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@Darkwatchman: Look at the dude's avatar... it's Heypoorplayer's logo.


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The external HDD isn't needed unless you plan to buy a lot of games digitally.

...which, really, isn't that different to PS4 and Xbox One, what with their mandatory game installs and huge 40+ GB patches. I don't even have that many PS4 games, and my hard drive space already got full long ago, so now I'm constantly deleting stuff to play new games.


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Symbolic "Funny" bubble for you, man.

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Yeah, people are constantly being born, and the more recently they're born, the younger they tend to be.


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Pokemon Go was born as an april fools' joke, and that was Iwata's idea, in fact.

Look it up.

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The Wii U gamepad isn't stronger than the Vita, dude. It doesn't even have any processing capabilities of its own, it needs the base console to function. The only thing it does better than the Vita is the video streaming technology, which is almost lag-less (even less lag than any HDTV, for a fact), because it was designed for that purpose.

That aside, nope, it isn't anywhere comparable to a Vita. You're pretty badly informed here.

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You truly went out of your way to explain something as simple as the fact that if you pay for it, you own it, regardless of who made it.


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If you mean Breath of the Wild, nope. It doesn't have a chance in hell to run on 3DS's hardware.

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Nintendo said it would run differently, but they never specified whether this meant better or worse graphics.

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It will have third party support, but the one Nintendo always get on their handhelds (which have ALWAYS had very strong third party support). That could more than make up for the lack of console-like AAA third party support.

It's... an interesting move, to say the least.

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Bitch, please. I predicted this more than 4 years ago:

Notice the date, "26 Marzo 2012" - that's march 2012, in spanish.

Basically, in that article I theorize that Nintendo's next console will be a handheld that you can take to the streets to play, and then plug into your TV at home to keep pla...

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If that happens, and it's made by Retro, people will have a meltdown, because they've been clamoring for them to make a new Metroid game for ages now, not yet another Donkey Kong game.

Never mind the fact that Retro already did three Metroid games in a row, it would be unforgivable if they dared do the same with Donkey Kong because reasons. People are irrational like that.

I wouldn't care, personally. I would gladly buy a new DK game from them...

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Oh man, I hope you get to play the newer DK Country games someday. Returns is pretty good, but Tropical Freeze is astonishing.

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Well, I don't see anything noteworthy on this sale, but it doesn't matter. I recently bought Batman Arkham Knight and Witcher 3 for $37 total, so I'm quite happy. ^_^

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It's sad that you got more disagrees than agrees. People apparently prefer to pay for something that was free to them last gen.

Fanboyism knows no limits. Jesus.

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Personally, games are the reason I buy any game console. I could list you 10 "reasons" to buy a Wii U, for example, and said reasons would be... games.

I get what you mean, but come on, cut the author some slack. This is splitting hairs at its finest, and I think people are way too touchy and willing to call anything "clickbait" now. Give 'em a break.

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They are among the best, but whether they are THE best or not, it's debatable.

Personally, Bloodborne is my second favorite game of this console generation. Uncharted 4, on the other hand, is a good game, but there are plenty of games I enjoyed much more, especially on Wii U. Uncharted 4 is actually my least favorite of the whole series, sadly. :(

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In your opinion. In mine, a lot of games come not only close to Uncharted 4, but surpass it.

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As it stands now, I think Uncharted is a better representative of the Playstation brand than God of War.

And Halo IS Xbox, not Gears. Although Gears come close.

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You left Wii out... and its defining game was Wii Sports, by a landslide.

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