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This brings up a more important question. How long is the tether going to be on PSVR? Horror games could lead to a lot of consoles being yanked off the shelf. Consoles are usually played a good distance from the user while PC is much closer and has some weight to it. #2
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Panda some wrestlers and boxers are very violent outside the ring. Just ask their wives and girlfriends. But the reality is they are just violent people. Gamers are living fantasy, more than likely things that will never actually be. In horror even less likely to ever be. If a kid plays a lot of violent video games you're more likely to find clues to a potential for violence in other areas of their lives. If they keep killing the cat for instance. So maybe killing small animals is the cau... #1.1.1
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Yes, massive blow. Because every Xbox One owner already has a DX12 gaming PC. That's why they never buy Xbox games in the first place. #59
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While console gamers love to argue exclusives there really isn't any argument. PC has far more than any gaming machine. With that being the case, having cross buy and One Core makes it more likely that all of those formerly PC exclusives will most likely be on Xbox One as well increasing sales for the developers at next to no cost. At the same time One get a substantial increase in variety and volume of software. A win for developers and Xbox One. #1.1.11
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That is the unholy love child of an Xbox One and PS4 controller. Hide it in the attic and hope nobody sees it looking out the window. #1.1
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Foxtrot I kind of agree with what you're saying but on your initial point you're actually wrong. You're looking at it from the standpoint of the genres that interest you. It happens the other way around far more often and has for decades. A glaring recent example is the Hunger Games. The lead character in the books is actually younger and black. Cleopatra is a Nubian but almost always portrayed as white. Several artist and composers are said to have been black but are portrayed in... #1.1.24
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Its said gamers even bother reading an "article" like this. They won't get paid by me. Xbox One is selling better than 360, similar to what ps3 sold. No one says PS3 sold poorly. Compared to PS2 yes, but that is a stupid comparison. The original Xbox lost lots of money. Microsoft expected to on it and the 360 actually. They were surprised that they became profitable in gaming so quickly. They thought it would take three or four generations. Xbox One is already profitable and th... #3.1.2
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Even if it is a handheld but is just a part of a modular design it doesn't matter. The patents point to a system that allows you to connect additional units for more power. Games could be made with three tiers or even every possible power configuration in mind. That's still far less than PC.

A handheld gets you this resolution and frame rate. Handheld and console gets you this. Console and two handheld devices or two consoles. You optimize for three tiers. #2.1.2
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That's the thing. Taking all the patents into account puts Nintendo at somewhat of an advantage, though I believe Xbox One has similar capabilities. If you can just add a more powerful second module whenever you want to you can't be left behind. It also makes upgrading much cheaper for the consumer.

Another thing is the perceived price disadvantage Nintendo would enter the market at. The current generation launch with parts that were much... #1.4
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Unfortunately this is a time in the world where facts aren't as important as which side someone chose ahead of time. But stupid people are just opportunity for intelligent and greedy people. #1.3.6
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The problem with his point is that while there are differences in the parts that make the PS4 price higher in some areas there are differences in design that increased the price of Xbox One. If you look at any teardown of the two no one has ever listed the PS4 as having a more expensive APU. Despite the components that make them up the Xbox APU was more expensive to make. Plus there are other parts inside the consoles where Microsoft spent more money than Sony like Wi-Fi and cooling. The syst... #1.3.4
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I believe PC based VR will be the most popular with Oculus leading the pack. I don't think there will be much of a difference in price. If PSVR does contain an additional GPU it will drive up cost significantly. If no additional GPU is there cost will be less but so will the quality of the experience.

Price is less important on PC since PC gamers are much bigger spenders. Most console gamers won't spend $500-600 on a console, that's why Sony celebrated the $500... #21
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What ever happened to comprehension skills. Saying I don't believe isn't a statement of fact. Following it up with I believe again indicates speculation. Develop your comprehension skills before commenting. #1.1.20
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Molyneux should respond to this article by blaming Twitter for every problem he has ever had. #6.1.1
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It seems to me a person having their Twitter account hacked should put the spotlight on Twitter's security. Making that an extension of whatever is going on at 22Cans is a reach made capable only by a mind desperate for hits on a unknown site. A site I'll avoid for now unless the headline appears more intelligence based and less needy drunk girl at the party based. #6
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I don't believe the PS3 had sold almost 19 million units in the first two years. The Xbox One has. Think you're wrong on that one. #1.1.10
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In this instance Windows. One Core is the foundation for Windows 10 and allows universal apps to work across all platforms with little change to the code. It saves money for developers and should go a long way towards increasing the amount of software released on Xbox since PC games can be adjusted for Xbox One with a weeks worth of work.

Android is the largest now. That will change as Windows phone grows and IOS starts using full blown Apple OSs. Things like Continuum wil... #46.1.1
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Microsoft had been working on one basic OS for all devices for a decade or so. And they aren't alone. Apple and others are trying to do it also. As computing power grows but device sizes shrink the ability to take your software with you increases, including games. A single OS is in the OS makers best interest. But also the developers and customers. Consoles will probably disappear as your smartphone develops the power to replace it. The ability to offload to the cloud and 5g will be the b... #46
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Both consoles are under $300 to manufacture at this point. So they still broke even selling for that amount during Christmas. Manufacturing cost should drop below $250 for both with the die shrinks and redesigns coming this year. The 360 was still selling well before BC was announced. I doubt they would have made the drop to $300 if One was selling at a loss. Though the huge profits on each 360 are probably hard to give up to BC but they must have felt it was time to move on. #5.2.4
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Here's why the author is wrong. Cost. There are additional savings that go along with shrinks associated with a slim model. It allows for smaller parts, boxes, less packing material and plastic to make the given parts. It takes less metal to make a mini cooper than it does to make a large suv. Same goes for a console and plastic. Though the savings may only be a few dollars you have to take into account you're talking about tens of millions of units. A three dollar savings becomes 300... #9
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