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The problem is AMD has been building their architecture towards an API like dx12 before having it. That's why they made Mantle to push the industry toward better design. Now that the APIs and OSs are going to be geared more to what they do AMD will be making a huge comeback. It should really get going when Zen releases and they move to 14 or 16nm. They will have the architecture with enough bandwidth and power to make a substantial move on the competition. It seems the reports on DX12 hav... #1.1.4
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I'm not even going to click the article. Forbes must have taken a hit on their stock or in their revenue. Whenever that happens they come to the easiest place on earth to find someone to stand on a corner, N4G. I refuse to be pimped. They also might have their advertising rates set like television on a periodic basis like sweeps. They need those hits to boost their rate. Click so you can get your pimp his money. #46
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People are naive about what it means to suddenly have that much money. It does change things. You would think for the better but more often than not its for the worse. The people around you change. There is an expectation that you will now finance every harebrain scheme they can come up with. Even if you retired every person you knew before the money and made them rich many would feel you didn't give them enough. You could give them each five million and they would expect more. Simply bec... #1.1.11
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He didn't forget anything. He had no plans to mention them. This is why you don't trust the mainstream media kids. They can be worse than fanboys when they have an agenda. This is a international company using a business news magazine to try to avoid a boycott by blaming someone other than the international company. Hope he was paid well for that propaganda. Though he's no Joseph Goebbels. #2.3
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Universal apps are the best thing to me. If a developer chooses to do so any game they make for PC can work on Xbox. That alone will increase the number of games Xbox has a nd increase the amount of revenue a developer can expect. At very little extra cost.

Also phone and tablet. #11
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Rami no you don't. Be very careful what you wish for. In America you can get life on a first offense drug charge based on what drugs. Or for a third strike consisting of two misdemeanors and then one felony. So twice on traffic stops and then enough marijuana, for personal use, that it is deemed enough to sell and it's goodbye forever. #2.1.9
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BS. I'm calling it. Slow progress? It gets monthly updates. And everyone knows when full Windows 10 is coming. The OS may be slower but the design of that OS has benefits that far outweigh a little bit of a current speed advantage. Let's see that bit of extra responsiveness perform BC. What, that little speed difference doesn't play PS3 games. Damn.

And really, Journey? You spent $400 for the joy of playing a four year old arcade game? Next you're going to te... #27
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I believe all of those things are a priority. But, I do believe they are working on a slim and it will release next year. AMD is shrinking chips to 14nm and that means a slim is easier, especially since One has such a big chip, and it increases Microsoft's profit per unit a lot.

But so much of what the leaked console spec we saw was true. One doesn't have two different chips, they did that through the os instead, but we also heard of a Xbox Surface. I think we might... #1.2.1
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All of this 1080p nonsense will soon be useless. People can point to games that aren't 1080all day long, but the people who are honest with themselves know Xbox One still is fully what it was meant to be. A console running Windows 10 and dx12. As it has gotten closer to being what it's supposed to be the majority of the games have been 1080p. This time next year you won't be able to talk about this. So let it go now. Most of you couldn't tell the difference to save your life. #37
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My bad Triplec, you're right. A couple of them do need to work on their ability to get a game out of the door though. Those five and six years turn over times need to be shortened by three or so years. #1.2.27
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"Greatness" awaits, at a time when many, if not most Japanese developers are moving towards more western style games can anyone honestly believe many give a good god d about how many jrpgs there are on any console. #1.1.8
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It's a cinematic survival horror game. Showing you everything is a little different from someone telling you everything about a horror movie. If you've already seen exactly how the "scary" parts are it ceases to be scary. It should be cut off until much later after launch. #21
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Triplec two of the games you named aren't mad by Sony studios. And of the four that are, two are part of a long line of sequels. Both companies have more to announce so let's wait and see before we judge.

Though besides what the cloud will bring I'm betting Microsoft has a few other big announcements coming. For one go back and watch the video for the indie game Tacoma. There is something huge coming. To the average gamer with blinders on it will appear insignific... #1.2.19
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I'm not giving this clown a click but the headline is pure stupidity. There was enough going on for some uninformed people to still believe the 360 lost money. Lack of knowledge is a problem but it happens. We all know the Original Xbox lost a ton of money. But for some idiot to think just because Sony is doing extremely well while Microsoft is only doing great means Microsoft is losing money is just beyond stupid. It's a business you idiot, not a game of cards. It's not all in. T... #10
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I think the list of BC games will be closer to 200 than 100 when this launches in November. The ability to offer previous versions as an incentive will get publishers to jump on board. Even offering other titles or discounting titles no longer selling adds value that might sell a new game. The Halo beta sold Crackdown, digital copies of older games, especially once they start when they start BC on Original Xbox games, could be a great incentive to push new games or even new IP. #9
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Eventually others will do this. Most technology gets mimicked and Microsoft seems to have an open source attitude about some of it. It's a matter of when. I doubt Nintendo will make a switch at this point though Microsoft and Sony made changes to their consoles at the last minute.

The reason I bring up Nintendo making changes is I believe it works based on architecture also. So unless Nintendo is basing the NX on the cloud, and it is apparently discless, they will need t... #1.1.12
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That guys not a doubting Thomas, he's a liar. TechZealot? Any true technology zealot has enough sense to not question what's possible. All of this nonsense about the bandwidth needed to do this is impossible today because of access. We've heard this all before. About every new online technology. Let's run down a few major ones.

Xbox Live. Not many people have broadband. We have to be over 100 million playing their games online now on console alone.
<... #2.6
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Death you're wrong thinking anyone can do cloud computing on a level Microsoft and Cloudgine displayed. If it was so easy we would have seen this in games long ago. Japan has had video smartphones for close to a decade or more but it's new to the rest of the world. There is more technology to this then servers. OnLive and Gaikai need more bandwidth so that should tell you that there is a lot more going on since the other two are just streaming.

But another poster and... #1.1.9
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That may be true but the vast majority of your comments are delusional anti-Xbox nonsense. I was shocked to see a unbiased opinion from you and thought the reason had to be a health issue. If you aren't blindly anti-Xbox I apologize. #1.1.8
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You must be a truly magic troll if you believe a conference full of the world's graphics experts don't know what good graphics are. Best graphics on console means all consoles. #1.6.3
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