What is Death?


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That game was so good, I'm a big Spidey fan, and Ultimate Spider-Man was definitely the best Spider-Man game I've played.

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The problem with the Xbox One is that it seems I'm going to be able to play all of its exclusives on my PC. I own many consoles (Xbox, 360, wii, wii u, ps3, ps4, vita, etc) and a gaming pc - I bought those consoles for the exclusives. I use them to play games, nothing else (my pc is used for everything else). So, for me, why would I buy an Xbox one?

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This is awesome

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I'm currently 18 years old, but i grew up with the NES. I would recognise that controller anywhere

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I remember psycho mantis, pretty awesome breakage of the 4th wall

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I just got the 280x version of this

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but Naga, you can play ALL 3 of those games on the 360 or PC. So he's still lying.

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I might check it out on PC, but Origin......

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After spending that much money on ANYTHING I'd expect it to be perfection.

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You sure abriel? I played the beta and every quest I tried was boring as hell - I was continually asked to do extremely menial things for xp.

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Mantle can be supported by Nvidia if they choose - AMD are not stopping them.

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That was bizarre

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PS plus offers amazing value, I want it for the games - I don't give a crap about multiplayer. I game in console and PC.

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It was sarcasm people, come on

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I prefer the buy to play model of GW2.

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It's not that Sony and MS won't support occulus, occulus won't support Sony and Ms because consoles won't change for many years, by PC and mobile will. I don't fully understand their logic. Sony has only one chance when it comes to VR - make their own.

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the fighter within is great.....

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What are you on about?

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Its my birthday tomorrow, i am super hyped for some awesome stuff. Hope i'm not disappointed.

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Dat cloud will allow photo-realistic graphics /s

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