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Fallon may not be the best gamer, but he tries. It's evident that he has a huge interest in videogames because he's talks about them frequently. More so than any other mainstream talk show host. He has a talk show to run, and he can only do so much with the given time. I give him a pass for at least trying.

Second to Fallon in even mentioning video games is Conan, and he made it clear he wasn't a gamer. I'll admit, it's funny to see Conan forced to review ...

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The trailer looked amazing. For going 3-D in a 2-D aspect, they did far better than I imagined. They still look two dimensional and it's the best mix I've ever seen before.

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EA = No sale...and I'll leave it at that.

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The game is fun to me, but I won't be buying it since EA is the publisher. I also absolutely refuse to sign up for origins.

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The one disagree must not have seen the true ending to Asura's Wrath. I really can't think of anything that can match the sort of insane power trip CyberConnect2 developed.

I really don't think Kratos or Hulk could survive fighting that thing.

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There's one character that has harvested so much unadulterated anger, it would take The Hulk and Kratos combined to stop him. He has so much anger, it's beyond the point of reason. Asura.

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Hulk was said to be "The World Breaker".

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If they start taxing every game that has barrels and/or over man, game over.

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I really don't have much to complain about when it comes to graphics. Video games today are just amazing looking to me. The fact that visuals are getting even better just blows my mind.

I realize there are things that can be improved (frame rate, anti-aliasing, draw distance, screen tearing, amount of objects on screen..etc..etc...) but visuals are moving along nicely. All it takes is a talent developer to make use of the given tech.

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I've been waiting to play tmnt and duck tales. Nothing like playing a little bit of nostalgia.

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Yeah, I agree. Virtua Fighter could have been better if they present some type of story for their characters ingame. I shouldn't have to figure it out by reading the game's manual, or by looking it up online. It helps the player get invested when they get to see each character's goal and that goal get accomplished.

I think it's also a contributing factor as to why it isn't as popular as other fighting games that show the story. As fun and strategic as the ...

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Metal Gear Solid has really monopolized Kojima's time. He can hardly get away from the series long enough for anything else. Not that I'm complaining. I enjoy the MGS series, but I often wonder what other game Kojima would like to create and/or continue.

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They don't make games like that anymore. If you want any extra secrets these days, you have to pay up for them.

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The game industry is getting so bad I'm debating on if I'm going to move forward to the next gen consoles. I've actually decided to go backwards to last gen and purchase a Japanese Playstation 2. There are several excellent games that I've been meaning to play that never made it to our shore. It's amazing to see how much the Playstation 2 still has to offer.

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I really hope they get their Intergalactic Wrestling costumes.

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"Considering Activision is putting this game out, it's a movie tie-in AND that movie is being directed by Michael Bay, I'm surprised to say, that I think the footage of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game looks really good."

Ignore the entire section about it being a movie tie-in directed by Michael Bay, because it isn't. The game is based off the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nickelodeon show. The developers just decided to change the way the T...

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Everything was resolved. What more did Nariko need to do?

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How could their be a Heavenly Sword 2 with Anna Torv reprising her role as Nariko, considering the way Heavenly Sword ended?

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The King of Fighters series had storylines in saga's. At one point I think South Town was blown up by a satellite laser. It got rather crazy.

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Oh it was definitely true for console games as well. There's only 2 ways you can beat Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest. You either had a guide to help you, or you were like the kid from the movie 'The Wizard' and just knew somehow.

I agree with you on the Indie developers. They are getting very creative with limited resources they have. It good to see the old school style games are alive through them as they gradually build themselves up.

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