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Tekken story is simply a family affair. Much of the cast is related in some way and they hate each other guts for one reason or another, although I gotta say, throwing me off a cliff would piss me off.

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As a fighting game player that has been playing various series heavily since karate champ, I disagree with this article. I can't say I don't understand where the person is coming from, but they clearly didn't get over that wall like me and several of my friends did. At first glance it feels like a mashers dream, and being on the receiving end of someone mashing out auto combos and dashes is a pain. Like any fighting game you don't know how to punish it yet. I didn't get to...

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Dude I popped over to N4G just to see if any new news popped up before I went to bed and bam. DBZ beta code. I used 3 different emails to try get in and got all "beta full" messages 3 days or more ago. Thanks so much man. Tekken, Guilty Gear, and SFV will all have to hit the bench. Thanks again!

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Not getting one, but damn they made it easy for those who are upgrading.

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Passed the f out over this news. I just woke up. One of my favorite games of all time.

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Always loved Ace Combat. Where else can you find a plane loaded with over 135 missiles, 16 Long Range AA missles, 4 flares, and infinite bullets?! (After Burner did it to me)

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That shit was so funny I had to log in 😂😂😂

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Fast as hell for me. Tekken 7 for example took about 10 minutes-15 minutes

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I could be wrong but don't you (343_Guilty_Spark) always find a way to defend MS? I thought you were on the hardcore spectrum for them. If I'm right, to see you throw in the towel is pretty damning.

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Where would B movies be if we had some of this "quality control" some of you guys are in about? Farewell Starship Troopers. Peace out Sharknado! It was nice knowing you Bitch Slap...

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Why the hell are they still not just giving you the full PC sims experience? PS2 and Xbox I could understand. PS3 and 360? Ehh. PS4 and Xbox one? No excuses. It's the damn sims. Put in mod support and kb and mouse support and call it a day. I can see them reworking some menus for controllers and TV screens but damn what else?

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Why waste time and money like this and not just make it a download on current systems?

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Personally I think that if Microsoft had a healthy lead and the Xbox One was a huge success we would not be having this discussion. It's not like the online communities of both systems are dying and it's a mutual benefit. If anything, PlayStation has the most thriving one with double the install base. I can understand cross play for MMOs like Final Fantasy 11 (which had gamers from 360, PS2, and PC) and Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn (which Microsoft declined and gave hell to Square bec...

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Well damn, that title is to the point. Still too many other games to play and it didn't grab me like the first one grabbed me, which in turn didn't grab me for long in the first place. Decipher that shit. Lol

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Totally unrelated but look at the games he scrolls though. About 80% of all the games he showed can only be played on PlayStation. What are the chances?

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Well please play me. I'll even stream it for everyone. Same name as on here. I'll show you how little you know.

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I loved the first one. I can't wait till this comes out. That tutorial is extremely helpful and that ending was pretty damn funny.

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I stream snipe on fighting games. Not going to lie. Juicebox, Maximilian (except on a super close match in SFV, beat him in everything else), Kbrad, Chris G, and a number of regular Joes streaming. I think it's a blast.
Someone trying to stream snipe you in a shooter shouldn't be much of a problem because there's a delay. As small as 10 seconds and as much as over 30 seconds. If you're sitting still for that long someone was going to kill you anyway. You're supp...

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Not to mention the arrogance of the oil and gas industry, grocery, electric, car manufacturers, cable providers, those sneaky isp's, Coca Cola, Taco Bell, Barber Shops, and those damn landscaping companies!

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