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"You've already read."


Star Fox. I spent so many hours playing the original snes game. It's one of my top 10 favorite Nintendo series. #2
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I really don't see why people rage over a console they don't like. If I didn't like a console, I would just ignore it. Otherwise, I'd try to be constructive, instead of destructive and move on. If a console succeeds then that's great. If a console fails then I hope the company learns from it and becomes better in the future. For some, the success of a console is just as serious as life/death. (I honestly don't know why.)

As for healthy rar... #2
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When a adult has an issue with another adult, they politely state that issue with the adult, to solve the issue swiftly no...I'm sorry this information is outdated.

When a adult has an issue with another adult, they quickly lash out about it on the internet for all to see, in an indirect manner. That's the new way to do things.

Joking aside, I'm starting to wonder when adults are going to start being adults when they go about han... #10
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It all balances out because of Voldo...he's the odd ball on the male side. #7.1
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I guess this is one of those topics that won't go away for a while...this is about as annoying as the "Jack Thompson" era.

The people that start these topics are not just trolls. They're essentially what I like to call "Game Industry Mosquitoes". They swoop in, they suck up, they leave an irritation, and the scratching commences. They come back to another spot and continue to repeat the process for their own benefit. #6
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I just hope they're not going with Daigo Ikeno character designs. Compared to other Capcom artist (Akiman, Bengus,Nishimura) Ikeno is my least favorite artist for Capcom. Not to say he's bad, but just not as good in my opinion.

On topic, I'm glad Namco's taking their time with this game. I'm really curious to see how the Capcom characters will play in the style of Tekken gameplay. #8
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"Is there any valid discussion instead of both sides running to defend either Dragonknight or Event?"

I don't think so. There wasn't much to discuss if you ask me. Considering this had little to do with any of us to begin with. #14.1
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"Gamers Committing Offenses Against Gaming."

I've been watching EventStatus for quite a while now. He's not one to run his mouth without providing the information to back it up. He provides all the information he gets with links in the info bar. He's not in it to gain anything other than spreading awareness to us Gamers.

Just because DragonKnight got his feelings hurt by EventStatus doesn't mean EventStatus is "Committing Offen... #7.1.1
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"So here's the message. Thanks to the internet, anyone can say anything and pretty much get away with it. They can also sway opinion, or at the very least start up controversy. It's naive to think that everyone should act responsibly on the internet, and it's foolish to believe that any one random person could have a serious effect unless they have a position of some influence in the industry."

Wait...aren't you doing the same thing he's doing in... #7
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You're in luck Sam!

"Two story-based DLC chapters will also be released soon after. They include Jetstream, which tells the side-story of Sam and makes him a playable character, and Blade Wolf, which adds Raiden's cyborg wolf sidekick's story." #10.3
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Since Kojima took the time to resuscitate the game by going to another developer to make it, I knew there was something about this game worth saving. Turns out there was a great game in the concept, it just needed the right team to build it. Getting Platinum games was a wise decision on Kojima's part and I'm glad the game is doing well. #12
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Since BC isn't a integral focus of the Ps4, I have higher expectations of the other ways it preforms. The primary goal of the Ps4 is to streamline all the online aspects of gaming, making everything online instantaneous and social. If they're capable of achieving that, then it may be worth the leap.

I'm going to wait and see before I buy any new system. At least 2 years after launch before I make the jump, depending on how it preforms and what games are available. #3.1.1
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I'm not fond of the type of comedy that makes light of others beliefs. I see the point you're trying to make, but I could have done without the satire. #3
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Slow day Kotaku? #1
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Anyone watch the live action King of Fighters movie? It's the worst movie based off a video game I've ever seen. #5
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PETA has made such fools of themselves. I'd rather make contributions to a mindful organization for animals, rather than PETA. They're more like parody now. #5
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You'd be surprise how much money Nintendo has collected over the past 20 years. They have a pretty good reserve from console sales and handhelds. I'd doubt they're going anywhere soon.

As for the Wii U, I'm going to give it time. I usually wait 2 years after a console releases to make a final judgement on it's fate. 2 years is also how long it takes for me to determine if I'm going to buy a console.

This makes me wonder what all the co... #9
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I agree.

The game looks good. Deadpool is quite the unusual comic character. He's a character that ate Mister Sinister's drug laced fried chicken. I can't really think of any other characters you can put in a situation like that. Let alone have Mister Sinister cook for them. #1.1
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I wonder if Sessler was talking about Metal Gear Rising? The last boss in that game is quite difficult to fight the first time around. I dropped about 35 minutes (over 10 + restarts) trying to beat that part. It was a long process, but it was a satisfying victory. #9
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So in short, do everything Capcom of Japan doesn't do. #4.1
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