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Snipperclips is published by Nintendo, though. I don't think it's just a coincidence that the indie game piblished by Nintendo became one of the Switch's best selling titles. There's probably a correlation here.

Minecraft... is Minecraft. It sells well on every platform it appears on. Lol.

That said, I hope more third parties sell pretty well in the future, like the Bethesda games, NBA 2K18, Fifa, etc, in order to attract even more third p...

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If it's that simple, why don't they just do the same with The Witcher 3, Overwatch, etc? Just downgrade the graphics until they run.

You seem to be rather knowledgeable on game development. Why don't you call those developers and enlighten them how it's done, so that they can fill the Switch with more third party games?

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Completely. I fully expect to see people like Foxtrot posting first on those reviews saying exactly that: Nintendo getting a free pass for being Nintendo.

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While Splatoon and Splatoon 2's sales were / are fantastic, 3D Mario games also have a reputation for being among the best selling games on their respective systems.

So, yeah, Odyssey could very well sell better than Splatoon 2. I don't if it will surpass it for sure, but it will definitely be one of the best selling Switch titles overall.

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Don't say stupid things, dude.

Mario is Missing! is the best Mario game ever made.

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Motorstorm FTW. I want a new one, even though Evolution Studios is dead.


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400 GB is overkill for the Switch, lol.

I own a Wii U with a 2 TB external HDD plugged in, and so far it's taken about 230 GB of games, and I got a lot o ñf dogital games, patches and DLC. And some of these games were free, even...

If you try and buy the majority of Switch gsmes in physical format, a 200 GB card will probably be enough. Remember, Switch games don't require installarion unlike PS4 and Xbox One, therefore the Switch doesn't...

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True, but I think micro SD cards are much more susceptible to failure and data corruption than hard drive disks.

I own a Switch and I love it, but I honestly wouldn't trust a micro SD card in the same way I trust my 2 TB external HDD that I got for my Wii U.

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Lol. The pirate stuff was my favorite thing on U3, and U3 is my favorite game in the series.

Opinions, how do they work???

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You're right, that's exactly why Nintendo decided to put nipples on shirtless Mario.

To generate controversy. That was their evil plan all along.

Kimishima, Koizumi, Miyamoto and Reggie are all cackling maniacally on their headquarters as we speak, while making a toast with puppy blood because their scheme to put the entire internet on disarray is working as intended.

Congratulations for figuring them out. You genius, you.

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I'll be saying "thank you" by buying Doom and Wolfenstein 2, provided their gameplay is similar to the other versions. I don't mind the graphic downgrade at all because that was obvious.

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Well, they are doomed, in fact. Doom is coming to the Switch soon :D

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Tax, fair enough. But trust me, you probably won't feel the need for a Pro controller. The joycons feel great when attached to the grip.

I've had Switch since launch and I don't need the Pro at all. In fact, when I decide to get a second controller, I'll just get another pair of joycons and another grip.

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Shhhh, don't let Superchiller and the other usual Nintendo haters know.

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Why $400? Switch is $300, game is $60.

Your point still stands about the initial investmen, but I'm still curious.

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Don't be so sure. Xenoblade Chronicles X has a metascore of 84.

I still loved that game, and I especially love the first one on Wii (my favorite game that generation). But the Xenoblade series still has a long way to go to be able to claim the same kind of pedigree as Zelda and main 3D Mario games.

I expect Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to score pretty well, but it isn't an absolutely guaranteed 90+ on Metacritic unlike Odyssey or Zelda BOTW before it.

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The Wii U got a big Mario title. It was Super Mario 3D World. Stop downplaying that game just because it didn't use the exact same gameplay formula as the Galaxy games before it (which also had a different approach from 64 and Sunshine).

It was a legit 3D Mario game. If you go for a completionist run, 3D World takes longer to beat than Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy 2. Only Galaxy 1 is longer on a completionist run.

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I own a PS4 as well. I loved The New Order.

But I'll be getting the Switch version of Wolfie Ii, if the gameplay isn't compromised.

Portability is a big bonus for me.

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The Switch has motion controls, dude.

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So, uh... did you manage to, somehow, live under a rock for 5 years? Because Nintendo' Directs are the exact opposite to what you said, and have been going for years now.

The last Nintendo conference was the january Switch presentation in Japan, and that one was relatively short, on point, and talked mostly about games. Besides that, Nintendo's latest conference was in 2011, if I remember correctly...

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