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They need to release these UNIB games closer to simultaneous with Japan. No reason localization should table that damn long. Will have day one, imported or not.

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I haven't seen anyone gunning for it. I've seen a lot of it should be capable of this and that. Nothing negative tbh.

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You having 2 upvotes shows how things are shaping up these days. Nobody says go back to Europe. It's ridiculous. Over a video game.

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I'm glad I read the article because the initial thought was that they must have taken something out of context. After reading it, and having both games since launch, I understand exactly where he is coming from.
Both games are fantastic. That's first. The approach is totally different and that's where his "stress free" and "tiresome" applies.
In Horizon, the world is huge and there's plenty of side quest and things to keep you busy. Story...

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I've been waiting wayyyy too long for a new Tekken. No way am I waiting any longer, but then again I'm a huge fighting game fan. By the time Scorpio comes out you will be so far behind that playing online will be a death sentence.

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I'd like to see the final PS Pro resolution. Also if it's 900p on base PS4 will the XB1 version be 720-840p? Or will they sacrifice frame rate and have it 900p 30fps on Xbox?

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I'm wondering where you got some of this from. On during PS3 and 360 generation Xbox live was praised for stability (a lot more so in the beginning of the generation than the end) and options. In no way was Xbox live doing games with higher player counts because it was only possible on live. The better online experience came from;
Party Chat DURING gameplay (a godsend)
Playing your own music during games ( Killing people to your own track is a blast)
Invites to ...

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Just thought I'd chime in. Nes was weaker than sega master system, SNES was stronger than Genesis which were both weaker than turbografx 16, PlayStation was weaker than Saturn, N64, Jaguar, and CDI. PS2 was weaker than Dreamcast and Xbox, not sure about GameCube. Wii was weaker than PS3 and 360. What was strongest between 360 and PS3 depended on the developer. All that being said, your power argument is more than a little misguided and the point is lost. Hell look at Vita and DS, Gameboy ...

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Phantom Dust has been ugly forever. It's never been a looker. The little music it has is weak. Story mode is bore you to tears quality and it's played just to get the skills for multiplayer. The online is where this game was nothing short of a blast. Thieving imp, Ice Sword combos and hanging environmental effects sucked. But damn using an erase to get rid of said ice sword, or baiting out someone's most powerful shield just to destroy it with a buffed up Psycho Spear and ice swor...

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Tournament mode with double eliminations is the hypest thing ever. Let Tekken be known as the standard.

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Bryan Fury uses Muay Thai also. Adding another Muay Thai character just cause he is from Thailand is a bit much. Already too much Mishima action going on, but since that style is made up they can throw in whatever they want. Only so much Thai you can do and between Bruce's more traditional and Bryan's powerhouse style you got the bases covered.

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I'll take it!

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Don't need much of a deep dive lol. Be it a inch or a mile, a winner is a winner.

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Whats the high score in google earth? In fact please spoil the ending for me.

Seriously, why people want games consoles to do so much non game related stuff baffles me. Movies I can understand but come on. "Where's the VR calculator and star map? Fail!"

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It's only been 6 months? Wow. One things for sure, it gets a steady stream of games and content in the PS store. If you are really frisky, like me, you can check the Japanese store and play a lot of their demos. One game in particular makes me glad PS4 is region free because I might be picking it up via playasia.

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Vapor chamber cooling? Best Quality free games? I've seen people want to make long list by any means necessary before but this is ridic lol. Why not add the thickness of the slip pads on the bottom and the number of individual vents? No games run at Native 4K on PS4 Pro? 🤔 I'm sure there's some high quality screws in the assembly. Please add.

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It's already a success. Have you not seen the backing? That's all dedicated customers. This is one game that was a massive success before it came out. I'd love for it to come on console, but all it NEEDS is PC.

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I'm with you Silver. I'm all for the game coming on consoles, but people are thinking of this Scorpio stuff all wrong. Phil said exactly what you quoted. Some of us have played games on Xbox since day one and have felt each burn. Early first party abandonment on the OG Xbox, HD-DVD push and then forget like a fart in the wind, Red Rings from pushing the console out early, Kinect lies, and the $100 price cut shortly after launch that screwed early adopters just to name a few. If MS sep...

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This is truth, but would people that bought MCC day one like me really go through buying the exact same game again, just fixed in 4K? Nawww. That's for the extreme fans. I'll stick with my 2 games max before shit gets wonky version lol.

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Gahhhh this game looks so much better than the first! Can't wait.

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