What is Death?


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You are making sense but the PC elitists are disagreeing. I am a PC gamer and I agree.

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That is the question Septic.

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Graphics are awesome, no arguing against that aspect of this game.

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Crysis 3 maxed out or Deep Down say hello

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The controller is basically prefect

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@darth yes, a LOT

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Thanks Bob, I'm glad that you get we have preferences. You will be happy with your games, I will be happy with mine.

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there must have been something really wrong for them to delay it this much

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This review is pretty surprising - considering most everyone else has said that the ps4 controller is the best they have ever had.

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I'm in for the games man - The multitude of exclusive games on PC and PS4 are perfect FOR ME. MY OPINION.

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Okay Craig tell me what's wrong with what I said originally. And all of you guys too

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Why disagree? And f**k you Craig. I am making a valid point here.

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No cross platform play though - unless MS was willing to pay for dedicated servers on other platforms

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The future of playstation is always bright - take a look at what we got on ps3 - the future will hold loads of triple A games AND Indie games - there is something for everyone. Also what you said about indies is kinda offensive - speaking as an Indie Dev. Why would you judge my games because they are Indie? You should definitely count me

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Often on these comments purple acknowledge that ps4 is more powerful but then they say the xbone has a better launch lineup, well, the people have spoken

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Yep, exactly

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That red line looks evil, reminds me of Infamous - good Cole vs bad Cole.

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People can always run dual-OS. SteamOS for gaming and Windows for everything else

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F***ing disagrees for no reason

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