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I hope I get into the beta. I'd like to try this out cause I'm not sold yet.

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It's why I stopped playing. You lose the catch and the pokeball. When those free balls run out, it's now costing you paid for balls. Nintendo should give a "I'm sorry" pack of free balls.

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You have to pay to unlock arcade mode. What the hell kinda games with gold title is this?

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Might want to get your HDD checked. Nowhere in the Story Mode (or the game for that matter) has a load time longer than 10 sec for me.

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GTA allowed save transfers too.

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I had been saying this was going to happen for a long time and people would say Microsoft would never put all their first party games on PC. Or it would only be the smaller titles but games like Halo and Gears would never go on PC. It would appear that my "trolling" has come to pass. Will it work out for them (ms) who knows. Only thing I'm sure of is that the Xbox one has lost a reason to own it.
On the plus side, I'm sure Microsoft sees that if you make more money...

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Day one again David Cage.

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I'd love to try it but I doubt I'll feel like driving to any of the locations they have for me. Living in one of the biggest cities in the US I really thought there'd be more locations.

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I love suplexing Mfs onto bicycle racks in Yakuza. A series I simply must have every release of.

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I know nothing about the game but I'm buying it now while at work so I can play the minute my feet hit the door at home.

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That thing is hideous and I'm a huge fan of the show. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Where would that mess of a console even fit? I'll keep my plain day one fat bastard. Maybe since winter is here that ugly mofo will keep you warm.

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Shit on me. If this is True I got dead Rising with my Launch Xbox One, Final Fantasy 13 is the worst FF ever and I've already beat it, and my savior of the list, Halo Wars, would be my only new experience. Decent list for first timers for all this but I'd rather have the other list. More things I haven't played.

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Get Zero Escape. Bought that day one and had a mf'n blast. Trust me. The new ones release is imminent and I cannot wait.

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Shit. If banner saga 2 comes on GWG it's going to depress me. I already bought part 1 on PS4 day 1. I wanted to continue my story, which sucks, but for the sake of the saved dollar I hope this is true. Just have to start from scratch on that one.

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So I'm in preview, left feedback about my issues, left suggestions, came online and low and behold there's a topic about my same issue, I voice my concerns and it's a problem? Some of you guys are so defensive over some plastic and wires that it's pathetic. If anyone needs to stay away from preview it's you and people like you. You're not going to like everything that comes out, but when you cant give/take honest feedback because you love the topic so much, you're ...

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I love Raiden games and always have. There's no way you can justify a full $60 price tag for one in this day and age though. A part of me wants to say Raiden has never been full price but I can't remember.

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Who says I didn't provide feedback? And in a article about how bad corttana is in preview, I'm not supposed to mention why I agree with the topic? The only comment out of place in this thread is yours.

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Sales are good but how about engagement and hours the jeep was driven? The stuff that matters.

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Also I hate that they took out the other providers when searching a video. That was so awesome and a major point as to why I watch all my videos on my Xbox bs my Ps. And Kinect "Xbox blah" commands that are changed and slow as hell. It used to show you that "movie A" is available on Netflix, Hulu, HBO go, and for rent from the Xbox store and vudu for $6. Why they removed that is beyond me but damn that was awesome as hell and so convenient. Farewell to that too. Please bri...

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It is nothing short of atrocious. Bing is gone. Asking cortana for everything sucks compared to "Xbox blah". Especially when watching movies. Then she randomly pops up request in a snapped mode vs a full screen mode, or opens a website about HBO go instead of going to HBO go. On top of all other things I won't have time to mention it is slow as HELL. Warming up? Really? Then she blames the Internet connection on EvERYTHING. My Xbox is showing me at over 90mb a sec.

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