"Put down the Taco and nobody gets hurt.Money back Guaranteed! NOT!"


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Thanks for clarifying that. Sometimes things start to get incoherent to follow. TotalBiscuit has been 120% on point on the discussions and is doing amazing at trying to reach out. I take back what I said about tube personalities. I will say that no matter how much the media says Gamergate is dead, more information comes to light. Dyson is the king of vacuum appliances. They're a pretty big sponsor to lose.

Even if Gamergate isn't mentioned in the media anymore the iss...

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I support Gamergate's endeavors for cleaning up the dirt (Like Dyson) but these tube personalities within it needs to cool their jets. I know they means well, but they're starting to remind me of Kenny from the TellTale Walking Dead games...minus the boat fetish.

We the Gamers are here to play.

So let's show these Goombas at Gawker how we do things downtown...in the Mushroom Kingdom.

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The cute kids are right. Stop being mean to Gamers you game journalist.

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That head start Nintendo got is starting to payoff. Nintendo still needs to get rid of their region locking policy. People want to give Nintendo money even if they're not from the region. I don't know why they would want to deny anyone's money because of that. People are most likely going to buy the game again in their native language once it's available anyway.

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She didn't get the vote. Politics aside, she has one hell of an impressive profile. She's a "do it" type, instead of a "say it" type.

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If Gamergate is dead...then Wimp Lo is truly the winner of this fight. http://youtu.be/d696t3yALAY

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*sigh*....are they STILL doing this?! http://youtu.be/7lLiVHiNRIE

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"so what if gaming is still a boys club I'm pretty damn sure it wasn't built by women"

I'm calling you out on this one, because the only people you know who built the gaming industry was Jack and $#it...and Jack left town.

Men and women moved the gaming industry forward. Women have always been there, but subtly. Now educate yourself... http://youtu.be/Y__usQbGA5M

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Haha! Touché.

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Will she allow it?

Bayonetta's Response - http://youtu.be/NyEE0qpfeig

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Nah, not you. Just particular "journalist" and the vast majority of Tumblr.

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Shhhhh! Don't tell them..

NO! IT'S COOL! DO YOUR PROTEST! We're all going to miss your special internet things. Show all those darn Gamergate-ers who's boss! Grrr, those hateful misogynist. The internet will seize to function without your discussions on being a "Transfat at heart"...or something. Which is a real thing ( http://aboutthinprivilege.t... and how Sonic the...

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Log off for 24 hours to protest Gamergate?

Oh my! How ever will they survive without electronic entertainment for 24 hours? They will shrivel away into nothingness without proper e-nutrition. Just thinking of the pain they'll have to endure makes me....ohhhhhh *faints*

Joking aside, do you really call this a protest? An actual protest? Does anyone remember how protest use to be in the past? Protesters had to endure harsh conditions to make it known that ...

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Not to be confused with #Gamergate.

Just wanted to make that clear because people sent them hate-mail.

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I wish Sega would make more of their Sega Saturn library available to purchase. I always wanted to play Burning Rangers and it's only available at retail. Fighters Megamix online would be very nice. There's much they can gain value with in their library.

Oh yeah...Sega still needs to put Guardian Heroes HD on PSN! I want that game so freakin' much Sega!

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If Depression Quest is any indication of her programming skills, she didn't have the talent to do so. I gathered there was someone else behind the scenes causing the doxxing while she was spewing the high octane vitriol at TFYC. Although finding out it was a journalist/blogger that did it doesn't make the situation much different. It just keeps proving #Gamergate right. There's $#iT everywhere and the journalist need to start cleaning it up. Take responsibility and start being pro...

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Newegg is getting a head start on those generous sales. Me likey.

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It's pretty much journalist/indie devs throwing a temper tantrum. They don't want to grow up, they want to stay Toys R Us kids. Now that Gamers are getting tired of their stinky diapers, the struggle is real and poop starts a flying.

Gamers formed Gamergate and opened up the door where the journalist and game industry mingled, only to find... http://youtu.be/HRx49-leiRE

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I never thought I would say this, but I miss arguing about video games. Nothing else, just video games. When you get to the point where you miss arguing about DmC vs DMC or Console vs PC you know something seriously wrong is happening.

Anyone else getting tired of these Psychopaths frolicking about the gaming industry, poisoning it for their own benefit?

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A Shenmue 3 announcement would put me in a hype induced coma.

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