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@butchertroll: Yup, and people buying the PS4 Pro only for gaming are doing it for the right reason. No arguments here.

But this topic is about PS4 regarding media playback.

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You don't need a PS4 or any other device for streaming 4K content. 4K TVs can do this on their own, by having dedicated apps built in for that.

Also, if you for any reason find yourself without any internet connection... say good bye to movie night, as you can't stream anything without internet. Not a problem with 4K Blu Ray.

Also, there are still a lot of countries where internet speeds are far from optimal, and trying to stream 4K content is fai...

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Not to mention that you can play a 4K Blu Ray anytime, anywhere... if you for any reason don't have a internet connection, you're busted on the streaming side.

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What do you need a PS4 Pro or any extra device if you just want to stream 4K content? Any 4K TV can do this.

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"The average consumer doesn't blow money on 4k shit."

By that definition, the PS4 Pro isn't your average consumer, then, because its hook is supposed to be 4K gaming and movie playback.

So, we're back to square one. This console is aimed at people willing to go the extra mile for extra resolution and extra specs, and that includes buying 4K TVs... yet this PS4 Pro, which is supposed to be the ultimat...

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This makes no sense for me, personally. If their standalone UHD player is $300, why would I buy that instead of a Xbox One Slim, which does the same thing, and more?

I think this is a bad move from their part. Seeing how the Xbox One Slim already includes this functionality and keeps its low price, this can't add much to the overall cost of the hardware, if anything.

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Star Fox Assault on the Cube had a much more open game design and traditional controls, and people basically hated it for not being on rails. It has a even lower Metascore than Zero, and I personally had a fun with both games. I think they're better than people give them credit for, although I wouldn't go as far as to call Zero "amazing" as this article suggests.

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So it got one price cut of $50, with games bundled to it on top of that.

The original Wii U 32 GB model came at $350 and no games. Now you can get the same Wii U at $300 usually bundled with Mario Kart or Splatoon or NSMB U and New Super Luigi U, and other games...

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Wii U sold more than Dreamcast. What are you talking about?

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Biggest embarrassment? Nah, that would be the Virtual Boy, which didn't even manage to sell one million units.

And, putting sales numbers aside, the Wii U was more focused for core camera than the Wii. Despite its short life, it produced a ton of superb games to play and it will be remembered fondly because of that.

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Scorpio is supposed to release at the end of 2017. Xbox One released in November of 2013. That's a 4 year gap, not 5.

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Three, actually. It was this year that Nintendo forgot about it.

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This is shipments for retailers. There's plenty of Wii U's in stock, so yeah, they will keep selling them for a while, clearing them from store shelves. This is why Nintendo won't take more orders from retailers anymore, it just makes sense considering the Wii U isn't selling well.

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Oh, Nintendo definitely put a lot of effort into the Wii U. It just didn't pay off.

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No, this doesn't mean a possibility of the NX releasing earlier than expected. This just means Nintendo is ceasing their shipments to retailers in order to clear excess stock of Wii U units in preparation for the NX launch.

Wii U is selling extremely bad, and there's a lot of surplus around, so it wouldn't make sense for Nintendo to keep taking orders from retailers.

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With companies like Nintendo, Epic Games, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica / Sony Japan, Rockstar, and others out there... yeah, Capcom has some serious catching up to do. If Street Fighter 5 is any indication, they aren't anywhere close that.

Capcom.used to be easily one of the top dogs in the game industry back in the 80's and 90's. Now they are just a shadow of their former selves.

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Yet here you are, commenting... so, clearly, you didn't pass.

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Aaaaand here we go again. You people never learn, do you?

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Where did you get this idea of motion controllers? All the rumors and patents suggested was detachable controllers, that's it.

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