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If you're banning bad sites there won't be many gaming sites left. This place will have five articles a day.

But it's funny that the vast majority of the comments are about hating Kotuku and not the issue here. They are being blacklisted for reporting news. People on this site are here looking for information about games they want, a gaming site provides that news, it spoils the developers surprise(?) and the site gets blacklisted.

Slippery slop... #48
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This could be a very good idea for them. NFL 2K never got much of a look until k5 when they made it $20. Once people tried it they realized what crap madden is a madden sales still haven't fully recovered. It's supposedly the better game but old habits die hard. But many more will try it for free. Next year make it $39 and hope people convert. #11
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Wallsteet you say an unnecessary article but the ability for Windows 10 to work with multiple GPUs hasn't been touched on very often on this site. On normal sites yes, but not on one run by Sony children. Not meaning you. But that is important information for PC gamers who might have a second gpu laying around of a different brand than their current one. That gpu becomes useful again. The comment about allowing for more time for optimization is also true when viewed from the porting stand... #1.2.3
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Neither of you read the article. He simply said dx12 will allow more time to optimize the game which would bring improvements. He didn't say anything about boosting power or anything like that. And while all APIs do improve over time DX12 does bring specific items that make Xbox One programming easier or better like dealing with the esram. The esram doesn't apply to PC. The part about using multiple GPUs kinda doesn't make sense or is a bad edit. Besides the cloud, which is comput... #1.2
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Judging by the number of disagrees I got it obvious a lot of people on here only play games and don't read or watch technology based conferences. Microsoft has already stated all universal apps could be made playable on any Windows 10 device with minor adjustments. And given Xbox One is a Windows 10 device and all PCs are backwards compatible, common sense says that applies to Xbox One. It would be incredibly stupid to believe to think Windows 10 is compatible with all of those variables... #3.2.2
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The only reason Xbox One just got BC is because Microsoft has been holding back. Realistically Xbox One should not only have BC for the 360, it should have it for the original Xbox. As well as the ability to play PC games. PC games should be able to go through the DX12 update process and be made into universal apps with a little work to allow them to work on Xbox One. Going forward all PC games should also be on Xbox One since it is Windows 10.

Doing this wouldn't cannib... #3
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I agree with Tuglu. Hopefully this is a five year generation like I originally thought it would be. Technology has changed over the last couple of years and will make huge strides next year because of die shrinks, architectures and things like hbm. I believe the NX will force their hand. Unless Nintendo still hasn't learned. #1.1.6
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Meninblack must be a dead man. The future of gaming is still evolving. Just because developers haven't figured out how to use it doesn't mean it's not useful. They could be doing a better job.

Another huge problem is the number of sheep gamers. When Wii came out and later Kinect, there was the constant rumbling of looking like a fool waving your hands around. Now we have PlayStation Move and VR and I've never heard that charge leveled once. Society loses out o... #1.1.3
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Whose says Kinect is useless? #1
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That's a huge mistake in the last paragraph. Activision didn't buy Minecraft. Microsoft did. #2
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I think it will launch at $350-400. But it will be launched alongside a PS4 slim. Keeping the price the same on the PS4 while reducing their cost heavily on it will offset losses on the headset. Taking a hit on hardware initially is a good move for Sony. Without royalties for Oculus from software sales they won't have the same luxury. Oculus does though have the advantage of a user base used to paying ridiculous prices. It was hard to get console gamers to pay $600 for a console. PC gamer... #20
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Amiga what are you talking about. Who brought up the PS3? I'm referring to the fact that everytime an indie developer says something good about Xbox One they are dismissed. Everytime a developer can't hit 1080p on PS4 they suck. You bringing up DX12 shows where you're coming from because this game doesn't use it so it's not relevant to this article. Xbox One's esram design would be more familiar to an experienced team because they may have had 360 experience. Only hitt... #1.1.21
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Isn't this where PlayStation fans normally talk about a developer that doesn't know what they're doing? Oh, but this is about Xbox. Sorry. Carry on.

Besides, everyone knows this is an independent studio because it wants it that way because they have a long track record???...and went for Kickstarter financing because they hate the 1% and big banks and Kickstarter is cool and they have plenty of other money from previous games they could use but they loaned it to t... #1.1.10
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I'm curious Lost. You say One opens messages and party on default, right? So if it launched and started those things and was still much faster doesn't that mean it would be faster still if it didn't? #3.1.7
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Ok, Bennibop. So I have to assume there will be no more comparisons on anything between Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately that means some Sony fans will be bored out of their minds with no articles on resolution. Half the articles will never be written. Though I'd be good with 90% of the articles that appear on this website not being written. #2.1.6
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Four hundred million in a week is great no matter how you make it. I guess the thinking of some is the belief that everything Microsoft sells is always at a loss. So in their warpped thinking Xbox just lost 600 million. #95
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You consider yourself a core gamer. What the hell does Activision care about that. They and all companies are businesses who's goal is to make profit. They don't care about silly core and casual or Microsoft versus Sony. They care about the bottom line. They may occasionally pimp gamers with comments with the constant goal of profits. That core mentally is exactly why so many developers go out of business and what could eventually kill hardcore gaming. A company would be stupid to wal... #3.1.2
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Yup. Another case of the vocal minority. All noise and a cloud of agrees only to show many don't really agree with their stance. Next generation will probably have a discless option. #1.2.1
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Actually looking at King's profits from the last year doesn't necessarily make it a bad deal. If the popularity of Candy Crush games holds they will get their money back. If they market it in other ways like merchandising it they will be fine. The company was almost fifty percent profit. Hard numbers to beat. #3.1
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The problem isn't multi plat or not, it's whether 900p matters. If it doesn't matter for a ps4 game it should never matter period. These articles written by pimps looking for street walkers to click on their article and bring them their advertising money is shameful. If 900p means Xbox One is a weak console and PS4 only hits it sometimes then they are both weak consoles. At least have the class to stay off the corner and stop pretending. If resolution really matters to you get a P... #1.1.10
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