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"You've already read."


I have a legitimate question about this. I'm not being rude, but I'm just trying to be more understanding about this subject manner. So please excuse my ignorance when I ask. But is being gay technically a fetish? #35
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The best of friends. :D

Yep, I kinda miss putting in codes. Back in my day (Yeah I said it) we had to get a Game Magazines called "Tips and Tricks". I remember not having enough money to pay for the magazine. So we took the it to the copy machine in the store and made copies of the pages with the codes we needed. Then put it back on the shelf. :)
Man...I forgot about not having money as a kid. I constantly had to be clever to make due. I'm 27 now and I c... #29.1.1
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Well I'm starting to see a pattern here, because that's the most famous code of all codes in video games. No other code is more famous than the Konami code. How many codes has it's own merchandising? It's the only code I've ever seen on mugs and t-shirts. The Konami code was also mentioned in a movie last year called 30 minutes or less. #29
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Never underestimate what you'll here online. I was once berated by some guy because I wear glasses.

Which is why I'm hosting the first GWWG CON. "Gamers Who Wear Glasses" Convention. For everyone who wears glasses won't be called "Four Eyes" by people who have "normal" eyesight. #2.1.1
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I remember Stone Cold kickstarting that era like it was yesterday. I agree with you on Cartoon Network. Ever seen Regular Show? #8.1.1
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Is every comment section that has anything to with "The Dark Knight Rises" going to be like this? :/ #9
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The amount of detail is outstanding! They really made The Boss look like a killing machine. Looking at that makes me want a Metal Gear based movie. Mr. Nolan, call up Bale and get him to do his best Snake impression! :) #3
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I agree. Dead or Alive 5 seems to have improved significantly since the last iteration. It's also great to see it go multi-platform. There hasn't been a Dead or Alive on Playstation since Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore.

SF x TK was a fun idea, but Capcom really botched it with so many bad decisions. #2.1
790d ago by Deadpool616 | View comment is Dead or Alive. You can't really blame us considering it's the innovator of breast physics. XD #1.1.1
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For some reason I read that as "Dead or Alive 5 - New improved Training Mode and titties confirmed".

Hmm...I don't know why my brain did that. :/ #1
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Correctamundo! AMC would be the perfect television station for this series. HBO would work well for it to. I don't want Fox going near The Punisher. They're just terrible at handling certain television shows. #5.1
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"Brilliant ideas! You're hired!" Is what I would say if I worked at NamcoBandai.

Those are some really excellent ideas. Do you think a 3 vs 3 player multiplayer mode would work well instead of just having assists? #1.1.1
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Isn't that why they put Megaman Legends 3 on the 3DS to begin with?

Eh use trying to convince Capcom. #1.1.1
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The Nathan Drake voice is Nolan North's natural voice. It's the voice directors choice on what voice they want to hear from the actor and the actors job to fulfill the directors preference.

There has only been 2 Deadpool voice actors. John Kassir (Buster Bunny, The Crypt Keeper) and of course Nolan North. They both did a very excellent job. =) #4.1.5
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I only want one thing and one thing only out of this entire set. The Super Street Fighter IV movie. I guess I have to wait to get the movie used somewhere. #5
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There are Leaders and Elitist. I prefer a Leader over a Elitist. #13.1.1
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It would be great if we could all be the judge of that. Sadly, due to the localizing cluster of confusion, those of us who didn't get to play the game may never get know for ourselves. #5.1
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I don't believe there's any room for Elitists in gaming. I very much believe the core of gaming is all about having fun and enjoying yourself. Doesn't matter what you're playing your game on, just as long as the game is a good experience is what counts. #13
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This is why E3 and other gaming expos existed in the first place. For developers could learn from one another and make better games. It's not simply a platform to show off at. #10
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"Oh my! He's playing one of those awful portable gaming devices! Let's give him the glance of disapproval."

Honestly, I don't understand people that have a problem with gaming on the go. Can someone please give me the rundown on why it's frowned upon? I can't think of any good reasons on why it would be. #11
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