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""Put down the Taco and nobody gets hurt.Money back Guaranteed! NOT!""


"I demand to know who's responsible for the over-sexualization of this female character?!"


"Well, knew that! You had happen was the woman was brainwashed into making the character. Yeah! That's it!"

Goodbye Polygon. I hardly knew ye...and even knowing... #13
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It really doesn't matter what's true to them anymore. This article just says they want to keep publishing whatever they want without evidence backing what they're presenting. If anything, this article is only proving Gamers point about their lack of ethics and their need of a ethics policy to adhere to.

I don't have enough Facepalms...I just don't. #3.2
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So thesithaxis just took a stand against Gamers that are asking them to make an ethics policy and adhere to it?


Looks like another site to block on the list. #6
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Sooooooooooooo...Nintendo was right? #8
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I remember this game being taken off the store shelves for featuring a minor in it. Here's a little gaming history lesson. Because knowing is half the battle. #3
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Why Disagree? I was just pointing out the facts. #1.2.2
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I was in the Network Test to. Did you study the controls? There's more to it than what you mentioned.

You also level up by doing missions. There were 2 mission available that gave you level up points. Each time your character increased in level you could adjust your stats in the pause menu using the upgrade points you acquired. I got to leve... #1.2
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Paige is DLC. #1.1
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I love indie games. My only issue with Indie games now is that they're all starting to look the same. There's indie games following the same style as others over and over again. You know the type...

"Hey look at me! I'm a quirky 8-bit fun time game! I'm raunchy, outrageous, and have lots of 8-bit blood! Ha Ha! I'm keeping it old style! PLAY ME!" - INDIE GAME #619

Not that those types of games aren't a bad thing, but after whi... #4
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No....Vulgus 2? :( #26
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I don't know if that's accurate considering so many people are invested in Totally Diva's. I know that the show is scripted for a potion of the parts, but some of it is real. After watching a few episodes I realized John Cena's personal life is pretty crappy despite being so lavish.

CM Punk was a very good wrestler and pretty much saved WWE 2011 - 2013. I still think he owes his fans a goodbye if he's gone for good. CM Punk didn't get where he is by hi... #3.1.1
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CM Punk doesn't give a crap about what anyone thinks. He blocked people on his Twitter because they were congratulating him over a leaked wedding picture. They were private wedding chapel pictures, but people were being nice to him about it and he was a total A-Hole losing his mind about it as if they were the ones who leaked it.

CM Punk doesn't make any sense. Just up and leaves his fans without so much as saying goodbye or "I lost my smile". I'm really... #3
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There's a ton of stuff going on, but people are noticing. I have video proof!

By the way, this isn't me in the video...but his t-shirt is awesome! #3.1
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Jack Thompson 2.0 in women skin? #7
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"I even shit standing up."

Okay that whole thing was funny, but that particular line had me busting a gut laughing.

I agree. It's like this news guy doesn't know how much his ignorance is showing. He really needs to find out what he's talking about before he talks about it. #17.1
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Seems like he just can't relate to people playing video games because he's so bad at them. My question is how can he be bad at ALL video games? It's like he doesn't know video games have genres that cater people's interest.

If I HAD to chose game genres for him to play, it would be puzzle games and maybe point & click adventures. If he can't play Super Mario Brothers, his hand eye coordination needs some training. #9.1
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Science should answer your question! In fact, I have a theory that the imagine for the story has a very strong gravitational pull. #27.1
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Interesting. I didn't expect this to happen so quickly. Either Valve is on top of things in the video game community, or this was released completely by coincidence. Either way, it sure looks handy. #4
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I haven't seen the show, but I'll definitely watch it after seeing the game's action. #1.2
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1988 was a wild time for Japan. This game looks like my kind of party. DISCO! *points upward* #5
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