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A lot of these developers are using that excuse. It should be an insult to gamers. Most gamers should know by now that with such similar parts if you make it for PS4, it's an easy port to the Xbox. Or PC to Xbox. But like it was mentioned above, if you made a Wii U version, you have no excuse for not making an Xbox version because the Wii U is a totally different architecture. Lame. #3
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Even further proof that they don't get it is I bet the people that disagree with my comment did so because they believe the 360 still loses money. Ten years after release they still believe it is sold at a loss. #2.3.6
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Actually they probably wouldn't understand them even if they were an investor. The reality of the numbers is in Microsoft's favor either way. If it's mostly Xbox Ones, the new console is selling well. People don't ask you to ship more of a product they can't sell. If its more Xbox 360, then Microsoft is making a large profit. The 360 makes a large profit on each unit sold. So they win either way. And so do their investors. An investor that bought just before Ballmer left a... #2.3.3
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Kribwalker has forgotten how big China's middleclass is. They have more in their middleclass than the U.S. has people. Their middleclass and upper-class are also growing. Same for India as far as growth. Those families are capable of buying consoles. There is plenty of room for growth in those two nations alone. Console gaming will be fine. #2.1.8
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I'm ready for some bullet on nazi action too.I miss the BAR. #1.1.1
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This may not work that well for games. There could definitely be some survival horror uses. But when it comes to business, this easily beats VR. Many gamers on this site forget or don't get that business use allows for cheap gaming use. Look at Azure. Developers get free dedicated servers and cloud compute. I'm sure partly because compute is new, but mostly because the 500,000 servers being used for business rent at a premium.

I do think where VR will excel commercial... #1.3.2
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Wait, so there are people that don't think Windows is on a lot of devices? #1.2.2
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I believe they will announce cross compatibility between Xbox and PC. The OS is made for it. It's a great move business wise for MS. The ability for a developer to make the game once and then only have to adjust the interface and control scheme will bring many"exclusives" to the Microsoft platform (which is Windows) whose gaming arm will all fall under the Xbox name. Most Microsoft entertainment products already have been switched to the Xbox brand.

I haven'... #18
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No limit, read up on Windows 10 some more. Their plan is to make it so developers only need to code once across all platforms. That's exactly what Microsoft's CEO said in the investors conference call. So all games made on DX12 will work on any Window 10 device. That includes PC, tablet, laptops and Xbox. #1.1.3
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Actually I think this will be the opposite of killing Xbox. I believe they will bring everything under the Xbox umbrella relating to gaming. Xbox is a brand and in reality every PC is an Xbox since Xbox is a Direct X box and it is what PCs have always used. Now that Windows 10 will bring a code once model to game development, all gaming through Direct X should fall under Microsoft's gaming brand.

And hopefully that will include all DX12 PC games going forward will be ava... #1.3
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Not sure who disagrees with you but you are right. Brick and mortar stores are dinosaurs waiting to go. Sales were down again this year for Target and I believe WalMart too. Amazon, up about 25%. As consumers realize what some already knew, you're far more likely to have your information stolen from a store or restaurant than online, they will flock more and more to the online stores.

The retail model sucks. It based on screwing the employees so that you can kiss the cust... #2.3.1
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While there is no doubt brick and mortar stores in general are suffering, this is more about Sony as a company. This month the Japanese government will decide if Sony will lose it's status as a trusted and valued stock. This could be a move to avoid being delisted or it could be a move to further cut fat because they know they can't stop it.

Since nothing but gaming is assured and losing potential movie money because of the leak and Interview fiasco, I'm betting w... #2.2.3
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Mel I would love a Too Human reboot and finish of the trilogy. #4.4
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Sony should drop their price. It's console common sense. Consoles have traditionally sold at a loss for a year or so. But it was worth it because you make money on games and other things. APUs allowed them to make a profit from the start so there was already room to cut. AMD is moving the chip size down so there is room for a cut. You get a ten dollar royalty on most titles. If you sell at the same pace, you will still not sell enough to make up for the royalties against the per console t... #1.1.14
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Probably not true. Especially not with Xbox One. Emulation on virtual machines is a common practice and the Xbox One OS is a HyperV running two virtual machines. I've heard computers power is a problem for running full console games in emulation. But it appears the features of DX12 make running virtual machines on the gpu possible. Since GPUs have a lot more compute power 360 emulation might be in the cards. Plus Microsoft has said they are working on 360 emulation. And Phil Spencer recen... #10.1.1
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Hey Cornholio, why is Microsoft announcing an Xbox game at a Windows event? #5.1.3
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They dropped the DRM before either console launched. They created a Kinect less version to compete, and yes the price cut was to compete. But the cut was temporary, you don't want to be so far behind early that you lose too much developer support. Install base plays a major role in who they develop for.

As far as vision goes I think Steve Jobs said it best,"The public doesn't know what they want until you tell them". So while gamers can be vocal and sometime... #15.1.1
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Sometimes the truth has been right in front of you all along. When it comes to DX12 I believe that is the case. What we do know about it is that it is much more efficient than DX11. With that being said, we have seen the improvements with games as a generation moves on. Those improvements come not from new hardware but from developers learning better ways of utilizing the hardware they've already been given. I heard tech people say that DX12 is a huge leap over 11. If so, these new effici... #15
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I have no workings out, it's theory based on what I've read about Xbox One and technology in general. As I mentioned before I'm not a programmer or engineer. But it would seem based on what the article said and other things I've read that the design of One lends itself to having multiple VMs running different things. If DX12 allows you to go from on CPU core to using all core to send info to the GPU and that GPU can do VMs you shouldn't have the previous problems with havi... #2.2.2
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This guy is either not in touch with reality or is plain ignorant. He apparently hasn't heard of gamergate, EA managing to be named a worse company than BP and Shank of America, the Mass Effect 3 controversy or the flack over the original Xbox One policies. There are many other things in addition. Console gamers go overboard with commenting.

If he had said it was because of being more closed systems or parity policies he may have had some credibility. But to pretend conso... #1.2.1
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