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Mikeyy it would be hard for someone to understand if they don't think for themselves. For all of the extra power in the PS4 it's funny it only seems to be capable of slightly more. Look at GT Sport as a prime example.

Some gamers have let a few brainwash them into believing silly ideas. A console can only do one thing, but a phone can do everything. It's like saying a corrolla is slower because it has a radio.

Don't know your age but I us...

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Volkama you make a joke out of that in your short sightedness. But for many college students having productivity software on your console would come in handy.

And they have already said it is coming. Big picture, buddy. Always look at everything.

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They do. Fanboys just refuse to acknowledge them.

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Hey, dip. I haven't had a PlayStation since PS One. I was pointing out that the way Forza focuses on physics and the physics of damage was more important. Dynamic weather can be nice, but give me a better damage system before you spend any of the consoles power on dynamic weather.

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FIFTY PERCENT MORE POWER, good God yall! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again.

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Console manufacturers milk generation seven. Now we need to get back to the more normal schedule of new consoles every five years or so. Neo should wait a year till 2017 but Sony has pushed VR and Neo is necessary to have a full VR experience with PlayStation. Microsoft will wait an additional year and will bring an all new console. They will gimp it the first year as developers learn the hardware and then let developers go at it full tilt as they move One to a discless streaming option. Son...

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Better damage is more important than dynamic weather. The physics of a wet surface are great but I would prefer the great physics over a half assed attempt to do it all. These consoles aren't built for that.

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Elektranine, that is how business works. You invest in R&D and you develop products. Microsoft spends over ten billion on R&D each year. Sometimes just to see what happens on certain things. Many great discoveries happen totally by accident.

Whenever you enter into a market you will most likely lose money early. Surface lost early but is paying off now. It has set the standard for business tablets. Even Apple followed Microsoft there. Surface Hub is also doing extre...

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Badger, badger, badger, badger.......

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Am I still the only one that believes gamers have become entitled brats?Anyone else?

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Scorpio will be 8-10 teraflops I believe. It might be tethered to One for the first year. But with a 2017 release after that will be five years and they won't hold it back. That first year will be for learning the architecture then after that pushing it.

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Neo would barely be cheaper. Once you add the controller and camera it's one hundred dollars cheaper. But Rift bundled with Xbox Scorpio could be sold for $50 less since the Xbox already has a controller. So really it's just fifty bucks.

And Microsoft more than likely would eat the fifty. So they will be even while the Xbox could have a fifty percent power advantage. Which I actually believe will be more because Microsoft will not allow another power disadvantage an...

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Riverstar you are making a common mistake when judging price on consoles compared to PC. You're thinking retail cost instead of cost associated with hiring someone to do a personal job.

If you look at the 1.8 teraflops on the GPU of the PS4 and compare that to the cost of a discreet GPU at that time you were looking at a huge difference in price. And the PS4 included a CPU for just $99.

You are also ignoring the timetable. AMD will be on a whole new...

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There is no I would buy either NVIDIA or Intel right now. AMD is about to come into their own. Gameworks helped NVIDIA in the past, but the new APIs will help AMD going forward. Mantle was a masterstroke. The driver improvements are a sign of that. I haven't heard nearly as many complaints and what you do hear is usually older issues.

Zen will bring them up on the CPU side. Even if they are slightly slower the difference in cost will more than make up for it. No way I would...

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Actually an arms race would be great. We would get back to consoles pushing the edge instead of profitability out of the gate. Console gaming is suffering because some douche stockholder needs ever increasing profits instead of being satisfied with a ten percent return on investment.

If both companies had put another $100 into their consoles at launch they would both still be profitable but no one would have had to deal with the douchebaggery of resolution-gate or any othe...

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Rainslacker that is true but they do make optimizations specific to games in driver updates so a developer making optimizations to two additional consoles isn't that big a deal.

Also the new APIs are all about bringing that console level access. I think this guy should have kept those comments to himself.

Also considering the vast majority of the code for a UWP app would be good for both the Xbox and PC versions whining about simply optimizing sounds...

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Named consoles developer. He is used to developing for a single machine. PC developers have been optimizing for hundreds of variations for years. Now the consoles will have several options. Not a good way to find new employment. Flexibility sounds much better than making games work on more than one machine is hard. Also may be telling as far as reasons for studio being cut. Sony was quick to offer jobs to people from other non-Sony studios.

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ITech that was one of the most idiotic excuses ever to appear on the internet. And that is saying something.

AMD is in the business of making semi custom chips. They might be doing ten different designs in addition to their own. According to those rumors it was about avoiding $125-225 million in cost for a die shrink.

OK, die shrinks save money. A shrink of the size we're looking at in this case might be $30-40 per chip. But low balling it at $20 woul...

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Very misleading headline. While I have always believed this game is nothing more than a tech demo that went into full scale development based on ohs and ahs, the headline is a fabrication. Not at all what he said.

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I don't think it's poor Nintendo. I think it's poor choses Nintendo. Nintendo has been in a leapfrog position for years now and they refuse to take advantage. Now I believe Microsoft will. I don't see anything other than a streaming and slim model announced for this year. But next year will see a all new Xbox announced with more like six times the power. That would leave Sony with a drastically underpowered PlayStation Neo. It would give Microsoft a couple of years of a power...

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