Waiting for the PS Vita..
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COD4 was epic when it came out. Even COD haters will admit it. COD today is recycled trash with camper friendly maps. No creativity at all. They added so many unnecessary garbage and made the game nub friendly.

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Hell yeah, make Oregon and the PlayStation brand proud Sony Bend!! Can't wait to see what it is. Hopefully it's a Syphon Filter title for the PS4.

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Respect to Microsoft for not giving up. A few hundred Xbox One's sold are better than zero, or not launching the console at all in Japan. They won't give in to Sony/Nintendo in their homeland.

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I don't blame them. There games deserved way BETTER sales. I will always love Insomniac games no matter which company they are working for. Will be sure to pick up SO once I get an Xbox One in the near future.

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Relax bro, I'm Christian myself but he is obviously being sarcastic lol.

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I'm a Christian and I respect other people's beliefs, but how can you guys say that Christians are insecure when you guys are the first to start yapping on about how Religion isn't real and get extremely defensive when people mention God. Religion/Beliefs aside, it's kind of funny how Religion brings us gamers together (meaning no console wars and such). It's actually kind of refreshing from the usual stuff that goes on around here.

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All PlayStation consoles are quality and worth owning, regardless of how long they have been on the market or if they are from a previous gen. It's crazy how you can get a PS3 for $200 or less if you look around!!

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"100 Reasons Not To Buy An Xbox One and PS4.. at the moment"

Fixed. You will have to make the jump to next-gen sooner or later, and the games will come in time. But yeah, next-gen can wait if you are low on cash at the moment.

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Overall, the entire game is poor. The camping on this game is ridiculous. The story and graphics are sub par. If Killzone: Shadow Fall received 6's and 7's, then COD:Ghosts deserves 5's and below.

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This game ran smooth as butter on my PS3. Terrible AI? Crank up the difficulty to something other than easy lol. Great game that every gamer needs to experience!!

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The Order: 1886, Destiny, Dying Light, Wolfenstein: The New Order, for now :)

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Because it goes better with Doritos and Mountain Dew lol

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I was wondering what Boxing day was, thanks for that bro!

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I don't recall Xbox fans complaining about all the articles that flooded n4g when the Xbox 360 was outselling the PS3 last-gen. Karma's a beach yes?

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Jaffe is smoking the good shizz lol

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It's first in being last lol

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Syphon Filter for the PS4? It's been way too long..

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One of the best online multiplayer last gen, played the shizz out of this game online. Well deserved no matter how many people hate to admit it. The SP campaign was also fun.

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LOL funny coming from Nintendo.. They need better hardware AND games which is even worse!! The games are coming, the systems have only been out for less than a month, while the Wii U is in the same position one year after it's release.

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Where were you when the PS3 launched? n4g was a haven for Xbox fans who would abuse Playstation gamers.

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