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I feel Sega should keep em coming. Great franchise, but the only glaring issue is the overuse of textboxes in order to forward the story instead of actual voiced character interaction. The textboxes take away some of the immersion you have from the experience.

..then again, the reason Yakuza games can have over 100 side missions is because of the use of textboxes. Imagine how much more money would have to be paid to voice actors in order to voice EVERY conversation in a Yakuz...

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It's N4G. You'd get disagrees for stating that your foot hurts.

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True. Gamestop's prices are inflated. I just picked up Infamous 2 for 19 bux used at Gamechamp. The same game is $35 bucks used at GS.

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Why are people complaining about the complainers?


Kaveti, did you just use cold hard evidence to prove a point on N4G instead of utter lunacy and blind loyalism? Sir...I applaud you.

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Agree 100%

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Same day as UFC Undisputed 3 =D

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"yeah, and yet it got more awards in history than any other game"

So Avatar is the best movie of this generation so far since its the most awarded movie of this generation?

"a metacritic of 9.6"

So GTA4 is the best game of this generation?

"and millions of fans (including me)is it possible its an amazing game?"

So Wii Sports, Angry Birds, and Farmville are the three best games of...

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@Crystallis- HHG will be doing his latest "Shots Fired" video (video series in which he calls out the inconsistencies, racism, and unfairness in the gaming industry) regarding why he was banned from N4G supposedly right after New Years Day. It'll be on his site.

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I had the same problem. Just lower your sensitivity down to 2 or 3. The controls are good IMO, there not on the level of Bad Company 2, but their still easy to get used to.

Btw, ur viewpoint is in the minority on N4G, but in the real world, I've had teammates on three seperate occassions say that they preferred KZ2's controls. Your opinion is indeed valid.

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According to PS3 fanboys...Kotaku hates the PS3. What's wrong with this picture. Oh yeah, PS3 fanboys said it. Thats it.

@pollocks- Not everythings a conspiracy. I think Kotaku has better things to do than purposely underrate PS3 exclusives. And even if what you say is true...why do people keep coming to their articles to complain about them? If Kotaku is known to be anti-PS3...why not simply ignore their existence?

Its the same thing with IGN. People...

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Man, Battlefield 3 looks awesome!

"Still waiting for an exclusive game to play i see?

I wish i could lend you my ps3 so you can feel special like the rest of us non-trailer trash gamers.

Narr KZ3 f*cking rules. Cry more nancy."

Thank you. That was the response I was waiting for :) I

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"Ps3 fan boys when your inflamed asshole contracts back to the size that poop doesn't fall out"

I give you points for creative insults, but you do realize that by doing things like lower yourself to the standards of the very people your insulting.

@HeavenlySnipes- Although mb's comment is stupid and idiotic...your comment actually proves his point. He attacks PS3 fanboys, GT5, and Killzone 3...and somehow u pull a rabbit out o...

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LOL @ your disagrees. Thats N4G for ya. We should feel fortunate that N4G is and will always be a hair on the pimple on the left ass cheek of the body of the gaming industry. N4G stupiditiy STAYS in N4G lol.

@Istanbull- When did I say N4G is stupid? I'm referring to "N4G stupidity" which 80% of its populace show on a constant basis. I stay for up to date gaming news..and the other 20% of N4G that are actually normal people(who don't hold a 4 year Internet ...

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"The 3DS and the NPG both shit on the Ipad/Iphone/Ipod/Itouch.Apple users can have fun with those $1-$5 games all they want but it will not phases the sales the the NGP or the 3DS at all."

Forget the mods. Forget bubbles. Forget everything. My friend...your incredibly ignorant. Times have changed. What people want is an all-in-one sleek portable device. If you don't think that handheld Apple products won't have an effect on NGP or 3DS sales, then ur obviou...

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I'm most excited about the ice powers.

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They mean the public beta right?

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I've logged in about 50 hours in Yakuza 3 and I have less than 40% completion. IMO, no gamer can be unhappy with Yakuza 3 as far as content and replay value...cuts or not.

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"As a result the 3DS will have the rehashes and crappy 3D games, while the NGP will have the good ones."

And of course uve spend significant time with both systems to know that right?

And 8 people agreed with you lol, so many fortune tellers on N4G.

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