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It fixed a glitch that stopped the mall app from opening.The real question is who the hell uses the mall app?! Everything is extremely overpriced, it has the functionality of the first eye toy, and the selection is piss poor. The true fix is permanently stopping it from opening. Xbox de-mf'n-lete! #1
If I can explain Street Fighter, Tekken, and even metal gears whole series with ease. Well MGS V is still getting sifted but everything else no problem.
Who here has played Phantom Dust? I am a incredibly big fan of that game and although I beat it and spent countless hours online I have no idea what the hell was going on. All I believe was that people were psychics or telepathic. Why they were where they were, what the hell the problem was, and why I should care all missed me. Fun g... #9
Wonder why I have not heard of this. As much League and Dota 2 I play, you would think someone would have mentioned it. Looks pretty damn fun. Definitely not run of the mill. Jumping on pirate ships and having sea battles? Is that the Baron/Roshan of the game? Probably not cause the enemy team had one too. Time to research. #2
I had Tiny Toons on NES. Loved it but never got to play this one. That chip and dale rescue Rangers and Little Nemo the dream master was the shit back then though. #4
I agree. Loved FH2 but Forza is in full churn out mode. How the hell did they catch up with GranTurismo with releases when Turismo started in the 90's. Besides that though, PLEASE for the love of everything slow down on the microtransactions. Horizon 2 had over 10 DLC cars BEFORE the game came out. More came out within the first two weeks after release. At least make some of that stuff free. #18.1
@ Xtra

I'm sure you make it all happen. Get real. Bottom line, you are probably one of those guys that's sad because you suck at V but thought you were good at IV. Sorry, you have to have defense, fundamentals, and cannot fadc out of unsafe moves.
And how is performance bad? Netcode is rock solid, 60 fps locked, and full 1080p (up to 4K on PC) so what's the real problem? Your opinion is your opinion, but I'm thinking it's the former more than the l... #1.2.3
I'm going to assume you have not seen the story mode trailer. The still pictures are basic character intros and endings. The actual story mode that fleshes everything out is... just watch the trailer. Sad thing is someone agreed with your misinformation. #1.1
I see. I take it you have never played the game. Necalli is clearly a power character where as wolverine is clearly speed style. His only similarity is his critical art which could be summed up as a extended berserker barrage. Can't claim dive kick cause what fighting does not have one or two characters with one. If one true similarity makes him a uninteresting character, I'd love to see what games you think have an original cast of interesting characters. His hair annoys me.... wow. #1.2.1
You must be unemployed or on vacation AND playing it all day everyday. You have to have bought a bonus XP boost and silver boost. You gotta unlock and buy each item in each tank before you even get to the option to buy the next tank in line. Warthunder style. Not to mention paying to put a new crew in a new tank. Even with all that I still can't believe you didn't also get some gold. If you did more power to you. Highly improbable though. Or are you talking about continuing from the t... #6.1.1
I got into it a week or less after launch on XB1 and people had already spent so much money to get ahead that I had to stop. It's only so many times you can hear "our shot didn't penetrate" in a row.
On PS4 I started with others and had a lot smoother progression. My qualm with the game is how long it will take to get one mid tier tank without spending. On top of that, how expensive everything is. I don't mind spending $60 on a free to play game because that'... #6
When you say original do you mean Fighting Street which turned into street fighter? Or Street Fighter 2? The original was far from the best. A single DP could half you on one hit. Even worse, it can hit multiple times if you're deep and K.O. The only thing balanced was that both playable characters had the same broken options. (Remember to hold the button and release AFTER the motion!) #7.1
The showed how a long time ago. Heihachis wife, Kazuyas mother, is cashing in a debt that akuma owed to her. She wants him to kill her husband and son to stop the devil gene. Don't remember her mentioning Jin in the trailer so maybe she is unaware of his existence. Akuma agrees but says after its done they are square. #2.1
I need a PS4 release date. Damn I love this series. Hwoarang,Jin, Lars, Leo, and Lei are my crew members but now I gotta add two of the new characters. Akuma is a given, but I think the other will be lucky Chloe. My stable lacks a true female. (Sorry Leo) #3
I couldn't watch anymore simply cause this guy is terrible. He could have single handedly derailed a potential customer. I wouldn't be surprised if it popped up on GWG at some point. #3
I have two PS Move controllers waiting for this. #4
Saying Styx is good might cause people to doubt your sanity. #15.1
For free Styx is sadistically bad. If you actually paid for it, it's criminally bad. I thought Zheros was painful. Styx and Zheros are running one tight ass race. #12.1
Nintendo is obviously still doing well if they are spending money like this. Looking forward to the new NX. #1
Holy shit that game is terrible isn't it? Stayed on my ps4 for about three agonizing levels/missions. It should come with a warning and disclaimer. #5.1
The guest characters are cool additions but I hope they are done. I'm more interested in seeing characters that continue the story and continuity of KI. Unless they join the universes through the story like Harada did with Akuma. He is written into the story and actually continues it. In that case it would be fine. #18
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