it start much later. Disgaea games are the few games that make me laugh out loud at times. I would love for Sony to go ahead and pick them up in light of all the loyalty they have shown. Hell, I have a guy at work that I call mid-boss because he is my assistant manager. I tell him customers have to get past the mid-boss to get to me. Damn Laharl was a riot! #9
I love tekken and I will be there there minute one on release day, but I swear they are using the exact same models from tekken 6 and tag 2. Particle effects, cloth physics, and animation are obvious steps up but Damn. The characters should have be overhauled by now graphically. I love Tekken to death but Damn Harada. I gotta say SF5 is the freshest new fighter graphically and most likely play style wise on the horizon. #4
My most used xbox app. #10
Less than 2 hours. I went to the Sony store, card in hand, and it said sold out. That was in the first 30 minutes. It actually said "out of stock" for the literal people. #19
I think you are wrong to an extent Sevir. Titanfall was made by EA ONLY for the xbox 360 and one. That was obviously a 100% "how much will it cost us to get this exclusive" payment. Sony and Capcom are CO-producing Street Fighter V. This is what they said on stage. When the game starts it will say "Sony Computer Entertainment Presents" somewhere. Thats a lot more involvement. Resources, manpower, whatever. Like Capcom said they came to Sony about the idea first. Because Ti... #5.3.1
The difference is that 19.99 you are speaking of. These games are %100 free. Who trys to rain on %100 free? Bet you are a blast to be around at parties. #20.1
I do what I can for my fellow gamers! #27.1.1
Monopoly plus. It was for me and my girl to play together, which we do, but Damn if they didn't throw that game together on ps4. Glitches out the ass, framerate issues (on mf'n monopoly for a PS4?!),lack of option customization. She doesn't notice or care about any of it when we play together. I'm far more critical. At least the online works I suppose. My other games are all awesome, just hate that I don't have time to fully enjoy them all. #27
I wonder if one of those free games is Street Fighter V? Lol. #27
D4 was good? Might have to give it a go. Graphically it just looks so unappealing. #9.1
If you have no next Gen console then yes. If you already have a ps4 then no and vice versa. It's a great console and it's been price dropped to the point that it's Damn near free in some of these bundles. Time to upgrade to next Gen one way or the other fence sitters. Or both ways like me if you simply cannot miss a single experience. Problem is you gotta get a wii u also. Perfect companion system. #13
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