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What system you playing on? I will see if I can help you with that. #3.1
Congrats IG. If this does not revitalize KI in the tournament scene nothing will. #9
I have not found my solution for my Xbox One battery situation. Partially cause I have not looked. I get great prices on Duracell quantum batteries so I am currently fine. #2
Yep. This version will now be the tournament version used at all events. (capcom events and Evo so far) It's in the bag for me. #18.1.1
I will be there yet again on day one. All the DLC for 24? Better visuals? Even better net code? Hell yes. #18
I bought this pack combo the day it was announced. When my girl gets off work shells will fly. #2
Nothing was better than hooking and toppling a AT-AT knowing some people were in it wreaking havoc. CPU players were a part of why Titanfall didn't grab me. I like for everything I kill to be somebody. Everything else is just in the way. I'm still fully onboard though. Can't expect a new, built from the ground up game to have everything. Battlefront 4 should be insane though cause they will be building on wherever they leave off on this one. In game screenshots show that they are... #16
A wired controller? Really? No thanks. #8
Only if they had $4.99 to pay for them. #1.1
That is a badass ps4. Damn I want it. #2
Erron black looks broken. That tackle has to be 0-2 frames. Could have sworn I saw it go through a attack too. Super fast, and super armor? Seems like the EX version is the way to go. Corner carry combos from half screen too? Dropping caltrops in the corner is fine, but with the strong zoning options of erron it looks exceedingly difficult to escape. Hopefully I feel differently tomorrow. MORTAL KOMBAT! #8
Now I gotta make sure Cassie is a main just to selfie the hell outta people. Cool fatality. Not the goriest, not the most brutal, but simply cool as hell. #14
Can't argue with options. I do prefer the internal switch I did with my PS4 because it doesn't take up space like my external Xbox HDD, not to mention another outlet. Once you see those TBs of space most is forgiven. #2
Hard to top Square when it comes to cg scenes. Day one for me. #24
It really does look like bat puke so I will call it like I see it. I will consider making paragraphs, but usually I'm at work and typing something quick or using voice to text. Anyway enjoy your day. #10.3.1
Not going to lie, I am not going to read that wall of text. Just know that if you want to rant about other games or systems why not do it in a relevant thread. Topic is Neverwinter on PC vs xbox. Where Bloodborne, a ps4 only game, fits into that is beyond me. Truest sign of a fanboy/hater is bringing the competition into conversations that have nothing to do with them. This game looking like crap has nothing to do with anything on Wii, PS4, neo geo, or any other Platform. Good day. #10.2.1
You are officially insane. If you played bloodborne you would know that the area in that pic is full of fog. I need to show you some of my own screenshots. Bloodborne is beautiful and going for a totally different vibe than Fable. As someone with bloodborne and has the Fable Alpha, believe me when I tell you bloodborne is beautiful in every aspect. I've seen a low res texture in every very blue moon, but in fable is out classed in every way. I really must put up some shots. I don't ev... #10.1.1
It looks like bat puke on PC just like it does on Xbox. With how dated the engine was even at launch you would think they would have spruced it up. It's not like it's cross play and they had to play by a particular set of rules. Same as smite. Game should definitely look better than that. #10
If this roster pissed you guys off, killer instinct must have sent you guys into comas. Not to mention the dlc costumes and such. This is great. You get a the vast majority of costumes from playing the game on console, playing the free mobile game, and factions. The few you get from these expansions are unfortunate, but it's more just to say you're paying for more than just a character. Plus you can use the characters BEFORE you buy them. Who else does that? Not many. They said on str... #29
NG+ for me. Last boss is a mf. #8
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