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""Put down the Taco and nobody gets hurt.Money back Guaranteed! NOT!""


It's pretty much journalist/indie devs throwing a temper tantrum. They don't want to grow up, they want to stay Toys R Us kids. Now that Gamers are getting tired of their stinky diapers, the struggle is real and poop starts a flying.

Gamers formed Gamergate and opened up the door where the journalist and game industry mingled, only to find... #2
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I never thought I would say this, but I miss arguing about video games. Nothing else, just video games. When you get to the point where you miss arguing about DmC vs DMC or Console vs PC you know something seriously wrong is happening.

Anyone else getting tired of these Psychopaths frolicking about the gaming industry, poisoning it for their own benefit? #1
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A Shenmue 3 announcement would put me in a hype induced coma. #12
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Did we just get a discussion about ethics without hearing "Misogyny" screamed directly in our ear drums?! It feels sooooo good after waiting 2 months to hear this. It's like biting into a York Peppermint Patty. And I get the sensation I'm on the tallest mountain in Switzerland, and I'm skiing down those white slopes butt-naked at 90 miles an hour, with the wind brushing through my hair and bouncing off my perkily cold nipples! And I'm screaming, "WEEEEE! WEEEEEE... #3.2
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Hi. I'm Deadpool616. You may remember me from such N4G article comments as...

"Zoe Quinn: GamerGate must be condemned"

"Dragon Age: Inquisition Lead Writer Defends Anita Sarkeesian's Right to Criticize Games"

"2 minus 3 equals Negative FUN!"

I just want you to "Listen & Bo-lieve" for a moment. #Gamergate is Gamers (people of all walks of life) questioning... #13.1.7
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You can't compliment my comment without my permission! Don't even read my comments! You're not allowed to read this comment! Check your privileges!

;) #2.6.1
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Wooooow...and they call me delusional. This very funny stuff.

Next time, make sure you mark this as (satire) in the title. I almost believed you were actually serious for a second. No way any rational person could actually think like this without it being a joke.

I vouched for you to be level Twinfinite. Goodbye. #15
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#Gamergate is a consumer revolt. There's no conspiracy, because the facts are clear and present. Any death threats are from 3rd party internet trolls [which are everywhere]. #Gamergate does not condone harassment even if the opposition claims that they do. If there is harassment, it most definitely happens on both sides. Although due to wide spread media control, you probably won't know that unless you spend time getting info yourself.

#Gamergate can't stop. #Game... #2
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Customizing your pizza? With Kinect? Oh...I can only imagine how that would be.


Heheh...that's what I imagine.
Althou... #23
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Good job Sega! You're starting to use good business sense. I have the game already on PS3 and I'll consider buying it again on PC. Keep this up and you might just see some cash rolling in, instead of cash rolling out.

Oh yeah and Sega...#SaveShenume #21
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Gamers aren't affect. Only the bad journalist. #12
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Ummm...right. Remember the story that was reported about the pro Gamer Gate Gamer that got a knife in the mail with the note "Please Kill Yourself" along with it? Oh wait...there wasn't a story about that. Silly me.
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Nice half a story there. Keep up the one sided writing! :D

Just keep in mind that the writer who wrote this piece said this...

Facepalms! Come and get your facepalms here! #1
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I think everyone is okay with criticism when it's valid. Since Anita declared that she doesn't play video games, any criticism she has is now considered baseless. I'll take criticism from any person who actually plays video games, over someone exploiting the gaming industry. After finding out a dude named Jonathan McIntosh writes much of the stuff Anita says behind the curtain, it just makes her look like his puppet. Which is ironic if you think about it.

It's... #9
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Good to see so many of you savvy about this situation. All we want is them to fix themselves and BE ETHICAL JOURNALIST. Getting them to understand is like trying to give a flea bitten cat a bath.

Every time they produce stories like this it proves us right. #15
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Ha Ha! Do you think I'm that gullible?! >:D

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to purchase some volcano insurance and beach side property in Arizona. :) #2.3.1
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@Shinox I'm sorry. I didn't understand any of that. Please try again. #2.1.3
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Picking one up during the holidays. #2.2.1
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I think your getting "Social Justice Warriors" confused with "Social Justice Activist".

Social Justice Activist are people like Susan B. Anthony, Medgar Evars, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Malala Yousafzai, Elizabeth Cady Stanton...etc.

Social Justice Warriors are usually college kids that jump on board of a cause and pretty much ruin it for their own gain. #1.1
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I'm buying Bayonetta 2 and I don't even have a Wii U. Gotta support Platinum when it matters to them. I hope it's successful. #2
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