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"You've already read."

Comments has been really violent now that you mention it. I hope gaming never gets that insane though. #8.1
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I actually found this comment rather amusing. You kids and your "Gaming System War". Things never change.

I'm going to get a lemonade and watch you kids scratch at each other over whatever gaming box you prefer defending.

A muffin sounds good about now to... #4.1
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I'm sticking with my Ps3 for a couple of years before I make a transition to the next gen. That will give time for a good large library of Ps4 games to build before I pick one up. Ps3 doesn't seem to be burning out at all for the time being, but flickering wildly with amazing exclusives. #3
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I look forward to getting this update.

As for when Capcom decides to make SFV, I hope the transition isn't as ugly looking as SFIV. SFIII is still one of the most beautifully animated 2D sprite fighting game I have ever seen in my life.

Please for the love of all fighting gamers humanity bring back Akiman to be character designer. I know Ikeno did some decent work on 3rd Strike, but his SFIV work was hella ugly. 442d ago by Deadpool616 | View comment
Microsoft put themselves in the worst position I've ever seen a company put themselves in before launching a new system. They're going to get a negative reaction from people who follows the info.

As for the game Killer Instinct, it looks really fun to me. It's unfortunate Microsoft decided to bring it back for one of their worst revealed systems. Instead of reviving it when the fighting game boom resurged with Street Fighter IV, around 2009 - 2011.
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Dragon Ball Z: Legends only had 3 vs 3 battles at the most, but it was enough to make the battle hectic and fun. Legends had a good selection of characters that would most likely be played, although missing a few fan favorites. It also had a good range of environment to move around in. The game was the tops. It just so happen to be the game Bandai skipped out on importing, in favor of Dragon Ball GT Final Bout & Ultimate Battle 22.

Battle of the Z seems to be taking it to... #7.1.2
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I really don't know why Nintendo isn't capitalizing off a Pokemon MMO game yet. That has the potential to be the highest grossing Nintendo game yet and it's like they don't even realize it. I don't even play MMO's that often and I would want to buy a system just for a Pokemon game like that.

But no, it's the Year of Luigi. I'm not dumping on Luigi or anything but... 452d ago by Deadpool616 | View comment
So it's releasing March 31, 2014....on a Monday? Games normally don't release on Monday. I have a feeling it's going to be released sometime November 2013. #1.2
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Having my Nintendo Wii modded was definitely an enhancement. I've been playing import Wii/Gamecube games for a while now and it was well worth it. #6
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I'm going to be a parent one day, and you know what? I'm going to be an Aware and Knowledgeable parent. A parent that knows what he's buying his children, and have the knowledge to monitor [or cut] the content I provide to them. Parental locks probably won't even be necessary, because my children will be too busy trying to defeat their father at Street Fighter II. [Heh, good luck with that future kiddos.] I will be that upper echelon my children will strive to catch and overta... #6
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I'm eager to get a release date for this game. I haven't anticipated a decent Dragon Ball Z games for years. #5
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Alright, I'm pre-ordering this as soon as possible. #8
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The confusion is the fun part. It helps the audience gets invested in the world Kojima constructs. Through all the confusion and hidden messages, we've already started playing part of his game without even buying a copy of it yet. #1.2
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This is what I like about Kojima. He knows how to keep his projects interesting with these fun conspiracies. #6
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Mel Gibson's Australian accent evaporated into unintelligible gibberish throughout recent years anyway. They need to find someone that sounds like Mel Gibson did back in the 1980's, just like how Telltale Games found A.J. Locascio to portray Michael J. Fox's voice in the Back to the Future game.

Making a game of MAD MAX is a big deal. I hope Avalanche Studios isn't taking the development of this game lightly. #2.1.2
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I'd think Jesus would be more of a Nintendo player instead of Xbox 360. Although, I will say some people on Xbox Live sound like they need an exorcism. #2
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I'm sticking with having my online free. I guess this is where I stop with consoles....I don't know. I'll just have to wait and see. #67
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Everything starting to make sense now with how the online will work. Okay, this is better than I originally thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be like Xbox 360, but it seems like Sony is providing a service with benefits, instead of obligation.

There's actually incentive from the free games and extra content. For $50 dollars ($10 dollars less than the price of a new game) a year, I will be getting free games throughout the entire year building up a lib... #68
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More like Fee to Play. I can't even train, or play arcade mode to practice after running out of Coins/Tickets. I hate having that feeling of their hands in my pockets. Better off playing other Tekken games on Ps3. #3
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Xbox One will fail because of it's detrimental policies. They'll eventually lessen the restrictions and rename the Xbox One to Xbox 180.

8,22,36,43,45 Powerball 17

[jk] #91.1.1
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