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"You've already read."


Make it so Atlus...make it so. #11
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He's a better fit for a Darkstalkers game. That is if Capcom ever decided to make one. #3
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The co-op aspects of the game are okay, but the fact that everything else is a regression of what we come to expect from a DBZ game leaves me disappointed. #4
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I have to warn people about a "Last of Us" spoiler in the "Best In-Game Moment" section. If you haven't finished the game (Like me) then this could ruin a potentially shocking point in the game. #4
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I don't know. There's also a possibility that Marvel will just release ios games and not even focus on console games anymore. I hope that doesn't happen though. #3
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After doing additional research, more ISP's may not be the solution to the problem. New ISP's are just copying the bigger ISP's business model. So it really just comes down to the ISP's business practices. #5.1
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Thanks for the information! I did not know this. You know your stuff. #84.2
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The best thing that can happen is that more ISP's start to arrive soon to give consumers more options. Too many locations are monopolized by 1 or 2 Big ISP's that overcharge consumers for less than stellar provisions. Once more competition starts invading the location offering more for less, the prices will start to get competitive. Which will be great for all of us.

The only problem is it's going take a while for competition to get established. The ISP Market is... #5
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I agree with you on letting the government stay out of this. They can barely manage to make one functioning healthcare's like they're stuck in 1995.

Then again, I'm not a fan of big businesses buying out all the competition as well. There needs to be more options that won't destroy consumers wallets at the end of every month. I'm glad Google Fiber is developing in some places to light a fire under the big providers, but there needs to be more... #84.1
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I'm not surprised by this outcome.

Big businesses have more influence within the political and judicial system than most people realize. Even if we were to take them down financially, they would just get a bale out from the government. There's so much more to this that I don't want to talk about it. It just makes me depressed. #33
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Sega has the money and the talent to make it happen. It's all just focused on a similar series at the moment.

-> (5 Yakuza Games, 3 Yakuza Spin-off games) #9.2
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Whatever system gets the Shenmue series is the one I'm purchasing. Ps4 or XBox One. If Wii U gets it by some strange happenstance, consider me shocked. #10
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I don't know why Sega isn't continuing the Shenume series. The Yakuza series is very similar in design and yet that had 5 games/3 spin-off games so far. Sega includes Ryo in the Sega racing games, which is a big reminder that they haven't forgotten about the Shenmue series. It's not like they're going to be spending 47 million dollars again. Most of the concept work for the game is already done. I just don't understand why they're willing to invest in Yakuza, more... #13
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When this game was first announced, I was really excited for it. Now the more I learn about it, the less I want it. #5
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My main issue with DmC is people arguing about it. Someone talks about how it was great, or how it was garbage. Then it's just back and forth between both sides. DmC is a game stained with bad blood between the original DMC fans and the new DmC fans.

Every article containing DmC, you're guaranteed to get a Jackpot of conflict over the game. It's really no ones fault really. We all have our opinions about the game. The main problems stem from Capcom's company n... #16
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You're that upset over being able to play a game in a language that you evidently speak? Even if you speak Japanese and English, you're pretty much getting the same information in a different language. Do you just have a bias toward the Japanese language because it's native to you? I'm just trying to understand your hostility over dubs. #1.1.3
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Not having Japanese voice audio is enough of a justification for you to download a torrent of the game? The reasoning for that seems very petty to me, unless you live in a place where the game is very hard to come by reasonably. #1.1.1
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Zach Snyder is very good at visual storytelling. You can watch his movies on mute and still have a good understanding about what's happening.

On topic, Kojima is still crafting his storytelling elements to balance out with the gameplay elements, for a balanced out experience overall. Sometimes the story won't let him do that due to it being so complex, and that's understandable for me, but not for others. From the sound of it he's going for a seamless approach... #4.1
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This is what happens when you let Deadpool take control of your video games. Joking aside, this is an interesting development. What exactly does Disney have planned for the Marvel video games? Judging on what they're planning for the Star Wars games, I'm rather apprehensive on what they're thinking about doing to Marvel.

It's seems like LEGO Marvel isn't effected so far, which is good considering LEGO really knows how to anchor down licenses. Heck, they c... #14
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Technically, the game itself is only 35% complete (considering it's still in season one, going to season two 2014) and people are paying to play it early. Will the game be reviewed again once it's 100% complete? It's hard to judge these types of games when it's being sold this way because it could be much different next year than it is now.

I guess judging it on the basis of how it is at the moment is the best they can do. #3
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