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"You've already read."

"We post fake videos that has nothing to do with game news." #12
Having YouPorn as a sponsor will really help ESports stand out and show that it's just as credible as any of those old Sports. *Sarcasm* #10
I imagined this when I read your comment. #6.1
Kentaro Yasui was the main programmer for Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II.

That's a pretty big fish to lose Square Enix. #4
*Checks Scouter*
Ha! There's no need to worry. The ninja in the orange is only a Genin. #3
Kind of like Pokemon?

"Hello Link..l..e??? I'm sorry, but are you a boy or a girl?" - Professor Oak #3.1
I'm going to need to see some higher quality footage before I make a final visual judgement. The animations looked smooth but they didn't look graceful during transitions. I want to be interested, but this isn't doing it for me. #4
I prefer local co-op, although I understand why people would want online co-op. Honestly, I can't stand games that only have online co-op and exclude local co-op. I think local co-op should be a given. I have extra controllers for a reason. #3
Well doesn't this point out the obvious. #2
I think it's awesome that she games, but gaming nonstop for an excessive amount of time is harmful. Most gamers would agree to pause and take breaks every 2 hours or so. #6
I agree. Arc Systems managed to work wonders with the Unreal Engine. The technique they used is ground breaking when it comes to 3D/2D celstyle visuals. Before this game the Naruto series of games were the best at it, but now Arc System blew that out of the water.

For Street Fighter, Capcom really took a nose dive visually with Street Fighter IV. Going 3D did not in anyway make it look better than the Street Fighter III series. I'm not a fan of the excessive bulk of the S... #2.1
Capcom might as well HD Remake all their good games. They certainly aren't making any gems recently. It's actually a smart move to do something like this considering the financial condition that they are currently in. #11
I'm just waiting for Nintendo's reaction when they see this video. You know how strict Nintendo is about their image. #17
As long as you got everything you wanted out of it. It was the perfect rental game for me. #10.1.1
$10 for Beyond: Two Souls. That's about the price of a movie ticket. It's the right price for this "game". #10
What they've managed to do with bending skills and incorporate it all within the combat system seems very well done. The combat makes perfect sense for a video game. The parry system from MGR: Revengeance seems to be incorporated as well. Any game with a parry mechanic always stands out in my book. Visually, it matches the show spot on. The animations look very smooth and the frame rate is nice. Even though it's a short game, it's enough to play with over again and have some fun w... #7.2
I haven't seen the show yet, but sprinkle some Platinum on it and I'm definitely buying the game. #6
They're going to do it. #30
I'm going to go steal some cars and go on some high speed chases with the police to show my driving skills. Then maybe automotive companies will notice me and make me a test driver. #9

I'm going to have to blacklist this site, due to vastly differing opinions on amazing classic N64 games. #5
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