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How could their be a Heavenly Sword 2 with Anna Torv reprising her role as Nariko, considering the way Heavenly Sword ended? #1.2
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The King of Fighters series had storylines in saga's. At one point I think South Town was blown up by a satellite laser. It got rather crazy. #1.4
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Oh it was definitely true for console games as well. There's only 2 ways you can beat Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest. You either had a guide to help you, or you were like the kid from the movie 'The Wizard' and just knew somehow.

I agree with you on the Indie developers. They are getting very creative with limited resources they have. It good to see the old school style games are alive through them as they gradually build themselves up. #3.1.1
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zerocrossing, I suggest you buy another PS3 (something I had to do) and just wait out PS4.

Look at this way, remember when this gen started, and companies were still making ports for PS2? Well that's likely to happen with PS3 games as well. The PS3 games will only lack specific PS4 features and visuals, but who knows how much of a difference PS4 games are going to be? You might be purchasing additional stuff you don't even need to enjoy the game.

Not... #1.6.2
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I liked Heavenly Sword, until I got to the end of the game. I won't spoil it, but I recommend a play through to see for yourself. Ending to the story aside, it's a pretty fun game. #1.1.1
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I didn't own a N64 when I was younger, but I managed to rent one when I had the money to. I never got to play WWF No Mercy, because it was always rented out. I did play WCW vs NWO Revenge. That was hours of fun.

Does anyone remember the FMVs in WCW Nitro and WCW Thunder for Playstation? I distinctly remember Kevin Nash saying not to pick him and Rowdy Roddy Piper screaming at me to pick him. I remember playing Eddie Guerrero and Diamond Dallas Page the most.
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G Gundam is in it, that means I buying it. #4
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I would really love to see these games made to, but knowing Capcom...

Capcom - "Oh, you like those games? Rest assured we are in the process of making all your dreams come true. Just make sure you don't wake up okay?" #9
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I can't speak for N4G, but I can say most gaming sites are just hectic during generation shifts. Everyone is either excited, arguing over consoles, or trying to piece it all together.

Each time it happens, I just wait it out and see the results of it all. Keep up to date on all the new information that comes in. Complain about EA, get more disappointed with Capcom,(Originally, I use to be hyped for these companies during the Ps2 era) and continue playing my current games... #8
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You're disappointed in how destructive some groups can be, instead of constructive...I gotcha. I just don't buy EA products at all. Simple as that. If more people would do that, they would have changed years ago. #4.1.1
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If this award won't change a company like EA after winning it twice, what difference would it make if a more atrocious company actually won it? The world would be better off without any of these companies as far as I'm concerned. But if a simple gaming entertainment company is too prideful to change, then maybe that should put things into perspective.

If you're really disgusted by the gaming community over this internet incident, maybe you shouldn't go outside... #4
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He's not over used, it's how they use him.

When it comes to acting it's about giving whatever the director wants. If they want his natural voice, he'll give it to them. If they want something different, he'll give it to them. Listen to Nolan North's voice as The Penguin in Batman Arkham City. I could normally pick up certain actors by listening to the voice, but I had no idea he played The Penguin. Brilliant voice acting.

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Now I'm wondering how Disney interactive Studios is going to handle the Star Wars brand? They've recently shut down several of their own internal gaming studios. Disney is known for cutting things that don't make money quickly. #2.1.1
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Nicely done blog.

I actually enjoyed The Force Unleashed quite a bit. I love games that give the player a power trip. It made me feel like a Jedi in peak form.

On Topic, I wonder if the closure had anything to do with Star Wars: The Old Republic losing up to $150 million dollars? If so, I guess EA is the gaming industries touch of death. #2
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Ahh, they think the internet is the consoles ally? Consoles merely adopted the internet. The internet was born in PC's. Molded by it. I didn't see the internet until I was a man.

Actually, the last sentence isn't true, but you get the picture. #17
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Still too early to tell if Hayter is in or out. There's always something Kojima does with Metal Gear Solid that get people intrigued. I remember a time when it was said that Kojima wasn't directing MGS4, but we all know how that turned out.

It's difficult to tell if everything is the way it seems. Kojima is quite the sly fox. #2
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Everything is so well timed, it's hard to determine what is real. #10
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I'm keeping my eye on Ouya. I'm curious to see if this console will be accepted or rejected. #5
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I love this series. The only 2 games that never came to the states were Basara 2 and Basara X. Hopefully we'll get some sort of HD collection for them.

It looks like Basara 4 is exclusive to PS3 at the moment. #5
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I'm a bigger fan of 2D sprites myself...not to knock 3D visuals. #2.2.1
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