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"You've already read."


I like how baby Gamera made a appearance in Dragon Ball. I didn't get the reference until I saw live action Gamera. I was laughing when I realized it. #11.1
This game will be mine. #10
That's not likely to happen. The budget for the game will skyrocket just to pay Angelina Jolie to voice the character. She doesn't sell herself on the budget. #9
Wow. That killed it for me as well. It's like clockwork for Capcom. Every time I get interested in one of their products, they do something that turns me away. It's no wonder they're going to be bought out soon. #15.1
Well there's BandaiNamco and there's TecmoKoei. Maybe...KonamiCapcom? #2.2
The constant rock/paper/scissors cut scenes pissed me off. I don't mind a few seconds to emphasize that a signature move is happening or an ULTRA Finisher is about to decimate your opponent, but other than that it shouldn't be in EVERY segment of the fight. It kept the game from being competitive and made it a guessing game mid battle. I'm glad they're eliminating it. #1.1.1
Street Fighter Assassin's Fist was great. #5
Now that you mention it, I can't think of one black character in a video game made in Japan that's not stereotypical. Since blacks are so foreign to Japan, they rely on the media to make characters and the media showcases stereotypes exclusively. #35.1
To give a more accurate representation of the size of metal gear solid V it's slightly bigger than Far Cry 2 (which is still quite big). MGSV & GTAV aren't the size of Just Cause 2 yet. But GTAV is pretty close. http://unrealitymag.bcmedia...
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To be honest, Japan doesn't make it easy to tell anymore. #9
Why not? The more ports to consoles the merrier. Then everyone can enjoy the game if they liked it, on their system of choice. #1.1.2
Something wrong with Metallica? I love some of their music. #14.1
It most likely will happen. I honestly don't think Capcom would miss the opportunity to make quick cash off of a game they've been investing in since 2009. It's easy money and Capcom is low on cash lately. #12
"Sorry, but we only take used games, not new ones. We're going to have to unwrap all of these for we can accept them." - Gamestop

"Oh you want to purchase that new game on the shelf? Okay. Even though it's unwrapped, it's totally new. I promise. *Took it home, tried it out, and then put it back on the shelf* " - Gamestop

Gotta love Gamestop.(¬_¬) #4.2
Digital or Physical, it all depends on how much control you want out of the product you purchase. Physical copies are under the individuals control, rather than a digital services. If the digital content has DRM then you have even less control. #10.1
Oh that's great! I was starting to think games appreciated in value for some strange idiotic reason. You wouldn't happen to have a few 1990 Nintendo World Championships: Gold Edition NES carts lying around would you? Those things make great door stops. I have a couple of them on the bedroom doors. They look kinda funny, but you got to use what you got.

Damn it...this useless un-open copy of Earthbound sucks at keeping this window open! Worthless piece of garbage! Keep... #2.2
That's why Mario was collecting all those coins since the 80's. He wanted to buy a Benz. It all makes sense now. #1
Indeed. Many game developers can learn many things from the techniques they've used for the visuals in this game. I'll definitely be purchasing this game asap. #4.1
Scientific research has recently discovered there's a direct correlation between virtual sex and real life sex. So keep playing those Dating Simulators if you want to be a sex machine. /comparative sarcasm dice, lady. #38

Wiping out armies all by yourself is just satisfying. Getting stronger each time you fight and clearing the path with cooler moves/abilities/weapons is just plan fun. Reviewers have trashed these types of games for years and us fans bought all of them and enjoyed them. We know the routine by now.

"Dynasty Warriors is the same thing over and over again. Now excuse me while I go play a real game with variety like Call of Duty." - Most Review... #6.1
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