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I have had the situation happen twice back to back. Put the system in rest mode, which is blazing fast to restore, and came back After a few. When I tried to turn the system on from the controller it didn't work.
Had to press the power button 2 times on the system itself before it turned on. Everything worked good after the 2 incidents. Still can't play the game though. In the middle of bloodborne someone crashed into something and cut the power for a couple of blocks. It'... #16
C-span and the weather channel reviews coming within the hour. Someone had to look far and wide to find this bad scored review. #17
That IGN even gave him a forum for this rant says a lot. It can be summarized as " it's too hard for me." He goes on a all out tirade and went as far as to post rants on his Twitter PRIOR to making the article. 12 hours to beat the first boss? (Second for me but I w/e) and you are one of the guys people trust when they see review scores. Anyone ever see the "press" play a game at E3 or some other function and say to yourself "this guy is so bad that he makes the g... #25
Lol #9
I think some sites are giving this game 7s and lower simply to get hits and or lower the metacritic rating. Not every game is loved by every person but damn. This game is on a 9.5-10 streak. #4
I was really hoping there was a sim element to scream ride. Build the park and the coasters, set the prices, hire staff and so forth. Like sim theme park but with over the top rides. Played the demo which extinguished my hopes and thanked God I didn't impulse buy it. #2
He wasn't the first boss for me. He was second. Father C was my first boss. Beat him and cleric beast first try. I was out of everything (Molotov, heals, bullets) and one or two hits from death vs Father but I won. Cleric beast was a breeze. #7
As someone with both consoles (ps4 and Xbox 1) I can say without a doubt that there is no difference with online. You want to play a game online and it works. Lag is almost none existent on both consoles (100mb dl) and the party systems work. The Xbox one gets more system updates but that has nothing to do with Xbox live. Someone please tell me where this "better"comes from? #1.2.4
They sure waited a long ass time for this. #2
Nash has always been his last name #11.1
Please don't believe this obvious click bait. It comes in more than one form. List is ridiculous for several reasons. #8.1.1
This list is faker than Criss Angels magic. It was obvious the moment they said poison and Hugo. They are minor Street Fighter characters. And capcom decides give two slots to them when every new engine fighting game starts with a small roster? I can't even entertain that idea. On top of that everyone has three fighting styles like mortal kombat? This looks like a random guys wish list. Of course Alex will be in. He is the second most wanted character after Charlie. And Elena? In a starti... #10
Looks like they were on the right track to me. Bust out some diabolical trick and thieving imp. #13
I absolutely love the demo. Day one. #6
My brother still plays this like it came out yesterday. I hung up my boots about a year before vanilla final fantasy 14 hit. He finally joined me on ARR but after a few months he was right back in 11s clutches. Hopefully it will be remastered and released on PS3 and or 4. #11
I'm telling you right now. There are a lot of side quest in this demo and some cool things to see. I have found 3 swords, and a summon. I held out on watching video of the demo being played and my god am I glad I did. Home theater and this glorious TV that I have almost sent me into a coma when I used the Ramuh summon for the first time. Not to mention the particle effects from using some of the abilities I gained from the swords I found. I can only imagine what the other summons and skil... #5
Has things become so bad that people write articles about who has more players at the dead of night? Hardcore because you don't have to work tomorrow (or at all) and get to go to a midnight release? Or maybe more people did digital on Xbox? Either way who cares? What next? Playstation gamers are more hardcore because they play Phantom Pain until 4am while Xbox gamers stop around 2am? #8
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Count me in #4
Sega hard girls is pretty funny and nostalgic. They attend SEGA academy and at this prestigious school you have to solve quizzes and beat challenges in classic SEGA games. The main cast is named after SEGA systems. The dreamcast character actually connects to the Internet through dial up (makes the sounds and all) and shows the old dreamcast browser icons when searching for information. Damn near died when I saw that. They make jokes about each other's shortcomings which is also a jab at... #6
Smite had been out for ages on PC, where I originally played it, and I always said it would be good for a console. With how old it is though I really thought it would look much better. The graphics and animations are just as piss poor as they are on PC. It has a hard time to take off on PC despite how many tournaments they shoe horn it in. Hopefully the Xbox 1 crowd will take to it better. It's simply not a good game to me though no matter the platform. Too much league and Dota I guess. #6
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