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i used to like ea and i gave them the benefit of the doubt in the past, but this has gone too far and i'm starting to realize why they're getting all the hate.

i'm one of the few who enjoyed bf3s campaign and bf4 doesn't come close. bf4 just feels cheap, cheap looping OST, cheap sound fx, it just doesn't feel like a full game. disappointing. #23
i enjoyed bf3 a lot more than bf4. #22
i'm just glad to have registered it to my account. i'll download it later. #13
When you think about it, the original MSX games were basically "open world". Snake was always meant for the open world. #2
I can't wait, I just hope it's a new engine, not Gamebryo or the Skyrim engine. Way too many glitches. #8
GZ trailer.

Eh, we've already seen most of GZ anyway. I just want another PP trailer. #4

Seems better than Mass Effect 3. #5
I think it's just a reference to 007. #9
They're all modeled after the in-game characters. I think Rockstar scanned their faces like in Max Payne 3, but they modified their features a little. #1.1
I hope we can make Chop take a piss on some dead ballas to mark The Families territories. #3
Rockstar are definitely the most ballsy developers ever. #1.6
Finally, I skipped playing the alpha and beta because I want the full experience. #3
Great to see the Vagos are back. I kind of wish Franklin was a Hispanic member of the Vagos, instead of being affiliated with The Grove Families. It would be cool if Franklin was even a member of The Ballas. I want to see the other side of the gang wars and see The Families as the antagonists. #1
The Big Boss figure doesn't really look like the PS2 version, which it should. #1.3
Yeah, i'd love to be able to create my own dog tags. Didn't really like any of the default ones in BF3. #2
Australia has already banned two games recently because of drugs. #7.2.1
I hope not, because that'll mean that it's highly likely to be banned or toned down for Australia. #7
And Nvidia were the ones boasting about how their drivers are superior to AMD. How ironic. #1.2.2
I hope some of the talented people from the GTA modding community take part in this opportunity. #5
MG1 and MG2 need remakes, not MGS. But I'd only want an MG1 and MG2 remake if Hideo Kojima made it. #5
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