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What they've managed to do with bending skills and incorporate it all within the combat system seems very well done. The combat makes perfect sense for a video game. The parry system from MGR: Revengeance seems to be incorporated as well. Any game with a parry mechanic always stands out in my book. Visually, it matches the show spot on. The animations look very smooth and the frame rate is nice. Even though it's a short game, it's enough to play with over again and have some fun w... #7.2
I haven't seen the show yet, but sprinkle some Platinum on it and I'm definitely buying the game. #6
They're going to do it. #30
I'm going to go steal some cars and go on some high speed chases with the police to show my driving skills. Then maybe automotive companies will notice me and make me a test driver. #9

I'm going to have to blacklist this site, due to vastly differing opinions on amazing classic N64 games. #5
Assassin's Creed is getting burned out. Sure they changed up AC4 with the pirate ship,(Which was great) but moving forward...meh. I sense sales are going to decline unless they really start putting more creative ideas in their games. #17
Sonic the hedgehog is a fine game. It only has one button and you can go backwards if you feel the need to (a feature not in the original Super Mario Brothers). It has a great character that stands the test of time. The music is very rememberable. The speed and movement of Sonic isn't where it needs to be, but it's a start. Sonic 2 is where the series really starts to shine. #9
That's exactly what they're doing. Tekken X Street Fighters release date was estimated to be released in 2017. #6.1.1
A glimpse into the future. A bleaker future for video games if we allow it. #104
This article sums it up nicely. There's no reason to segregate men and women in competitive gaming. If there is one, I absolutely cannot see it. I guess this is the result of mimicking sports that have a legit reason for the separation.

There's hardly a reason to segregate a certain age range either. Those grade school children have some insane reflexes when gaming. Some adults were losing to a 11 year old during the GameStop Street Fighter IV Tournament back in 2009... #3
I like how baby Gamera made a appearance in Dragon Ball. I didn't get the reference until I saw live action Gamera. I was laughing when I realized it. #11.1
This game will be mine. #10
That's not likely to happen. The budget for the game will skyrocket just to pay Angelina Jolie to voice the character. She doesn't sell herself on the budget. #9
Wow. That killed it for me as well. It's like clockwork for Capcom. Every time I get interested in one of their products, they do something that turns me away. It's no wonder they're going to be bought out soon. #15.1
Well there's BandaiNamco and there's TecmoKoei. Maybe...KonamiCapcom? #2.2
The constant rock/paper/scissors cut scenes pissed me off. I don't mind a few seconds to emphasize that a signature move is happening or an ULTRA Finisher is about to decimate your opponent, but other than that it shouldn't be in EVERY segment of the fight. It kept the game from being competitive and made it a guessing game mid battle. I'm glad they're eliminating it. #1.1.1
Street Fighter Assassin's Fist was great. #5
Now that you mention it, I can't think of one black character in a video game made in Japan that's not stereotypical. Since blacks are so foreign to Japan, they rely on the media to make characters and the media showcases stereotypes exclusively. #35.1
To give a more accurate representation of the size of metal gear solid V it's slightly bigger than Far Cry 2 (which is still quite big). MGSV & GTAV aren't the size of Just Cause 2 yet. But GTAV is pretty close. http://unrealitymag.bcmedia...
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To be honest, Japan doesn't make it easy to tell anymore. #9
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