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The bit where it goes in another console.

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Throne. Check. Pimpin' Suit. Check. Smirk. Check.

But no, he's subjugating the guy on his knees through his sexuality and not any other form of bad-guy power. I personally take more offence to the article having that kind of caveman thinking than anything Ubisoft is doing. Maybe you're the problem, people.

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If you think "gay" at all phallic symbolism then you may be gay.

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Because that's the cool kind of gay, right chief?

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Fact is, there aren't many games worth playing right now on all consoles, and I doubt any of them are truly worth investing in a newest-gen console for. Maybe I've grown up since last gen or maybe I'm looking at its early releases with rose tinted glasses but so far this generation just feels like it's going through the motions.

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Decent game that told a great story and had some awesome touches throughout. It definitely goes all Apocalypse Now on you.

"Do you feel like a hero yet?"

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Awesome, I've been wanting a French Revolution AC game for years, I remember hearing a rumour about it years ago when AC II came out. Glad to be finally getting it.

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Well at least the stadiums look finished.

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One of the most interesting and nerve-wracking games I've ever played.

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I imagine all MGS articles that in some way shape or form bash something about the game are uploaded by Hayter.

Life is funnier this way.

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Inb4 Hayter

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The Wii U is for children.

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It's pretty obvious what they were referring to, you just wanted to take the opportunity to brag about your PC.

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Not much about the Wii U that screams Next Gen either.

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Buy American? Fuck that. I'd much rather buy Japanese. If you were capable of removing your patriot glasses you would be aware that out here the rest of the world doesn't really value American industry much.

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Inb4 Hayter

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Food makes more sense than a spray called "Healing"..?

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With all the weird crap in MGS, it's healing sprays that breaks your immersion?

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You judge peoples worth by how many women they've fucked? Grow up mate.

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The guy took a passion for gaming and in a scenario where he does not work, crafted a way to make money out of what he currently does.

As a gamer, he would obviously be called a no-lifer, but if he had used the same concept to set up a business we would call him a great entrepreneur.

Congrats on your success, Hakoom.

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