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It's hard to say you have gotten all you can out of any equipment. I remember reading an interview with John Carmack where he mentioned techniques developed for current equipment displayed huge gains on older equipment too. It's the wisdom of Rumsfeld's unknown unknowns. Once they were known, they proved they would have been beneficial had they been known years ago. On the other hand, constantly pushing the same hardware my stunt advancement.

But the fact remains... #7
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That is truly the problem with gamers. Too many have no idea who they are. They react like rabid dogs on command having no idea why. For years now they have gone on and on about Sony first party exclusives. Sony.....yes the company itself says they don't have much to show in that regard this year yet the fanboys rally around a nonexistent flag anyway.

For all those studios Sony has nothing the rest of the year. Okay. Get over it. It was like thi... #30.1.1
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Actually the title is correct. It is are. The grammar police made the change a few years ago. Microsoft isn't a single thing. It is made up of a very large group of people. Look at it like a sports team. In America. It's the Broncos are. Not the Broncos is. But in sticking with our flakiness when it comes to language it is still America is as opposed to America are.

America...making difficulty an art form.

On subject though. I could see Konami sellin... #97.1.1
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Kneon are you quoting old messages from when Live first launched? I swear I've heard that exact same argument before. #1.5.2
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Cavemen gonna hate.

F--- Grock and his da-- wheel. #1.4.1
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Jonnydoe the thing is Microsoft is actually working all angles. I don't know if you saw their predictive streaming tech. If you're streaming that helps in that arena. But compute is the real future. If you look at the way Windows 10 works with multiple GPUs, it sees it as just GPU units with combined memory. Regardless of architecture. To me I see that, and I believe they do too, as an opportunity for local and offsite cloud computing. One of the things they have pushed lately seems t... #1.1.9
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Hey Darth. Didn't Duke have a partner on that project. Oh yeah, it's Microsoft. Doubt if you like. Cloud compute is the future. Even Sony knows it. Reginald probably doesn't stream online or even download videos. I remember when people said they would never watch recorded video online. And now Mark Cuban is rich.

You would think it doesn't need to be pointed out again but it seems it does. Technology moves on. Some of these doubters thought the PS3 was future... #1.1.6
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There is no reason for them to cut their price. The PS4 is a huge part of what is keeping Sony afloat. They need every dime of that considering most of the rest of the company still not spun off could go up or down in a heartbeat. There are no guarantees with music and movies. People are fickle.

Microsoft may not print money, but they make 30 billion a year in profit. And many are still fooled about Xbox the brand financially. If you still believe Xbox is unprofitable, you un... #1.1.13
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Game there is a very simple answer to your question about why Phil is willing to comment on DX12 on PC. PC doesn't have a direct competitor. Also considering people still make fun of the idea of the cloud assisting why would they come out and say much of anything. In addition they do a couple of huge shows each year, I think one is coming up in a few weeks, where people expect surprises. A boost from DX12 as well as cloud demos would be considered huge.

After making strid... #1.1.10
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@11 contrary to what you seem to believe Microsoft has never had Windows across all devices before. They have had different versions on different platforms before. But this is "Holy Grail" type stuff with Windows 10. Something Apple and Google want to do also. This is the same OS on all platforms with minor scaling. Usually UI things. 10 is developers programming once and selling to multiple markets. It's doing a monthly software update to Azure and having millions of devices ac... #1.2.9
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Disregarding any source out of hand is a mistake. I'm sure even Hitler and Charles Manson have been right about something. That's where sayings like "a broken clock is right twice a day and from the mouths of babes" come from. Apply the information to what you know is fact and let that determine if it's viable. People that dismiss out of hand tend to accept without question based on source too. That can be far more dangerous. #1.4
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If they save fifty percent of the energy output of the CPU that the demos have shown that alone should provide a sizable boost. That should leave them room to overclock the GPU. When it comes to further pushing the thermal barriers of the machines ps4 might be at a disadvantage. One of the legendary commentators on Beyond3d did a breakdown of both systems. He concluded that Xbox One was built with the expectation of eventually handling more heat. The fan is huge and the design was just more h... #5.2.3
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I think it's pathetic that people can't acknowledge reality when it is so obvious. While not saying DX12 will increase power ninety percent, it is ignorant to believe it won't make Xbox One better. I'm betting on 20-30%.

Here's why. We know Xbox One doesn't already do several things mentioned at GDC And BUILD. Things like parallel GPU communication, which will increase drawcalls. We know GPUs aren't 100% efficient. Parallel communication will utili... #5.2
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But Microsoft should push them and assist them in using it. I feel Microsoft should start a special team of engineers besides the regular group that assists developers. They should come equipped with a checkbook that gives a developer $500,000-1,000,000 to implement DX12 in their game. And they should do the same for as many AAA titles as possible. Games like Ryse and Titanfall. They should take advantage of the benefits of DX12 before Sony upgrades their API. #4.1
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Isn't the Xbox OS a hypervisor running a game OS. Isn't it based on Windows 10 or the Server 2012 or NT kernel. Both of which would run on a RISC processor. And hasn't Microsoft figured out how to make NVIDIA and AMD GPU architectures work together in one machine. Hasn't Microsoft been working on languages that allow completely different kinds of computer systems communicate seamlessly. Doesn't Xbox One have 8gbs of embedded memory for it's OS... #1.5.4
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Kreate I'm not a fan of third party exclusives period. But it's a business and doing deals for exclusivity helps. More than third party exclusive hate for me are the bs excuses from developers for why a game is exclusive in the first place.

Financial support is the best reason. If the install base for a console is low that is an acceptable reason. But bull like"console A just feels like home for our game" just sounds stupid. Just say you got paid. That kind... #2.3.5
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AMD isn't in a position to do all of the things you want. They are spending their money on advancing their technology right now. Once they start getting more design wins they will be better able to assist developers and OEMs. But as their custom business builds developers will become more familiar with their designs. Controlling the console market will be a big help. Mantle pushing API design was a help. I don't think Mantle was meant to be an ongoing project. I believe it was a catal... #5.1
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Oookay. So they are moving to 10. But haven't reports been coming out that they are only seeing a ten percent gain on their new chips. AMD will get more than that just by going to 14. Add the rumors that Zen itself is a big upgrade and there's a very good chance they will compete well against Intel. Plus if VISC is really what has been claimed AMD moves ahead because they are one of the main investors in the company the developed that architecture. #2.1.2
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Actually Canada that is no longer true. Next year AMD drops down to 14nm. They signed a deal with Samsung for the tech. So they will be on even footing with Intel on that. Unless Intel pushes to 12 or 10. But the die shrink and new architecture should make for a brand new game. #2.1
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Gilgamesh I disagree with anyone going with NVIDIA. Especially for a console. It seems NVIDIA's plan for the future is paying people off to code to their architecture and against the competition's. They are overpriced. And they are falling behind in innovation. The R390 is estimated to be faster than Titan X but cost as much as $450 less. More than likely it will be $200-300 less. But it will have HBM. A huge jump in GPU architecture. It should have twice the bandwidth of Titan X. AMD... #2.1.9
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