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In VR you become the character. I like it. The Bison was old and pissed lol.

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Have not bought a game anywhere else since. Not to mention the gift cards you get on select games, that you were probably going to get anyway, as long as you preorder and pick it up within 7 days from release. Plus you get a gift cards just for spending money with Best Buy period. Gamers club unlocked is nothing short of amazing for people that buy a lot of games like me. I know I sound like a damn ad but holy shit. GameStop has to have a serious exclusive perk for me to buy from them and so ...

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Stuff ran like garbage on there anyway. Crazy thing is they made money off a few people that thought they were getting something special. 1) Never play for a emulator. The free ones are usually better in my experience. 2) Think before you buy stuff, especially on a console. I said this wouldn't last before it even came out. When it was just twitter rumors. Say what you want about Microsoft or any console manufacturer and their practices, but none of them would let this slide on their resp...

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The most ridiculous score I have ever seen. If a score like this won't make you stop visiting a site, nothing will.

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So we are going to debate about 12 min? Get it together people!

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I'm having a excellent time with this game. It has earned my preorder and what ever collectors editions and season passes they offer. I expected to like it, but it's Ubisoft and they have not made me absolutely love them since splinter cell chaos theory. I've liked some of their other games and Black Flag was close, but I am beyond happy with this so far. Orochi needs a small nerf, but I'm thrilled.

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This update is fantastic. So many improvements that you would be hard pressed to find something meaningful to complain about. Very impressed.

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That's pretty damn cool to me.

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Some of you guys hold on to hope so hard. This game looked average at best from the beginning. Any time you let CG videos get you hype, let downs are sure to follow. The actual gameplay was mind shattering in how much of a letdown it was. That they showed it at all is shocking enough. Just cause a game is exclusive on your favorite console does not mean you have to swear it's the second coming. Call a spade a spade. Record is not the first game people have championed and it won't be t...

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No matter how you look at it, it's crazy Microsoft would sign off on this. It is co-signing screwing the competition over. I can't help but think MS is going to block aspects of it or set up guidelines. Even if it does go full robbery mode, you support what you want. Just cause MS accepts it does not mean that you have to. If it's rapey, I won't use it on my XB1 or my Future Scorpio. Express yourself through your support or lack there of. Like announcing a lot of day one dlc b...

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I'm shocked Sony said no to something. This sucks.

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I'm in Houston and I've never had not heard of anyone here that has a data cap. I have a online friend that has 8GB. Does not affect me but I'm sure some people do. In fact if you use a satellite company isp your bandwidth probably sucks anyway.

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The real point is YOU won't and neither will over 90% of the console install base. Your "if " is unrealistic. It's kinda like the first crysis. Who cared about it when a extremely small base could even experience it. You did not have a pro comment. Hell, I find myself streaming a lot more than using something as convenient as a redbox.
Sony was right on CDs, right on DVDs, right on bluray, and with a record like that it is not far fetched for them to be right on th...

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I gotta put in some vacation time for this mf. Love me some Persona.

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Also on PS4 if anyone is wondering. I'm downloading on both Xbox and PS4 til I see where most of my people play at. Hopefully it holds my attention.

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This shit gets me hype every time I see it. They did such a good job adding him to the game from a moves standpoint. Tekken forever.

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Bought. I'll take what I can get.

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It better be. It cost a fraction of what Star Citizen is costing to make. They were at $125 mil last time I checked.

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Not only that you are temporarily banned for constant match quitting, hence the "server errors". Sorry bro. That recent patch stopped people like you.

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Hadouken! Add me! Same name as on here

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