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""Put down the Taco and nobody gets hurt.Money back Guaranteed! NOT!""



I look at consoles as the somewhat affordable anchored way to play good looking games for 5+ years, with exclusive content from that said company producing the console. This $2500 dollar console is basically a glorified PC in console form, that costs way too much to even be considered to compete in the console market. I see no reason not to just go get a PC and trick it out with spinners for $2500 dollars. #6
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I would love to play a futuristic Dragon's Crown! #2
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My original reply was "Welcome to N4G". #2.2.1
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Yeah! That joke suckdiddlyucked! BOO that handsome devil Deadpool616! BOO! #2.1.2
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Mighty No. 9 reminds me of something else Keiji Inafune helped create. I just can't put my finger on it. It was something Blue. Something Bomber...Mega...dood....MegaBo mberdude? Nah, that wasn't it. It had something to do with that game company Capcom that only makes Street Fighter and Resident Evil games now. He had a maid sister and a dog...santa claus built him...the bad guy looked like Albert Einstein. Haha! I'm going to feel so stupid once I'm reminded of what it was. <... #2
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That's not to say there aren't legitimate complaints. We drop $60 dollars on games and sometimes even more than $120 for special limited collectors editions. Maybe even more for Downloadable Content if it's essential content to the main game. As far as electronic entertainment goes Gaming isn't cheap. When Gamers buy a game, I believe all of them expect the game to function properly when they play it. No one wants to pay $60 dollars for a game riddled with bugs and then find o... #11
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You can't be serious. You know what? Keep ignoring #Notyourshield, which wrecks that "against diversity" lie. #GamerGate was never against diversity. It was against individuals within the media and game development that were unethical incestuous A-Holes. #1.1
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"I would normally have published the tweets from supporters of the hashtag, but I am not doing that because I do not want to give oxygen to these idiots. You can obviously find these yourselves – which I did after seeing a cryptic tweet from Mark Pesce and instantly regretted because of the stupidity of some people."

So let me get this straight. You published an article based on "idiots boycotting intel" without providing any proof of idiots boycotting Int... #5
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If you're looking for a Sony franchise games to play I recommend WarHawk if you're going to subscribe to Playstation Now. I sunk many hours into that game. It's a online multiplayer game only, but there's 1-4 player split screen options if you want your friends to join in for some couch co-op. I can't think of many games that give the option to do that anymore, but it's freakin' fun. #5.2.1
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It's almost as if they're abandoning the oh so reputable world of gaming journalism! Why would they EVER do that? It's SO REPUTABLE! #41
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Donna Burke's voice is always great to hear. She should be more famous than she is with a voice like that. I hope she stays aboard the Kojima train for as long as she can. It's only a matter of time before she's singing a James Bond theme. #1
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If the complainers don't like the character, then they don't have to play the character. 'Nuff said. #12
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I Agree! Gon was the bomb! I blazed through Tekken Force mode with Gon. Fun times. :) #2.2
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It's getting ridiculous across the ocean. Men are losing the privilege to pee the way they want to.

I reeeeeeeeeeeeally hope this isn't legit. I pee using the guitar power stance. #1.1.4
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WHOA! That is a gorgeous figure! I can't wait to see Ganondorf and Link. #3
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There's a fighting style that's very brutal in his region, but I forgot the name of it. Makes me wonder if Shaheen uses it. Anyway, it's good to hear the character is getting positive attention. #5
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I freakin' loved the fights in Dragon Ball. Tao Pai Pai (Mercenary Tao) versus Goku. King Piccolo versus Goku was great as well. The main reason I love the fights in Dragon Ball so much is because you could actually see them fight. It's just wasn't a flurry of indistinguishable punches/kicks and sonic booms in the sky like it is in many of the later parts of DBZ. Nor did it turned into a "If you're not a Super Saiyan, then you're useless in a fight" like in the l... #5
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I recommend picking up a copy of Dragon Ball Z Attack of the Saiyans for Nintendo DS. It's so awesome. #4.2
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There's a BIG difference between making a list and checking it twice. Finding out who's naughty or nice. Compared to making a faulty blockbot wreaking havoc on reputations with false accusations.


You know what? The irony of that tool is priceless because it's just like how the journalist operate. The algorithm used to f... #7.2
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Let me know when your name has been stamped on a blocklist/blacklist and branded "worst harassers" on Twitter for simply following people and their conversations.

I'll tell ya, it doesn't help the ol' self-esteem. In fact, it's very interesting that one side of all of this would go through such a drastic measure to muzzle thousands of people on social media in such a blanketed and sloppy way. You bet your @$$ the corrupt jou... #7.1.2
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