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Dead is right that there are noemally layoffs aftwr finishing a project. But this sounds different. Sony is still in the process of restructuring and with games being one of the divisions they chose to focus on they need to make sure it remains profible.


Sony's stock rise is based on them spinning off the electronics division which was bleeding money. This is not the same Sony we started out this generation with. No more TVs or electronics for Sony... #1.1.3
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Someone forgot the trademark person was laid off last year. #9.1
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I think they also don't mention it because then people will expect them to actually use it. Development is expensive already. The new APIs will make some things easier and major studios and franchises will take advantage of that. But that also raises the bar for all games and cheap companies will want to push games out the door instead of getting the most out of the equipment.

It may eliminate all but first party and paid exclusives too. Added expense forces indie devel... #7
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Hugs I think you're looking at this from a limited point of view. Like others have said, this makes choosing Microsoft a better choice for developers and consumers. Not everyone is going to buy a gaming PC. Definitely not most parents for a child. But now a days even some elementary school students have a cellphone. If a parent can buy a phone game once and have the kid play it everywhere, they just saved money. If a PC gamer can stream a game to any TV in the house, they might buy an Xbo... #3.5.3
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None of us has any idea what features are coming in the future. Basing assumptions purely on gaming and not the overall offering is shortsighted. The Wii did extremely well early and dropped off after every grandmother that wanted one had one. But that initial opening of the mainstream market was huge.

Microsoft could position themselves for a similar move. The ability to code once across all platforms makes casuals more likely to choose Xbox One if... #1.1.12
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I'm not sure why anyone believes it will take a miracle for Xbox to catch up. It's very early in the life cycle of these consoles. PS4 is a purpose designed machine. Everything but games is a add-on. Xbox One was designed to grow with time. I think the long game is always the smartest move.

People joke about the cloud. Bandwidth being the main reason. But bandwidth speed grows every year. Everyone doesn't have great speed, but many do. But we're talking the ch... #1.1.7
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You're completely discounting Windows 10. One it launches later this year anything on PC will more than likely be on Xbox One and phone. So many of these games announced for PC and ps4 will be on all three (or four) after this year. Sony dropping mobile is more likely a move toward a similar code once across all platforms model. I don't think most people get how much of an enticement that is for developers. If Sony isn't moving toward that type of business model they could be sett... #2.1
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The biggest thing is surely PC coming to Xbox One. They have hinted at it for a while. But during one of the GDC sessions the speaker says straight forward that all apps can be universal apps and that games are apps. He also stated Microsoft will not interfere with developers desire to do one platform with their games or all. It is strictly up to the developers. So considering making dx12 for PC instantly works on all platforms with minor tweaks, there will be many more Xbox One games coming.... #11
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Zeref QB is a game that features graphics as a major selling point. I would bet it is using DX12 and games made on 12 will work across all Windows 10 platforms. QB will be on PC because it cost them nothing to do so.

On the other hand all PC games moving forward should appear on Xbox One for the same reason. Microsoft has made it clear it's up to the developers all GDC. They say they will not involve themselves in what goes on what platform. Great for PC and Xbox. Fable i... #3.2.2
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I believe DX12 is being downplayed on Xbox One a lot. If you look at what the adjustments have done to the SDK, you have to expect better from it. Remember Destiny was going to be 900p until they got the update. That update released a portion of a core and ten percent of the GPU from Kinect. DX12 allows all of the CPU cores to talk to the GPU. Parts of the GPU are normally idle. DX12 gives the GPU constant work. No matter how you look at it that is more ability.

Ignore the ch... #6
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Actually sharing your library was a feature Microsoft wanted from day one. The Family Share program. It got scrapped with always on. So Microsoft has always wanted you to share your library with ten people. They even admitted they expected some to be friends, not family. #4.1
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Yeah, there's a catch. You move the vast majority of people away from older OS so that you can innovate, have one OS across every platform, one store, bring new developers into the fold because of easily monetary opportunities, move towards dropping increasingly expensive support of legacy software........

Their are a ton of reasons for them to offer it for free. And it pretty much all benefits the consumer. #1.4.2
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You're never going to see them drop it to $40. Because then it wouldn't be considered a deal when you see it on sale for $40 every other week. Nobody pays $60. #1.3.1
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Maximum PC has an interview with a game demo running DX12. It seems to be running on a Kaveri APU with a R290. One of the guys showing the demo says that it is GPU bound. That is a ton of GPU to be bound by chip like a Kaveri. That alone should give you an idea of how much DX12 boost a APU. Also see the Viking village demo on Intel integrated graphics which are considered weak compared to AMD graphics on their APUs. Even one of the Microsoft presenters admitted they have downplayed informatio... #3
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The second video from Maximum PC is really interesting. It seems that demo is running on a Kaveri with a R290 and is GPU bound. That is big if true. That would mean a crossfire setup still having CPU power to spare. #6.1.1
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Screamride seems to have buildings also. Minecraft has castles and lbp seems to be remakes of other peoples imagination. There seem to be some really limited imaginations out there. #3.1.2
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It's you that have been fooled if you believe there will be much exclusivity this generation at all. If releasing on PC means it's not exclusive then it will be mostly first party. If PC doesn't count than Xbox will have far more exclusives given Windows 10 games will work on Xbox with little additional work. Plus Windows should drive Xbox sales given PC gamers looking for a budget machine can choose an Xbox and still get the games they want without compatibility issues with softw... #1.3.1
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I'm not sure why this wouldn't be considered a full game. It's building and destroying. And downloading other peoples work. If this isn't a game, how is Minecraft a game or LBP? #3.1
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@mr pumplechook

You must not have watched Phil Spencer's GDC speak. He mentioned several times, as did a couple of developers, that porting to other Windows 10 devices was extremely easy. It took indie developers one day to port over. Moving forward all apps(which Phil clearly said includes games) will work across all Windows platforms. So if they made it for PC, it works on phone, PC, tablet and Xbox. There is no need to pay anyone for games that were most likely not int... #1.1.8
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I believe it has been mentioned that it can do both. But it also seems like this could bring a whole new level of realism to 3d. It also eliminates the need for illumiroom. #3.1.1
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