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"You've already read."


I agree.

The game looks good. Deadpool is quite the unusual comic character. He's a character that ate Mister Sinister's drug laced fried chicken. I can't really think of any other characters you can put in a situation like that. Let alone have Mister Sinister cook for them. #1.1
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I wonder if Sessler was talking about Metal Gear Rising? The last boss in that game is quite difficult to fight the first time around. I dropped about 35 minutes (over 10 + restarts) trying to beat that part. It was a long process, but it was a satisfying victory. #9
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So in short, do everything Capcom of Japan doesn't do. #4.1
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Even if this game was made for next gen, I doubt it would be remarkably different. For example, differences between Ps2 Marvel Ultimate Alliance and it's Ps3 counterpart is somewhat visually better, but essentially the same. #8.1
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Action games are paced much differently than the stealth based Metal Gear Solid games. I take it that you didn't know what you were getting yourself into before you bought the game? Because the game delivered on everything it promised.

A game starring Raiden, he's an cyborg that cuts things, lots of combat variety, boss battles, fast action, new characters, and he's fighting for justice. Sure, the story is campy and not complex as the Metal Gear Solid series, but... #1.2
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The story makes complete sense. Unfortunately, you can't get all the information from a demo. #18.1
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There's several hours of codec conversations in the select menu that have easter eggs about what other characters in the Metal Gear universe are up to. There's some information about technology, cities, history, movies, and all sorts of stuff they talk about. It's fun to sit back & listen to the codecs sometimes. I really like all the new characters on Raiden's team. #15.2
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All these disagrees and not one person to enlighten me on why they disagree. Welcome to N4G. #1.1
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I really don't care who, or how someone plays their game. Nor do I understand why it would be an issue to prefer playing as a female. Ayako Hamada is one of my favorite pro-wrestler of all time. I don't think I need to write an entire article about why I like her. Even if I did, who would I be trying to convince and why would I care about convincing them? #1
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The sequel to MGR may very well be a flash back starring Grey Fox. The idea was already presented by Kojima in the original concept of MGR. Now that his team got their Lightning Bolt Action game established, maybe Kojima can have his Grey Fox version next in the line up.

After Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pains of course. #4.1
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"Contrary to the title, Metal Gear Rising is not a Metal Gear game. Metal Gear Rising does make references and pays homage to events of the Metal Gear mythology and even reintroduces us to another returning Metal Gear Solid 4 character, but that is pretty much where the connection ends. Everything else about the game feels like Ninja Gaiden in Metal Gear clothing."

I think you're a wee bit off on that one part. They replaced the Solid in the title mainly because... #3
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That was a good read. You proved your point as well. Good job. #3
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A Raiden themed birthday party sounds pretty fun.

[Go into Blade Mode and slice the Pinatas and extract the Candy] #1.1.1
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*mashes "A"*
Please continue your post.

Capcom is tanking so hard this generation, all I can do instead of getting angry is gain a few laughs from it. #18.1
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If I were the developers, I would be pretty upset with the higher up as well. Not only have people been waiting for Rayman Legends specifically for the WiiU, they've been demoing the game on the WiiU for quite a while now.

If I were the were in the higher ups position, I would release the game on WiiU now and for the rest of the consoles at a later date/lower price. #7
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DmC wasn't simpy Ninja Theory's take on Devil May Cry, Capcom was legitimately trying to start it over. The initial designs for Dante looked like the original Dante, but Capcom wanted something dramatically different. Not only did Capcom tell them to change Dantes design, but they assisted Ninja Theory with the gameplay engine, when they were having difficulties during development.

Since the original creator is at Platinum Games, Capcom took the opportunity to take li... #2.4
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Many of us following the years of development of DmC know why it gets so much hate. People got past the look of Dante, but it was continuously made to seem like that was all there was to the argument.

Dante wasn't Dante in personality either. Dante didn't smoke or reduce himself to the lowest common demeanor to look cool. He didn't excessively drink alcohol and bang strippers in a trashy trailer. There's nothing clever or charming about this Dante. It's an... #9
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Is anyone in the gaming industry going to stand up and defend themselves? Their jobs may very well be on the line. You would think one of them would have stood up said something by now, but so far (to my knowledge) no one has done anything.

We can only defend them so much, but no matter how much we defend them, they will have to stand up for themselves eventually. #32
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It's nice to see a constructive blog that's trying to make the site better. I admit that I've made mistakes on the site due to my ignorance, but I'm definitely being more aware now. #14
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Yeah. I think I overstated their "best efforts ever put in a game" line, when DmC is just a modification of a pre-existing story. Their best game is Heavenly Sword.

Rebooting a game that didn't need a reboot just seems like a waste, considering that time could have been used to make another Heavenly Sword. #1.1.1
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