"Put down the Taco and nobody gets hurt.Money back Guaranteed! NOT!"


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Time will tell. It'll either be Devil's Third or Devil's Turd.

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People have all sorts of feelings. The thing about feelings is that they just ARE. You just get them and have to deal with them. Some people deal with their feelings the right way. Some people deal with their feelings the wrong way. All around the internet, people keep bringing up what Hogan said, "Maybe I'm a little bit racist!" then they say "Ha! He even admitted he was racist!"

Admitting something about yourself is the first step to finding a soluti...

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"I understand it was in a private conversation, but thats actually because thats when people's true colors show."

You don't say?

If you can't work through emotional issues in PRIVATE, can you tell me where the BEST place a person could go to do so? Do you think it would've been better if Hulk Hogan vented his emotions in public? Everyone has to be able to vent their emotions somewhere and deal with what they're feeling. His emoti...

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I live in a state where we have a wealth of retro games. I see most of these games at flee markets all the time. A lot of them are common around these parts. I will say Chrono Trigger at $89.99 dollars is a pretty good deal if you're looking for a copy.

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The prices for that game online are ridiculous and hysterical. It makes me want to crylaugh.

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YES Dan50! That a way!

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A Nintendo cart in a Sony product? Did I leap into an alternate Earth where Nintendo/Sony merged together and Sega/Microsoft create Skynet?!

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"NEWS FLASH! It's harder to make games now a days then it was in the PS2 era...blah blah blah."

The levels of expectations with each console generation are the same. Each generation is going be making something that's "GROUNDBREAKING!! OUTSTANDING!! MAX 330 MEGA PRO-GEAR SPECS!!!" but it doesn't change how they should do business that's gives us the most value out of our money. Playstation originally did it with O...

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For the last time!!!!! That's not you in GTA V Lindsay!!!! Get away from the people who are enabling you!!!! PLEASE GET HELP!!!! I LOVE YOU GIRL AND I DON'T WANT YOU TO DIE YOUNG!!!

Oh...oh...this article is about a Mean Girls ios game? Umm, okay. Sorry for that outburst there. I was thinking it was about something else. The game looks, very...well...okay I guess. I'm sorry, but ios games do nothing for me. That's just me though. Other people might like it. <...

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You Choose- [C. "^%&* You!" - DmC Dante]

You like....that Dante? Are you sure? Is that your final answer? Alright. The answer is...

[A. "Jackpot!" - Original Dante]

Oh, I'm so sorry. Letter A was clearly the winning answer. Better luck next time.

Why am I even hosting this show? Capcom doesn't even want to be awesome again. Where's my Agent? I can't do this show anymore! IT SUCKS! Get m...

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My Reaction to the twist - "NO! NO! HELL NO! That's Funny...but NOOOOOOOOO!"

The only way I want to see DmC Donte again is if they made a clone from the actual Dante called "Donte" and Dante destroys him in ten seconds flat. Like Zilla vs Godzilla in Godzilla: Final Wars. Haha! That would be sweet!

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It feels like I'm back at the beginning of the Ps3 era again. If history has taught me anything (Lair PS3) even if the game under performs the PS4 will be able take the hit as long as future games down the line are good.

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This NEEDS to come to the states. I want to play it so so much!

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How about if I give you $10 dollas and you send me a cheap hoodie with a glue on FoxHound patch?

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I'm ready for Tekken 7! Tekken Tag 2 was fun, but I'm not much of a team player when it comes to fighting games.

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You mean "Zack Ryder" Mode?

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Maybe...just maybe you're on to something about that double meaning. I'm thinking...if there is a double meaning...it probably means how many people from Naughty Dog quit the studio around the time the game was being made. Thus, leaving "The Last of" at the studio to finish it. The game is like a celebration of actually finishing the damn game.

Ellie being invincible when you're fighting is a actually a HUGE design flaw that everyone overlooks for some s...

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They've pulled this crap before taking down various youtuber's channels down. This is the very reason youtubers like Totalbiscuit boycotted Sega back in 2013. http://youtu.be/iL05T2v6Qao

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