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True wouldn't have been a problem with my PS4 console. #5.1
Because I gave them the serial number of the console and it was transferred to my name as soon as I received the console and before I made payment... It has warranty until next year OFFICIALLY from Microsoft. Oh and what exactly looks shady from the picture? The fact that he called me William when that wasn't even my name. Just goes to show how bad the customer service really is! #3.1.2
First of all, I did have enough information, well logic. If you sell a console it would be a smart idea to sell replacement accessories like every manufacturer does. Secondly I agree about the piece of paper scenario... But only because Microsoft is making it this way. However I can buy a 3rd party power adapter however choose not to as I don't want to fry the console especially with Microsoft's support as it stands. #1.1.1
I upgraded from the PS3 version to the PS4 version and I can honestly say it plays A LOT different. So no it isn't the same game with better graphics. Everything is way more fluent now. #1.1
Nothing in this article leads to losing your warranty. Hard drives are meant to be swappable, the guide to ejecting stuck discs is from Sony themselves. #2.2
I will let you know personally on November 5 :) #7.1
haha looks like I will have to suffer the pain, especially when PS3 and Xbox 360 owners get a playable copy before me :( #6.1
Exactly, but at least it is guaranteed to be with you to be played when the console is launched. #4.3
I've only pre-ordered Call of Duty Ghosts for the PS4 and will be using the upgrade offer at my local Game store to get the PS4 version of Fifa 14. Will be looking into watchmen and other great games in the second hand market, hopefully these two games will keep me happy until then! #1.1
Watcha gona do when hulkamania runs wild on you? #10.1.2
That is crazy... #2
I love face off, best thing about Infinity Ward games. Blops2 was pretty good considering it was a Treyarch game which I'm not usually very fond of! #22.1
Character modelling as a whole is pretty important. Think Killzone character models... #18.1
Some people do, such as myself. So it is best if you don't speak for everyone :) #3.1
I think the propaganda is getting to your head mate. #35.1
Ah ok was it confirmed the GTA V photo was fake? #2
True, I would be very happy if Call of Duty Ghosts played smoothly online with no lag etc. Would be amazing! #2.1
Really? Because I am actually going to pre-order Black Ops 2. #1.3.1
haha come on, I'm sure you could see some differences! #1.1
Exactly but in the PS3 scenario it didn't even reach 720p as it wasn't the lead console at the time. #14.1
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