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Wii U was released on November, with the holiday shopping craze in full force.

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PS4 and Xbox One were released on November, Switch is releasing in March.

As far as consumer's spending habits go, there's a big difference between one month and another.

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The Switch's screen is exactly the same size as the Wii U Gamepad's screen. The difference is that it's 720 (compared to the Gamepad's 480p), so it has more than double the pixel density. Games will look pretty good on it.

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This would make sense. Otherwise, the game would only be playable on TV and Tabletop modes, not on Mobile mode.

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I don't get it. People constantly say that Nintendo should make brand new IPs instead of slapping Mario and pals on everything they make... then they come out with a new IP and here you are, questioning why they didn't slap Mario and pals on it. Lol.

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Super Mario 3D World has a metascore of 93, the same as Uncharted 4's.

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Mario Kart 8 isn't cel shaded, though.

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We don't even know if X was the same Universe, the only thing that both games had in common were the Nopon.

I would like to think they were the same Universe, but I don't really see how they would fit each other story-wise.

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X is the second Xenoblade, but it's not the sequel to the first one, because it's a completely different and unrelated story.

This new Xenoblade, on the other hand, is a direct sequel to the first one, so it's called Xenoblade 2.

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Netflix is on everything and it will come to the Switch. It's even on the 3DS!

This is complete non-news.

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As a native Spanish speaker, I went to the source article, Game Reactor Spain.

They don't cite any sources on the article at all. They just say that one of their journalists gathered this info in a Switch presentation event in London, and they leave it at that, without any further specifics.

Take this with a good chunk of salt.

For what it's worth, they also claim the Switch game cartridges are read-only, so no saving game data ...

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Jesus, there's just so much stuff you got wrong with your post, I don't even know where to begin.

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The only accessory that will prove necessary to buy will be the micro SD card and games. Everything else is strictly optional.

This article is pure hyperbole.

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It has a traditional controller. It's called putting the JoyCons on the Grip.

Also, of course PS4 will offer more for a lesser price, it's been out for more than 3 years now. Not exactly a fair comparison.

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Those little midget plastic look alike toys have accelerometer, NFC chip, advanced motion, haptic feedback (a new form of rumble that's much more sophisticated than what we currently have), shape and movement detectors, and each one becomes a mini controller by itself.

The technology inside those little toys is pretty damn advanced. That's why they're so expensive.

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I agree with you on everything, except the external HDD part. That isn't going to happen, it would completely defeat the main point of the Switch.

Everything else I agree with. Including not being happy at all with the paid online service, but still waiting until Nintendo elaborates on it further before I pass final judgment.

But unlike you, I will probably (and very begrudgingly) end up paying for it anyway, because I know I'll be wanting to to p...

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Vanilla Skyrim could definitely run on the Wii U, if it ran on 360 and PS3.

So far, we have no confirmation whether Skyrim for Switch is the vanilla version or the remastered one. I'm believing it's the former, not the latter, judging by everything else we've seen.

That said, I also think the Switch seems a bit more powerful than the Wii U, but still nowhere close to Xbox One levels.

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If you mean 1, 2, Switch, I agree. That one should've been free, bundled in by default with the console like Wii Sports.

But Zelda Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade 2, Mario Odissey aren't mobile games. :P

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Red cases could've been nice, but I disagree with the logo. This minimalistic approach is way better, it makes the game covers themselves much more attractive because of all the gained space.

As an art director, I approve.

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They shouldn't be more than $40 IMO.

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