"Put down the Taco and nobody gets hurt.Money back Guaranteed! NOT!"


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In real life, the Wyatt Family get cheers. If Cena is getting cheers instead of boos then the developers need to do more research.

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They can scream racism and misogyny all day so people will take notice. The gaming community is all inclusive. It always has been and it always will be. Seeing the game journalist/bloggers lump Gamers into a group and say they're ALL racist, misogynistic white cis male neck beards is just crazy because it's totally not true. What kind of person prejudges a ENTIRE GROUP like that? Gamers can be anyone and everyone that likes playing video games. That type of talking spawned #Notyourshi...

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It's also unfortunate a news reporter was sent a loaded syringe through the mail that just so happen to report pro Gamergate. Then again, each incident might not have been anything to do about Gamergate or Gaming culture in general. Maybe they both just looked at someone the wrong way. I don't know. Some individuals are just disturbingly sick. Maybe they're both lying?
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We all know that people are the same where ever you go. There is good and bad in everyone. We learn to live, we learn to give each other what we need to survive. Together alive. C-O-D and harmony, can be possible with M-U-T-E. Don't believe me then try it, trolls are silenced, oh lord why don't we?

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I always welcome Flash Sales. I like these very much.

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In short, it's probably a crappy game that's going to get a TON of attention due to the Shocking nature of it. Blah, Blah, Blah! Is this game for real? It looks like one of those fake games that are on murder investigation tv shows.

Young Cop # 1 - "Detective Lewis, we found out the suspect loves to play violent video games. He played this game called 'Hatred' religiously. Looks like he used it as a virtual training simulator."


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I see people are buying into everything the journalist are saying. Trying to turn it into a "but this and that" type of situation. Listen to me NOW and hear me LATER. Journalist/bloggers already said you were DEAD and killed you in their minds. Yet you still buy what they say? I hate to say this but this is it. This is our chance as Gamers to prove that we have the power and final say. Those journalist/bloggers/Phil Fishes/hypocrites/mayo-spice smellin' creeps are going to keep ...

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animegamingnerd is right, there's also other things that'll probably piss you off. It's becoming one of those things where people say "it's a long story" http://www.historyofgamerga...

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Bansai, the short answer is "Nope".

As long as journalist keep writing the narrative that Gamers are insane hateful misogynist "Boys Only" club, it's not going to end.

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If someone told me there would be a smear campaign against Gamers lead by video game journalist 10 years ago, I would've told that person to layoff the cocoa puffs. Now that it's happening, I realized just how dumb they're going to look after running away Gamers from their Gaming Site.

"YES JOURNALIST! We won! #Gamergate is over. We've driven out those pesky Gamers! Alright, let's get back to work. EA is going to wine and dine me this evening so I bet...

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I'm going to have to disagree. I totally remember eating steak when I was a baby. It was AWESOME!

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I'm definitely interested in buying this game.

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Video game site reviews scores are like Scouters from Dragon Ball Z. They use to work well in the past, but now they're just unreliable.

*Takes off Scouter and crushes it*

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This interview was pretty much attacking Gamers...again. It wasn't even a balanced discussion. MSNBC Failed.

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Indeed! I'm really glad to hear this. I've been feeling tired of all the bashing. It's feels good to hear what you had to say. Thanks.

*For some reason my "Agree" turned into a "Disagree" but I gave you a +Bubble for "Well Said"*

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I'm just getting tired of all the media slinging crap towards Gamers. It's Jack Thompson garbage all over again, but in a new strange form that indoctrinated game journalist against us as well. Gamers are being labeled the most heinous type of people under the sun and it doesn't ever seem to stop.

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I don't have a Wii U as of yet, but I'm buying a copy of Bayonetta 2. I want the Wii U to get more 3rd party games. This game needs to succeed, otherwise Nintendo isn't going far with other 3rd party support.

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"I demand to know who's responsible for the over-sexualization of this female character?!"


"Well, knew that! You had happen was the woman was brainwashed into making the character. Yeah! That's it!"

Goodbye Polygon. I hardly knew ye...and even knowing...

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It really doesn't matter what's true to them anymore. This article just says they want to keep publishing whatever they want without evidence backing what they're presenting. If anything, this article is only proving Gamers point about their lack of ethics and their need of a ethics policy to adhere to.

I don't have enough Facepalms...I just don't.

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So thesithaxis just took a stand against Gamers that are asking them to make an ethics policy and adhere to it?


Looks like another site to block on the list.

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