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People that still believe Xbox loses money should do a little research into how consoles make money and then edit your comments. As for the Sony and Nintendo having plenty of cash to keep them going comment......hahaha. That is truly funny. I should upbubble you for that one. Just because the loses are coming from other divisions it doesn't mean it doesn't effect PlayStation. PlayStation profit does go to the company as a whole and vice versa. A half billion loss for a company that ha... #1.1.6
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I actually disagreed with the purchase initially. But if the stories of fan based mods selling for serious cash and 100 million PC users are true, then this will make Microsoft money. I'm not sure about about their by fiscal years end talk, but I also had no idea so much was spent on this game outside of Mojang's revenue. It also makes even more sense that they sold it. A small developer would have a terrible time trying to police the modding. Microsoft could quickly bring that under... #1.1.2
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I'm not turning anything into fanboy crap. This site is basically run by uninformed children. This whole story is a nonissue. Read something other than gaming sites for a change. This site is built on bias. Take that away and the site will disappear. Don't whine because the subject bias goes against your interest. If you don't like bias, speak out about it all of the time. If the truth is really important to you, read articles and comments and judge them fairly. If the writers and... #1.1.7
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The flip side of the ban situation is that often completely legitimate stories that happen to be Xbox positive often fail approval because this site leans heavily pro-Sony. I take anyone's reviews with a grain of salt and make my own decisions, so if bias is going to be considered an issue let's deal with all of it.

Anyway, if Kotaku and Polygon are considered pro-Xbox and need to be banned then this site will only have Sony fanboys left which would kill any debate w... #1.1.1
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There will only be ten pairs. I wonder how many would actually sell if there were more. If a lot of people would buy these, its time for consoles to raise the launch price to PS3 prices permanently each new console. No more compromises on tech. #2.2.1
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They can absolutely acquire new developers. I just don't like overpaying for what will most likely be a one trick pony. Hoping that things the new CEO has distanced himself from already. Maybe this is an attempt to instill the Microsoft brand into the brains of children with lunchboxes and Saturday morning cartoons, but right now it looks like a waste. If they are playing the long game with Xbox Nadella needs to say that at conference calls. Not try to please stockholders. Though wall str... #4.2.3
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I don't have a problem with Mojang's wanting out, that makes perfect sense. They may have lucked out. I have a hard time believing there was over two billion in competitive bids from someone else. Though Apple has the money and it would have made a good item for iPhone exclusivity. But having seen Mojang's financials, I don't see the value in the price. Again with Apple they do have Pixar. Maybe Amazon was a competitor. Something else for their gaming platform. But again the v... #6.1.2
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Actually kinda funny that time. Not your typically douchy commenting. #1.2.1
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Blending Minecraft and Project Spark is an interesting idea. Along with the eventual blending of all Windows platforms it could be interesting. My argument against the acquisition is price and the fact that the same thing could have been achieved through a licensing deal. #6.1
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I wouldn't compare this to the Beats deal. This is just stupid and shows a lack of consistency from the new Microsoft leadership. Not necessarily Phil, but the very top. Beats was clearly in Apple's wheelhouse and is an expansion of what they do. Attaching the Beats name to all Apple devices only increases the "in" value of those devices.

This deal from Microsoft is buying a potential one trick pony for way too much for a part of your company you are only s... #4.1.1
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I'm not sure how anyone could disagree with current consoles not being top of the line. Ah yes. Fanboys. The GPUs were out of date at launch and the CPUs are mobile chips that have been replaced by a more efficient model. Console gamers need to get over any ideas about competing with PCs graphically. Mantle ended any hope of that ever being the case again. The best we can hope for is better custom parts and infrastructure to create a better overall experience. In the next two years the ne... #1.1.7
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I won't say 1080p will be gone in two years but I'll say they will in four. The low starting price and extremely fast drop after leads me to believe things will happen more quickly than with HD in general.

I think consoles are restricted by their pricing model. Sony may have been onto something with the initial production cost of the PS3, but they made a mistake with architecture. If they had made a console better tool and that lived up to the power expectations it m... #1.2.3
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Samsung has a very good 4k for just under $1400 us. Not bad compared to the $5000 just a couple of years ago. #1.1.3
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There is no doubt they are hiding the numbers because they are bad. The thing that is most funny is that we've seen this poor tactic before. With Sony regarding Blu-ray. I'm sure some of the same people criticizing it now, couldn't seem to get it when it was Sony hiding bad numbers. But as I said with Blu-ray the numbers must be terrible. I was right with Blu-ray. Though I don't believe One is doing as bad, it still has to be pretty dismissal. #1.1.8
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It actually could be if they used it correctly. #5.1.2
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I've noticed Minecraft has become sort of a brand now and no longer just a game. There are toys, trading cards, clothes and backpacks. But I'm not sure it's worth that type of money because it is could quickly become a fad and people will move on. This is a bad move by the new management who I have questioned based on their early decisions. Two billion would have been better spent on developing more in-house games and keeping the studio open. One hit movie or show from an internal... #1.1.12
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Almost all of the U.S. media shill for one group or another but the FBI decides to go after gaming websites? There are 100s of other reasons I could site for it but this surely makes it official. The united states has jumped the shark. We're done people.

The fact this could happen and no one thinks it's stupid is why our companies need so many visas. #36
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Lots of things fail the first time out. eReaders, tablets 3D. Okay, 3D failed the first ten times. 2035 here we come. Holographic imagery! Ohhhh.

The reality is this is going to happen. Maybe not next generation but definitely the one after. People said they wouldn't go digital but apparently many have and the rest will follow. Some will hang to physical copies that they will play as they listen to their vinyl records.

But as much as people hate to hear... #10.1.2
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Oh how the lowly will remain so. PS4.sx writes click-bait article in desperate attempt to get attention. #49
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I know what shadiness Microsoft is up to. It's called business. When in competition you use what you have. Instead of Sony fanboys going off the deep end again they should learn what business is supposed to be. Sony should have done something like this when the shoe was on the other foot. But the shoe has been on the other foot many times. When people brag about all of the Sony exclusives from last generation that were third party, it was on the other foot then. Same at the start of this... #1.1.9
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