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""Put down the Taco and nobody gets hurt.Money back Guaranteed! NOT!""


The confusion is the fun part. It helps the audience gets invested in the world Kojima constructs. Through all the confusion and hidden messages, we've already started playing part of his game without even buying a copy of it yet. #1.2
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This is what I like about Kojima. He knows how to keep his projects interesting with these fun conspiracies. #6
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Mel Gibson's Australian accent evaporated into unintelligible gibberish throughout recent years anyway. They need to find someone that sounds like Mel Gibson did back in the 1980's, just like how Telltale Games found A.J. Locascio to portray Michael J. Fox's voice in the Back to the Future game.

Making a game of MAD MAX is a big deal. I hope Avalanche Studios isn't taking the development of this game lightly. #2.1.2
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I'd think Jesus would be more of a Nintendo player instead of Xbox 360. Although, I will say some people on Xbox Live sound like they need an exorcism. #2
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I'm sticking with having my online free. I guess this is where I stop with consoles....I don't know. I'll just have to wait and see. #67
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Everything starting to make sense now with how the online will work. Okay, this is better than I originally thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be like Xbox 360, but it seems like Sony is providing a service with benefits, instead of obligation.

There's actually incentive from the free games and extra content. For $50 dollars ($10 dollars less than the price of a new game) a year, I will be getting free games throughout the entire year building up a lib... #68
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More like Fee to Play. I can't even train, or play arcade mode to practice after running out of Coins/Tickets. I hate having that feeling of their hands in my pockets. Better off playing other Tekken games on Ps3. #3
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Xbox One will fail because of it's detrimental policies. They'll eventually lessen the restrictions and rename the Xbox One to Xbox 180.

8,22,36,43,45 Powerball 17

[jk] #91.1.1
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...and the complacency starts to settle in.

I'm not really sure what to else to say. I know I won't be able to convince a majority of you on why this isn't a good thing. Did you really lose sight of why you upheld the Ps3 for so many years of not being force to pay to play online? Was it really that easy for them to manipulate gamers? I thought gamers were smarter than this. Like I said before, this is so much like politics, it's disgusting.

... #91
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After reviewing every piece of footage of the game and reviewing the history notes for the Metal Gear series...I think I figured out the storyline for this game. Very clever Kojima.

Kojima fixes the discrepancy in Metal Gear V. Watch this video and piece together everything you've seen (and heard) so far. #19
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I agree that Sony is the better deal and blew away the competition at E3, but don't allow yourself to be fooled so easily.

Just forget about what Microsoft is doing and look solely on Sony. Judge them on an individual basis. Don't allow yourself to be distracted. Microsoft was just a brilliant diversion to use in the scheme of things.

Look back at Sony's 2006 E3 press conference for a reminder of how Sony's going against their own philosophy.... #78
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I liked how you rationalized the situation. The way the series is moving forward (or backwards) the remakes of the NES games seem inevitable.

Bringing in Kiefer Sutherland as an older wartorn Big Boss doesn't bother me. I know he's eventually going to have to face Solid Snake in the next few chapters of the series. When the series gets to that point, it should be great to hear the performances of both actors.

Until then, the majority of the internet p... #1.3.3
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It was only a matter of time VGA made it here on N4G. They're quite the entertaining group of Canadians. #3
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I'm not a brand loyalist either. If Nintendo and/or Sony were doing the same thing as Microsoft, I wouldn't support them either. In fact, I would just stick with what I have currently.

I won't be buying a new system for a couple of years. I'm just going to wait and see how everything progresses. #3.8.1
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Fallon may not be the best gamer, but he tries. It's evident that he has a huge interest in videogames because he's talks about them frequently. More so than any other mainstream talk show host. He has a talk show to run, and he can only do so much with the given time. I give him a pass for at least trying.

Second to Fallon in even mentioning video games is Conan, and he made it clear he wasn't a gamer. I'll admit, it's funny to see Conan forced to review... #10.1
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The trailer looked amazing. For going 3-D in a 2-D aspect, they did far better than I imagined. They still look two dimensional and it's the best mix I've ever seen before. #7
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EA = No sale...and I'll leave it at that. #40.1.1
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The game is fun to me, but I won't be buying it since EA is the publisher. I also absolutely refuse to sign up for origins. #40
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The one disagree must not have seen the true ending to Asura's Wrath. I really can't think of anything that can match the sort of insane power trip CyberConnect2 developed.

I really don't think Kratos or Hulk could survive fighting that thing. #12.1
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There's one character that has harvested so much unadulterated anger, it would take The Hulk and Kratos combined to stop him. He has so much anger, it's beyond the point of reason. Asura. #12
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