"Put down the Taco and nobody gets hurt.Money back Guaranteed! NOT!"


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I'm Deadpool and I approve this massage.

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So they're using this commotion to bring back SOPA, or a SOPA equivalent? NOT THIS SOPA $#HX AGAIN! It tanked the first time HARD because of censorship. I guess the only way they can attempt to legitimize it is if they put boobs on it. Which seems to work for a majority of Popular N4G articles.

Funny how being a "damsel in distress" is going to cause the internet to be censored after all the effort we went through to stop it from happening the other times. *SIGH...

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Thanks for the tip!

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Enough of these "facts" you're bringing to the table. You're clearly an angry misogynist. I better go donate more money to Anita, to stop you sexist infidels! Listen and Believe!!! Heil Sarkeesian!!!

Seriously though, she's a con artist. The sad part is she's not even a really good one.

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I just want you folks to know that I condemn harasment and harassment. It doesn't matter if the headline said "Screw Spell Check! I'm spelling it MY WAY!" I will not stand for it. We must fight it, like we fight illiteracy, fighting a Baboon humping Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's face.

I'll also condemn Gamergate while I'm at it. Because why not?! Those crazy misogynist! Giving over $100,000 to charity since it's inception. What kind o...

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Jade Raymond bailed the Assassin's Creed implosion just in time. Good luck to that awesome lady by the way. :)

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This time of year is Gamer's Candyland for those sweeeeet sweeeet game deals. *drools*

Remember to hunt down the discount playstation plus codes when they happen. This is the time to stock up on that.

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Not too shabby, but I would like to point out something on the feminism aspect of the article. Feminist aren't against you just because of your beliefs. No, no, no. It goes farther back that than that. Thousands of years before any human documentation of history. They're against you just because you're a man. They're against you because of your "male privilege".

You have no weaknesses in their mind. A poor man living on the streets has more "pri...

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Why are all the Divas dlc? First Paige and now Alica Fox? Why would they even called it WWE2K15 if they don't even have the full 2014 roaster? They're cutting active 2014 wrestlers out and making them dlc now? I can understand legends like Eddie Guerrero or Supa Fly Jimmy Snuka as dlc, but what they're doing with the current roaster is just so stupid! Just, AHHH! GLAVEN! GLIVEN!

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This game is different in the story department. You're going through the same Sagas...with a twist! http://youtu.be/bgouvz7vmPI

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I see nothing wrong with this game. I just assumed this character didn't have time to put on their face in the morning. It happens to me all the time.


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"As expected, the yellow shop will open on Thanksgiving Day (November 27, 5PM) for its doorbusters available in-store and online."

I'd say that's a YES. :D

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32GB Nintendo Wii U Super Mario 3D World (Super Smash Bros + Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze) and NintendoLand Bundle at $359.97


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This why I'm on N4G. All the reason to view, choose, or avoid particular sites.

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There are 5 glaring issues I have with this opinion piece.

1. Polygon
2. Spoilers
3. Misleading Title
4. ?!?!?!?!?!?!
5. Polygon

For the life of me I cannot read a Polygon article without losing my reading comprehension skills...and don't think that I didn't try.

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"Bye Mom! I'm off to be a Pokemon Master!" - Pokemon Trainer
"Don't forget to change your underwear! Everyday!" - Mom
"Can't hear you! ʳᵘᶰᶰᶦᶰᵍ ˢʰᵒᵉˢ ᵃʳᵉ ᵍʳᵉᵃᵗ⋅⋅⋅ᵇʸᵉ⋅"- Pokemon Trainer


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Like Crimson Viper from Street Fighter IV?

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This is why I only browse at GameStop when I'm near one. I don't buy anything from them anymore like I did in the past. I'm just there to look at the new games. Sometimes the employees are cool. Sometimes the employees are fools. Depends on which one you go to. Stunts like this only makes me have more trust issues with them. Either way, I'll just continue to be a browser.

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What part of "Kill All Men" doesn't seem sexist to them? I don't see the punchline to that "joke". What does it take for this woman to be viewed as a sexist? Really? What? I see men getting called misogynist for sneezing the wrong way and cast away in darkness. This type of stuff is just getting crazy. My brain is hurting from thinking about it.

"Okay. Maybe, just MAYBE she's sexist. Sure she may have gone to prison for killing men in a dr...

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Gawker had it coming for a LONG TIME. They're the King of "Click-Bait" and invasion of privacy. Kimmel questioned their behavior years prior to Gamergate. http://youtu.be/2-avakrRUaU

They're a pretty crappy publication. If Gawker goes down, it will be doing the internet a favor.

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