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"You've already read."


I just looked up Star Citizen. I wish I knew about that game for I could've given them some money. That game is what PC is all about. #4.1
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A 1 out of 10...are you freakin' kidding me

The game has it's problems, but there's no way this game is a 1 out of 10. At least try to be reasonable with your score. I can understand a 4 out of 10, or even a 3 out of 10. But 1 out of 10? No...try again. #1
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This should be getting more Heat than what it is. Video Games Live have always put on great shows. They appreciate videogame music on a grand level. I really hope more people find out about this Kickstarter. #1
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I really want play test this game. It looks incredible. ArcSys really knows how to breath life into the 2-D fighting genre. #2
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I bought it on Steam and it's a pretty fun game. Although I do have my issues with some aspects of it, I think $15 dollars is well worth the price of admission.

If it was a $60 dollars, I would be WAY more critical. It's a 7 out of 10 for me. #3.1
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Glad to see more KOF is coming down the pipeline.

I wonder if SNK Playmore will make standalone Fatal Fury/Art of Fighting games again? I can't think of anything else they've released other than KOF, arcade re-releases of SNK classics, and Metal Slug for the past several years. #7
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I assuming they were playing Donkey Kong Country since that's 2 player game. That came out in 1994 and they were probably in the 4th or 5th Grade by then.

I believe she was also trying to remember Def Jam: Fight for NY/Def Jam: Vendetta/Def Jam: Icon.

They seem to be adventure co-op and fighting game fans, which is neat. #1.1
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I just wish Rare was bought by a 3rd party company instead of Microsoft. They bought Rare and didn't utilize them like Nintendo did back in the 1990's. Rare was put in a dark corner for years. Seeing Killer Instinct come back is great and I'm glad Microsoft is finally utilizing Rare's franchises. Then again, seeing it Exclusive to a system that's having difficulty steadying itself [for various reasons] takes away from some of the excitement.

Exclusives are... #11
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This game is looking outstanding. I'm hyped to play it. #3
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Shenmue was one of the main reasons I own a Dreamcast. It's one of those games that transports you into another world. I actually felt like I visited a part of Japan after I was done playing the first game. The game was really groundbreaking on so many levels. It's unfortunate that some people will never understand that experience. #3
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I really don't see Wii U making a comeback until next year, when the new Smash Bros is released [When I plan on picking up a Wii U]. The year of Luigi is going to be a uphill struggle with a few notable games like Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 giving it a nudge along the way.

It's been rough for Nintendo's Wii U recently, but they'll pull through. I don't know how [Pokemon Online?] but hopefully Nintendo will turn things around for the Wii U by next year. #2
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"Admiring breast from another angle"

Japan is way ahead of you in that department. In more ways than it seems. #8
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It was a good sample for $5 dollars. I'm just going to miss some characters from the first season. Specifically, [SPOILER] the one who liked a little bourbon in his teacup. He was one of my favorite videogame characters last year. #1
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I hope Squirrel Girl gets the attentions she deserves. #1.1
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A portable music player could be something you're able to purchase in the game. Of course you would be able to turn it off & on if you wanted to. I wouldn't mind listening to "Eye of the Tiger" while running around the city. #4
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Once people start connecting electrical devices to their junk, just to feel in these games, you can count me out. I don't want any RROD or YLOD anywhere near my dangly parts. #3
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I was actually considering buying Fez before I saw the "Gamers are the worst people in the world" comment that Fish made on Twitter. Then I decided not to support him in anyway because of that.

If Fish thinks gamers are worse than murderers, rapist, and politicians; then I have no problem ignoring Fish into oblivion. #2.1.1
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If people like the game as much as you do, there is a possibility of it returning again. I didn't expect Duck Tales to return at all and yet now it just so happened to come out of nowhere. A new generation of gamers will get a chance to enjoy old school game, with a nice HD shine put on it. #2
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Mick Gordon did an excellent job with the music. Makes me hope the game comes packaged with the soundtrack again. #6
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It looks amazingly like it's 2D, even while the character models are moving. The framerate is really tricking my brain as well. They managed to achieve this with the Unreal Engine, which really blows my mind. Excellent work! I hope they show whatever magic programming they used to other developers for the gaming industry as a whole can learn how to make amazing looking games like this.

By the way, does anyone know what this game is running on? #5
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