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"You've already read."


From what I've understand the "risk and reward" factor for loot in Destiny is broken. #4
So far, so good! They're hitting it out of the park every announcement. Dimps took their baby back and they're treating it right! #3
Does this game give anyone else the...Not so fresh feeling?

No wait! I wasn't being sexist! It was a joke! Kinda! I'm only a little funky...I eat a lot of Mexican food. #23
Oh Good! Mixelon! For a second there I thought you weren't going to show up. You're in these particular comment sections day in, day out, expecting a different result from other folks, so I thought you would be the person to ask this insane question to. I'm asking your expert opinion, because I want to KNOW how this can pertain to making a game.'s my question.

What the hell is a tampon? And what do they do? #1.2.3
Generalizing to feel validated? Encompassing (Wait...wait let me look in my thesaurus for more Big Words) your inner distress in a projected hypoglycemic...GAH screw it.

You mad bro? #21.1
We will see. It's not over yet. #3.1.1
Now we're getting somewhere. The only thing that's still unsettling to me is...

5. *Powers that be attempt to censor the entire freaking internet [N4G, Reddit, NeoGAF, forums, etc.]

Whoever had the reach to do that is still a mystery. When that happened, it really showed us how deeply insidious this situation was. That person or those people are still hiding in the shadows watching. #3
Normally when someone presents a perceived issue they recommend a solution to solve that said issue. Excuse me while I make a phone call purely based on satire to lighten the mood...

"Hello, I was wondering if Anita was going to show us how we can change these glaring issues in gaming? Wait...I have to keep donating? But your kickstarter made 25 times more than...oh that was just down payment donation and there's additional on-going freewill payments? Wow, that's... #25
Beyonce touts "FEMINIST" in big bold words only to have her own sister Solange silenced after the altercation in the elevator with her husband Jay Z. A altercation Beyonce (feminist) sat in her corner & did nothing about...which always struck me as odd. Doesn't anyone else find that entire situation unsettling? #8.1
Konami is banking heavily on Silent Hill and I love seeing a company push themselves. PT really caught my attention for being so simple and complex. Going to Guillermo Del Toro was not only a brilliant idea but to match him with Kojima's out of the box creativity should make this game something to be remembered. #2.1
I agree, but at least Tenchi Muyo has had a one or two games. Ronin Warriors hasn't had any at all. I always thought Ronin Warriors would've fit the Dynasty Warriors type of game play perfectly. I loved watching that show on UPN and then later on Toonami. Good times. #15.1
Don't want to get your hands dirty? That's understandable. It's not a pleasant situation to look into. This entire debacle has hurt and can potentially hurt people in the indie game development scene. #14.1
I'd much rather forget Gundam: Target in Sight. That game was a step down from the great Gundam games in the Ps2 era. #1.1.1
There are people digging for information as we speak and more information keeps arising. I'm surprised at how far all of this really goes. #5.2.1
I wish the "ignore her" and "refuse to buy" tactic was enough to bury all of this. Unfortunately the nature of this situation is insidious. #6.1
How do gamers fight online bullying when it comes from some of the gaming journalist within the video game industry? I was really shocked by the abusive insults they started to label with gamers in general. It's really disturbing to see it come from sources gamers are suppose to trust. #4
Whoever Nintendo hired to name their new consoles should be fired. #3
I'm not even raging. I'm just asking why do you have a problem with Western developed games? Is it just for aesthetic reasons? That's a purely opinionated reason if that's the case. #6.9.1
I went through some of your comment history and you seem to have a problem with Western developed games in general. Why? #6.6
Honestly, I wish Capcom would come back to it's former glory. They hit the bottom last gen. They were the best and one of my top favorites publishers since the 1990s. It's a shame that they're in the position they're in now. With all the great games they've made over the years, they do nothing with most of those rich properties.

There's really no excuse for Capcom. Mega Man is Capcom's Mickey Mouse. Now they're not even trusted with the Mega Ma... #5
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