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Localization is much, much harder than you seem to believe, so yeah, it can actually take THAT long, especially for such a text and dialogue heavy game. #1.4.1
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Not really. Up to 150cc, you could run at full speed around any track, with a heavy (fast) character, and nenever apply the brake. Actually, the braking button didn't exist for the majority of us seasoned Mario Kart players... until 200cc came along.

That bit of extra speed is truly a game changer. It's forced me to change from heavy characters to light ones. Now I'm trying to learn how to brake inMario Kart 8... something I NEVER had to do before, and I've pu... #2.2
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I just don't see them announcing a release date only one month away. It would be a nice surprise, though. #12.1
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You're embarrassing us Nintendo fans. Please stop... just stop. #5.1
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I have no problem with remakes as long as developers also make new games. And guess what, Nintendo makes plenty of those, so it's OK in my book. It gives a chance to people that didn't play it the first time around, or don't have it anymore, or want to re experience it with improved graphics.

So, I'll support "this crap" if the remade game in question interests me. Simple as that.

:) #3.2
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Funnily enough, I have all of those games... except Captain Toad.

XD #1.1.19
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As far as I know, you're limited by fuel. So you won't be able to use mechas all the time, I guess. #3.1
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Yeah, keep drinkin' that haterade. #1.1.11
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For once I agree with you. If they ever bother to give us decent Battle maps, they should be free. #8.2.1
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"Mass Effect 3 is pretty much the single biggest industry catastrophe since Daikatana."

You sure love your hyperbole. #1.2.5
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This game will most likely be the GOTG for me (a title currently held by The Wonderful 101). Damn. Xenoblade on Wii was my favorite game last gen, so I'm really hyped about this new entry. #14
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I did, ever since the reveal trailer, actually. Take a look at it, and you'll see that there was a chatbox, which was a very strong hint at online play from the start.

XD #1.1.4
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Really? Greninja, Lucario, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Mewtwo (upcoming), and a lot of Pokémon items, and you want more?

Lol, that would be Super Pokémon Bros. XD

Give me Rayman, please. :3 #1.1.1
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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor comes to mind, for me. Great game, and enjoying it a lot on PS34. ^_^ #2.1.2
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I'm pretty sure the team developing the new Zelda must be very large already. There comes a point in development where you can't just throw more people in to speed said development. It doesn't work like that. #1.3.3
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In my eyes, $4 for just the one playable character is indeed expensive, regardless of game. So, yeah, I find it a bit expensive on Smash, and even more so in other games that charges even more per DLC character.

I would be more comfortable paying $2... $3 at most. But I'm going to get the DLC playable characters for Smash, anyway. :P #17
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A 7 from Edge usually means a 8.5 or even a 9 from other sites. Just sayin'. Edge is really though on their reviews - as it should be. #3.2
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Honestly, I would be equally happy with either of these. Shovel Knight is a really apropiate character for the game and he would fight right in a Nintendo brawler... and Goku is Goku!

Although I'd trade both of them in a heartbeat for Wonder Red, of Wonderful 101. I want him to be playable on Smash so much. #1.1
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The Enchanted Edition is for the first game, not the second. Just FYI. #1.1
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Oh, come on. It's clear captainexplosion is talking about sales figures, not game quality. Even with Nintendo's arguably two biggest home console franchises releasing in the same year, the Wii U didn't manage to come even close to the other two consoles in terms of sales.

If we're talking games-wise, yes, Nintendo has plenty of stuff to compete this year, even without Zelda.

But sales-wise? Nope, it won't get much better than it already is... #16.1.1
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