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Buddha you have no clue what you are talking about. Yeah they were at EVO but grand finals for any game outside of SFV, grand finals or not, topped at 35k. I know because I watched it all. Always do. Those other games you mentioned, which I play and follow also, do not have the appeal of SFV. Not even close. No matter how much you want it to prove otherwise, SFV killed during EVO.

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They will fix this at some point. No doubt about it. Until then though I will keep starting a party chat on my PS4 and turning off the controller auto off function depending on the headset I'm using. I'm patient Nintendo. Anyone that thought you guys would be firing on all cylinders day one was fooling nobody but themselves.

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Dude get it together. League is number one on twitch any day of the week. For SFV, a game that allegedly sucks and is dying, that's phenomenal.

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Those are exclusives that ended up exclusive by chance. Except tomorrow children of course. That game could have been awesome. Nobody would ever know because the game had virtually no tutorial. I gave it the old college try several times but it's only so much "what the hell am I supposed to be doing" one man can take. I have a job. I'm supposed to be having fun during my off time on a game, not trying to find out how to have fun on a game. For every one thing I found out how...

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Tell me you're kidding. Don't do crackdown like that. In fact, I'm sure he's a trolling PlayStation fan. I don't think anyone would have made that statement seriously.

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I think it's as simple as where the decision makers put their focus. At team Xbox they focus on bulletpoints for the system itself. That is number one. At team PlayStation they focus on games first and the system bulletpoints second.

You can't blame Microsoft or Sony for their respective approaches because they both gained victories over the other because of them. Oh Xbox had exclusives and features for the console. Built in bulletpoints. People didn't praise th...

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I think you guys are misunderstanding. OneX will out sale PS4 on its first month of release. Not that it will out sale PS in a launch date to launch date comparison. Anything new normally has a strong first month. It will new hardware fans running out for it whereas on PS it's business as usual. The months after will be tellling as I see ps back on top of sales at that point.

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I liked it with my family and friends.

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It will outsell the PS4 Pro the first month of launch.

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People want the Nintendo switch to be more powerful but don't realize it would have ruined the portable vision. The switch already dies relatively fast with breath of the wild. With more power comes more power consumption. Nobody wants a portable that you can only use near a wall outlet. Not to mention how much bigger it would have got. Better even hotter parts, even better and possibly bigger cooling solutions. Then the bigger price. I'll pass. I think the system is perfect where it ...

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After playing the prey demo I thought the game would be free by now

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To be clear they used a fantasy Forza track vs a real world GT track. Yes Forza has fantasy tracks, and they are just as drab as in real life.

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People are crazy. Those tracks on GT are REAL TRACKS. Down to the bumps in the road. The Forza tracks are fantasy tracks so you have creative freedom. Want to throw some mountains in the background? Sure. How about a few hills and valleys? Why not! GT is called the REAL driving simulator for a reason. Now for the sake of argument you can compare a fantasy track from GT to a Forza track ,but even then people that play GT know those tracks have been around for ages. The just get a new coat of p...

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Zero Divide, Battle Arena Tohshinden, Star Gladiator, R4 (ridge racer 4), Bushido Blade, FF7 (woo hoo), Legend of Legaia

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Get ready for some realistic cup bouncing! Naw I'm kidding. Seriously though, nobody is going to push the Xbox1X like a first party studio will. Same as on PS4. The exclusives are where the potential of the system is shown. 3rd party devs will do what they feel like and get that shit on store shelves. MS can try to put incentives into place (get us a better output in a category and .....) but even then devs will do what they feel they have time for that fits a comfortable budget.

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Personally I think the game will do fine on Xbox as long as it releases away from any other well known games. I feel that the lesser known titles get overshadowed and die quick on Xbox. I'm no psychic and it's just a opinion on my personal experiences, but my only metric for this is my friends list. The free to plays, and obscure titles never show up on my friends list on my Xbox. The call of duties, Halos, and Forzas rule. As long as no big names come out AND the budget price the gam...

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I never played shadow of mordor even though I wanted it at launch. After seeing E3 and the sequel my interest was reignited. To see it for $4 I couldn't resist if my life depended on it. I had no idea the game was so brutal. Loving it so far. Buying Romance of the three kingdoms tomorrow.

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Game is pretty damn fun to me.

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That damn Actraiser 2 last boss is the stuff of nightmares. My dad beat it though. 1 & 2. RIP.

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All I'm going to say is this guy must not have a clue how tekken 3s storyline went. Not that not every ending in tekken is canon.

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