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That's just plan weird. Imaginative, but incredibly weird. It is perfectly fine and totally not racist to say some Japanese people weird.

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All the years EA put out broken half-assed titles and they sold tons. Loot boxes make people stop buying their games.

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When clowns get scared and sheep need something to hold on to. Go away trolls. Xbox is fine.

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Hey, ThreeInch,
It's sad clowns will agree with you just because they believe they are being supportive but saying that as a negative is pretty stupid. Every console generation has multiple versions of the hardware. The new iterations are how we get price cuts. The design matures, parts shrink and the box shrinks as well to cut cost. That expands the user base which increases the chance a game makes a profit. That gets a console exclusives and keeps developers in business. New it...

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I might even buy two of those exclusives. Hopefully enough others will too and they make up for the losses on the others.
Teh exclusives ftw!

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YeahOk, please don't use silly right wing talking points about government control as reason to go with clear corporate overreach and congressional prostitution. A law saying everyone is equal goes to the very heart of the constitution. It's hilarious seeing people get so caught up in rhetoric that they start arguing with themselves. That should make them realize they've been had. But no, they soldier on. Net neutrality is freedom of speech and the very definition of a free market....

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😡 :'(👺☁🌀 7384;😢😠😭 ;😵😵💥

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Stop saying nice things about Microsoft. Why are you trying to hurt me? This is not ok.

Needy bastards.

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Word is X is outselling S so S is getting price drops because there are probably too many in the pipeline now. If word on X continues to be good after Christmas they may do a permanent drop on S just to keep it selling. After all S is profitable each unit, X is probably just breaking even. If I were Microsoft I'd give a price drop on X during E3 and hope the S kinda dies off. If X can become the majority of Xboxes out there you start a buyback program and start making some software that p...

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That analyst can sleep comfortable knowing Dual Shockers will never have a bias. Like the author of this article. No way he desperately needs the attention of Sony. He's nothing but fair and balanced. In a Fox News sort of way.

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X is a half step. It's more power but the key is really bandwidth and ease of porting and coding. The real 9th Gen Xbox will include those things plus at least 12 teraflops.

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PS5 will launch 2019. It'll be announced next E3. X is selling well and it will continue to. The price will drop next year and it will outsell S and start gaining on PS4. Sony will bring out an uncompromising 4K system. 4K/60 on every title and true VR games, not just experiences.

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He promised games a few years ago and they were making them. Fable, SoT, Crackdown, Scalebound, Recore, Quantum Break. You fanboys are like nazis with telling the same lies over and over until people believe them. But your fellow fanboys are the only ones stupid enough to bite.

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Zehn X was out of stock a few days. Before it was the additional Scorpio versions they got and the standard X had been in the top ten since launch. Consistently ahead of PS4. I wouldn't use a major sale as my comparison. X is getting zero promotional pricing. The fact Sony even dropped $100 tells you something. Nobody drops 33% unless you are trying to undercut the competition. When the competition was already 40% higher in price that drop is extremely telling. It doesn't mean X will ...

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Ftank, no. I'm sorry but the I'm really not a bad guy nazi doesn't exist. That is one of those cases where you truly are with us or against us. I can't sit by and watch you systematically murder people because I won't stand up to the group. Just about every criminal that's ever lived can probably claim peer pressure. Any independent thinking human being would have heard Hitler and immediately thought asshole. I won't be joining your group and watch your back.

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People that say X isn't a big deal compared to their $1700 dollar PC should never compare any more stuff. It only counts if your PC is more powerful at the same price. Money matters.

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Kick your comment was obvious spin the second you mentioned a backlog of PSVR games. Liar.

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The old days when hardware sold at a loss the first 6 months to a year are gone. They break even or make a small profit on hardware from day one. X maybe taking a slight loss but probably not. But software and services is and has always been the money. But the fanboys who so badly want to see Xbox go will post Xbox should go third party. But that is a telling statement. See, if you believe Xbox should go third party you are admitting Microsoft has viable exclusives. So if you just jumped out...

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It really is a great time to be a gamer. Though X just launched it will be interesting to see how Sony responds. High UK sales is one thing, but rumors of demand in Japan would be key. If Japanese developers come out and suddenly start X support we'll here about the PS5 launch for 2019. Selling in Japan would demand a 2019 release.

But with the amount of quality engineering Microsoft put into X expect Sony to do something extra too. We can definitely expect 12 teraflops...

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Badz, looking strictly at US Amazon Xbox versions of Call of Duty, FIFA, Madden and NBA2k have been higher on the best sellers list since the launch. That wasn't previously the case. So it would seem more people than expected want the higher frame rate and resolution than most thought would. Since developers seem anxious to take advantage of the extra power one should keep boosting the other. S is far down the list and PS4 is below X too. Since last week. So it seems to be doing well and ...

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