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It's unfortunately but simple: Unless everyone cancels their Xbox Live accounts, which means no multiplayer, I don't see Microsoft caring too much how their gamers think. They continue to make money because they know they can. I only pay $35 a year for my membership because I buy them when I see them cheap. I believe Microsoft should go to a per service monthly charge and make multiplayer free, parties, and other basic xbox features free. Will they, no.

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Incorrect, remaking the first 3 resident evils into a single game disc is what the series needs.

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This was present in the first one but the other players only received a small amount of XP compared to the person who got the kill. They should have implemented an auto boot if a player is not moving for a period of time, like GoW3 did for multiplayer.

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I remember what happended to Family Feud and Price is Right so these best be done by a real game studio who won't f*** them up

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I agree with the first three. It makes me feel old when he says the first Megaman he played was Megaman X. While it was my favorite there were so many before that. I still have the Anniversary Collection of Megaman for the original Xbox but a new one with achievements would be nice for 360. I would also like to add Resident Evil to that list since they don't have the first ones for Xbox 360. I know the Zelda won't ever hit Xbox but one can dream! I would also like to add Final F...

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Good Campaign = $20 - $30 (depending on length)
Co-op Campaign = +$5
Multi-player = +$10
Regular Updates = +$10
Bonus Content = +$5
On-Disc DLC = -$5
Next Game in Series Within 1 Year = -$10

That's a good pricing model for me.

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The only two things Google doesn't have on that list are gaming and motion. They got all the others covered. That is just how business works. Flood every area of the market with the name and the usage will grow.

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The multi-player is general suffers from having unbalanced characters, poor weapon aiming, and poor weapon balancing...none of which were fixed in this patch. The best example is the highest powered sniper rifle takes over 3 head shots to kill enemies. The samurai edge pistol is the best weapon in almost all cases. Fix the weapon balancing and aiming and the game may be decent.

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I would rather have classic RE 1, 2, and 3 than a movie that I will never watch. I think the Xbox version should be discounted to $70 for having a lineup of some of the worst game conversions in the history of the series.

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Do I want my game controller to play video games...no. It is a controller to serve the purpose of controlling not playing. Now if MS would offer all their games that you own on the Xbox in digital form for mobile and allow you to use the cloud storage to load saves you could take your games on your mobile phone and that would make sense. I can already use my Xbox controller with Android ICS so now I just need the games. I am pretty sure my phone is almost as powerful as my Xbox.

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Evolution...no. Improvement...yes. Just because another developer comes up with a great idea perhaps there are ways to make it better and bring it to a new point of view. As long as it is not just a direct copy and actually improves the feature. It is a shame the PC and MP3 world doesn't see it like video games or there would be far less patent suits by companies trying to improve upon a good design.

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Would be nice but I am not holding my breath. If they wouldn't do a beta which they did for previous versions then they probably won't do a demo, which they never did.

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1. Fixing the spawning scheme...finally. They say it isn't broken in GoW3 but when enemies spawn right next to me with a 5 second protection I call BS

2. The controls are fine. Don't fix them if it ain't broke. The biggest question based on the changes is what happens to my third weapon? Right now I can carry two primary and a pistol. If Y switches weapons (like many FPS) it would likely mean only a primary and secondary weapon or you would have to cycle thro...

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I agree with most everything he said. More customization is the natural course of FPS and who cares wear the ideas come from as long as you improve on the existing ideas and make them work for that game. The MP experience of Halo has never felt like COD and will never feel like it so customization is about where the similarities end. Game makers do have to make end decision on other aspects like weapon balancing and spawning. The part which separates a bad game from a good one is how ofte...

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Wish I had seen this yesterday

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Some places are already marking it down to $60 which is crazy for the Playstation package because its got a lot. All the Xbox version were ruined by the poor controls so its not worth any amount.

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Slower? The only slower MP was Gears. I think slower may be a mistake.

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If the controls were not unusable on Xbox versions of the game I would buy this in a heartbeat.

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I think they should definitely focus on a new game to release but if they can also release collector's editions included remakes of the originals it would sell like hotcakes to classic fans and get them to try the new version as well. I am still waiting for classic Final Fantasy and Resident Evil remakes to hit XBLA or a single disc. The only series to get this right so far is Megaman. I have the Anniversary disc and it is awesome.

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COD was too much a while ago. While I like the campaigns the multiplayer is cheater plagued, bugged, and not very dynamic. I like weekly game playlists more multiplayer modes, etc. The game every year also makes me believe they don't know how to make a game last and just want to make money of the same strategy as before. I don't mind a good shooter if it can last a couple years with dynamic updates...e.g. Halo.

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