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I would be more excited to see a 3D animated Super Mario Brothers movie by Pixar, Dreamworks, or any really good animation studio.

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I get your point. I went through this before when the DragonBall Z voice cast changed back in 1999. Back when Funimation got very low quality in-house production for the first time and they were searching for anybody to do voice matches to the previous cast. Pissed me off. They eventually got better, but it took several years for them to be what they sound like today...minus the Kai voice changes.

MGSV Ground Zeroes voice acting just sounded off balance. Keifer's voice is...

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I look forward to hearing Kiefer's Snake performance. I don't think he will do a bad job. It's just not going to work well for people who are imprinted by David Hayter's voice.

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It's really sad to learn what happened to him. His work was brilliant.

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I remember interacting with him back when joystiq was divided by (console)fanboy site names, such as PS3Fanboy.com (which now redirects you to the ps3 news on Joystiq). He was a nice guy. It's really sad to hear that he passed away. You never know where or when your time's up. My condolences to Joystiq and Yoon's loved ones.

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Even Pewdiepie notices the lack of quality these journalist/bloogers are producing. Once again it seems like criticism is confused with vitriol.

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Yakuza 4 surprised me when I saw it on the list. Now more people will see how awesome this series is.

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15 hours is more than they anticipated! Is Bandai Namco games going the distance with Xenoverse?!

Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

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Passing up a possibly very AWESOME game based on this review? Funny how this review didn't compare this game to the highly sought after sega saturn classic "Guardian Heroes" or even the recent 3DS title "Code of Princess". In fact, they're are the same type of games. If you want to know if you'll like this type of game or not, then I recommend downloading the demo of Guardian Heroes HD on XBLA and give that a try. If you like Guard...

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Capcom Fighting All-Stars?

Eh...who am I kidding. That dream is dead. T_T

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"...crass material usually found in a VOGUE magazine."

**************DEADPOOL AUTO-CORRECTION***************

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The only thing that bothers me about DOA is that they milk the hell out of the DLC. If you want all the locked DLC content, it's going to cost you the Total: $293.78!!!

D.O.A 5: Last Round or D.L.C 5: Cash Hound?

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@islamist12 Please take a moment to read this statement brought to you by Deadpool616.


Thank you for taking the time to read this statement. This statement reflects upon Deadpool616's thoughts, among other level headed individuals that can separate fiction from reality. If things are just too unrealistic for you within the hobby of video games, it is recommended that you take a step outside and play the simulation known as &qu...

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Hey there. I just came here to let you know that these people aren't real life people in the "video games". They are what we call "imaginary". Video game makers drew them from the ideas they get from their brain meat and made them into character from the magic of computers. The characters are the way they want them to be, which don't have to stay in the confines of reality. Wow! The more you know!

Oh and another thing. Mi...

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Judging by your profile picture I'd say your attracted to the "not so legal" types. Probably the fat, clumsy, and awkward ones that sound like Seth Green. Before you ask...no. I do not want any pop*whisp*sicles in your cellar.

On topic, I think many of us can appreciate the amazingly attractive computer generated female characters in the modern era of video games. I still remember when video game characters weren't as curvy as they are today. It's amazin...

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That game looks AWESOME!

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It sure as hell wasn't spam. It was on topic.

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It's messed up that it even had to come to that just to have your say.

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After reading WilliamUsher's comment, I fully agree with his statement. Things can be better here on N4G, but I get a feeling something fishy is going on here.

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Wait, Nintendo did what? That's just as stupid as calling the new 3DS XL, the NEW 3DS XL. For every good idea Nintendo has (Amiibos) there's some idiot making dumb decision. Not including a charger for a product that requires charging to even work is just stupid and is annoying to new owners. Considering how crappy Nintendo is stocking products lately, hopefully it won't be a pain to get one.

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