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Oh, dear.

NX is just a prototype name.

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If they go with cartridges, I would expect them to drop Wii U compatability. Otherwise, it would only make the machine more expensive because of the added cost of the optical disc needed to read Wii U games, which would serve zero purpose for NX games if it was cartridge-based.

I honestly want Nintendo to go back to cartridges, even if that means no Wii U backwards compatibility. The benefits to be gained from moving to cartridges far outweigh the cons (which only amounts t...

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Hell, we have 200 GB micro SD cards already. Of course, they're still extremely expensive, but NX's cartridges wouldn't need to be that big, if it were to use them. Besides who knows what the profit margins are on micro SD cards... Nintendo doesn't need to make a profit on the cost of the cartridge itself, but the software installed inside said cartridge (as in, games).

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Similar to what Microsoft is already doing with Xbox? Then that wouldn't be "a new way to play", as claimed by Nintendo...

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Dude, cartridges offer a lot of advantages over discs.

- Read times are much faster, negating the need to install the game on the hard drive.
- Much more secure media, they're harder to damage.
- They can be written upon, meaning that you could theoretically install game patches on the cartridge itself, helping with storage issues present on current gen consoles (the standard 500 GB hard drives fill up pretty fast due to game installations and patches,...

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PS4 Neo not, because I'm quite happy with my PS4, which plays the same games just fine. For my PS exclusives, my PS4 is enough.

The Xbox ecosystem, on the other hand, doesn't have much that interest me personally, and for the pretty few games I actually want to play (Cuphead, Ori and the Blind Forest, Quantum Break), I'd rather build a gaming PC than buy any Xbox. I would get far more use from a new PC anyway, because it's not restricted to gaming.

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If you do, I'll make a petition to stop your petition.

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You seem very concerned by his very concernedness about you being very concerned.

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If you already have a PS4, there's little reason to buy a Neo, it seems.

Same goes for Scorpio, if you already have a Xbox One or a decent PC.

I already own a PS4, and I have no interest in Xbox One. So, NX is where it's at for me, next year.

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What? You mean to tell me that internet lies????

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Hyperbole much?

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This article is terrible. There's absolutely no correlation between the Wii U's gamepad and VR headsets.

The author just went full Nintendo fanboy.

Symbolic WTF and NO.

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This is N4G, where 99% of commenters only read the title of the article and rush to the comment section.

This site should change its name to H4G. Headlines for Gamers.


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I feel fine either way. It would be an extremely nice gesture from Nintendo to include Grimmie as a minor NPC or something, but on the other hand, they're not obliged to do so, and probably don't want to because they don't want to use their games to make any kind of statements regarding the real world.

Both viewpoints are valid.

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You're right. It's common knowledge that Hitler LOVED to play quick Zelda sessions on his bunker, in between bombings.

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Holiday 2017 isn't around the corner.

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Not going to happen. They're sticking to traditional controls, and designing the game around that.

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This wouldn't stop it from being a home console, if you read the description in the article itself. It would just be more flexible, as in, MORE than just a home console.

I saw the image and took it pretty negatively, but upon reading the article, it actually makes up excellent points and backs them up with sensible arguments and links.

It's very well worth a read.

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These screenshots are 3840x2160. That's 4k.

Why would Nintendo release 4K assets?


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