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WOW JUST WOW!!! I really can't believe this is happening, M$ better bring their A game come E3 or theyll be in a lot of trouble this gen. Just think about it the Wii U is going to get a price cut come this holiday session and everyone knows Sony will come out with great games and a good price point too. So where does that leave Xbox One?

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I like extra apps too, I use Netflix on my PS3 all the time. But never once have I thought to myself it would be great to use my PS3 as my main cable box because that's what my cable box is for in the first place lol.

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I used the wrong wording but your pay for a console that has these features that could have been used for something else like better ram like Sony did or more games to invest in not tv foundationaity.

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Hey maybe I'm mistaken but look how great that is working out for Nintendo lol it's useless really and that's my point. No hardcore gamer really care for what M$ is pushing with the Xbox One.

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Didn't anyone tell M$ that the Wii U can be used to watch tv on, or that a lot of gamers are trying to get away from using a cable box. Now anyone who buys a Xbox One will have two boxes to use for tv and not one. I have a gut feeling the PS4 will have google tv and it'll be pretty good but not forced like this is.

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What book is that so I can read it.

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I'm proud to say I own and played all those games on that list. Sony has always delivered great games to us.

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@ orange

Lol you took my comment to seriously all I was trying to say is look how great Uncharted turned out to be story wise. So just think of what type of story they can make for a military game. Something like act of valor but really good. Hell we don't know how well The Last of Us will be but the fact that ND is working on it make us think it's going to be great story wise, the game play might be bad because its their first survivor zombie type game. All I'm ...

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Hell give it to ND they can come up with a very powerful military story. Something most people can relate too.

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They should just keep custom guns but remove all perks and just make gun on gun gameplay.

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I can't wait for it, I haven't had a chance to play it on my PS3 so I'll get it on the PSVita when it comes out.

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I wouldn't mind playing as a character who is gay as long as the game is fun and the story is awesome.

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I work at a middle school and hear the kids talk about the M rated games they play and all the kids have the same thing in commend they are all dicks lol. But I wouldn't let my kids play M rated games until I feel that they are old enough to handle what is going on screen.

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Damn I thought I was the only one lol.

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I understand where your coming from and I agree but you still have to make your voice heard at the polls too. People like to vote for the wrong people and then blam what happens next when these idiots make bad decisions for the country like those tie party nut heads in congress. But guess what you still have to vote enorder to vote them out to put the right people in place. That's why I said what I said in my first post.

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If you don't want a law like this passed call your Congress men/women and tell them to vote against this bill you have to understand that this is more on the parts of big business who wants this law.

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Please fix the shotguns they are way under powered. And fix the lag and connection problems too.

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This game was the biggest shock of the year for me, the industry hyped the game so much as if it was the biggest thing since slice bread. Rage was a big let down, my friend bought it day one and traded it the following week.

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I have to say that was nicely written and your right too.

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The SP and Spec Ops is awesome but the MP need some tweaking, like I said the shotguns are dumb down too much. But overall this is the best FPS I've played since Killzone 2.

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