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I think he's married. But I believe it was always hidden after one or more young female fans got depressed and committed suicide over it being revealed he was dating someone. #4.1.2
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I think the main problem is a small group of PlayStation fans that cry everytime they don't get something. They aren't really gamers in the traditional sense. They chose a team and they want It to win. But they are shortsighted and unimaginative.
People can say they didn't like Xbox One policies in the beginning. There were things that were questionable. But no one knew the full vision and so its is hard to say if we wanted it or not. The sharing games with friends and fa... #1.1.25
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I'm not sure how you could have a problem with this. First, these people taking the challenge are also donating the amount of money given as an alternative. Second, I will guarantee you this has been one of the most successful campaigns in ALS history. It has been on the net for over a week and I will bet you it has brought them money from everyday citizens as well. On top of that it is extremely cost effective. They have raised far more than they could have wit... #1.1.2
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In the next year or so it won't matter if you don't have a PC or if you don't have an Xbox One, you'll have both. If Microsoft goes through fully with their code once across all platforms goal every game made with DX12 will work on Xbox and the other way around. Plus phones and tablets. #19.1.2
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Optimization was a consoles secret sauce for years. But everyone seems to be forgetting DX12, Metal and Mantle. Also the new Open GL API. Consoles will have to do more to keep up now. That's where proprietary design comes into play. It's a long generation so console makers better have something else or be ready to update sooner rather than later. Teh Cloud and design are the only things that can keep consoles going for ten years. #1.1.16
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Zev year after year after year and nothing to show sounds a lot like last guardian also. I assume that is also mismanagement. #1.3.5
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MrSec, Microsoft already has a cloud server system in place. It's called Azure. 800,000 servers spread throughout the world. And their division that contains Azure already has revenue of several billion dollars a year and was the biggest gainer in the cloud space last year (one of). So business' are already footing the bill. Gamers will be piggy backing on that. And trust me, business' pay a premium for these services. Though it is still a savings overall for them.

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On a site full of fanboys with no integrity of their own this is a non issue. Even if she had gotten a good review for sleeping with one person, she would have gotten thirty bad reviews if the game warranted it. So if the reviews were mostly positive, the rest is no one but her boyfriend's business.

Kenshin I just saw her picture too. If people think she's seducing people then they themselves must be desperate. She is a partner of opportunity. Nobody is getting talke... #14
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Tony A you mean Tomb Raider was a very PlayStation game as in Sony paid for exclusivity way back on PS1? The backlash is strictly hypocrisy, sheep and fanboys mixed together. #1.1.5
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This is definitely the best deal on consoles since the orange box. #1.2.1
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I hope that all of the comments above are mostly one person with multiple accounts otherwise it makes the truth pretty clear. If it is not one person then there are a lot of sheep. One person uses the word unprofessional and it is suddenly the go to. That inability to come up with your own opinion is why people become fanboys. That article was not the least bit unprofessional. It was dead on on many of its points. People need to learn to be more honest. #1.1.15
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You have obviously never seen a Microsoft financial report. Microsoft is making big moves in tablets and Surface sales are way up since the introduction of Surface Pro 3. Windows phone is the fourth largest selling OS and made 66% gains over the previous year. That will continue as Microsoft moves closer to code once across all platforms. Business will follow easy money. Microsoft Azure made major gains in Cloud computing. All of their divisions are on an upswing. And no... #1.1.5
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Isn't it strange that you don't hear any hypothetical outrage. It is almost always from one camp sounding like a bunch of entitled brats.

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@ Multi

If Sony did in fact buy exclusivity back on PlayStation one then Sony fans really need to stfu. This is business and if you can do something you should expect it to happen to you too. Not including you with the whiners but this is really a sad commentary on what children many gamers are. Sony fans don't even support Sony exclusives. Sony admits that. So when people talk about Microsoft spending money more wisely, only having four out of ten exclusives make money... #1.1.3
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Cueil that power reduction was something I looked at too. If it did allow them to boost the CPU and GPU cock speeds it would be a big help. And if it does it shouldn't be an issue for the parts because they were turned down to begin with. Maybe they could hit the 2 ghz that was rumored in the past. #1.1.6
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I don't cheer for any company over another. My comments in the past have always been against the hypocrisy of so many. It's odd that its, more often than not, Sony fans whining about losing exclusivity. The only whining I've heard from Xbox owners was about Bungie. Which, like with Sony fans, a joke to me. I don't blame Bungie for buying out. They deserved millions, hundreds of millions more for their work. Announcing during the Sony show was a shot at Microsoft. I don't b... #4.2.4
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Gamers were the main supporters. It just happened to be on PlayStation. It could just as easily been another console. Yeah, and CD cut a deal for PS+. This time they cut a deal with Microsoft. So get over it and stop whining. It is business and you are not entitled to anything. Companies make decisions based on what's in their best interest. So if you love games instead of systems you buy the one with the games you love. And you buy more than one system if it's worth it to you. So sto... #4.2.2
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It seems to be a good move on the surface given the extreme amount of whining and crying going on. But the reality is the whiners were never going to buy an Xbox. And though the last one sold well, I'm not sure TR is a system seller. But the whining says a lot about some people. Angry when one company gets exclusives. Cheering when the other gets them. Real gamers wouldn't care how many systems got a title. And a developer that gives exclusivity this generation is getting paid on eith... #4.2
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I think we are hearing voices mostly from people that don't understand business. Gaming or any other kind. This idea that casuals won't buy something is off. The reality is they will in smaller numbers. But those smaller numbers are relative to the install base of the iPhone. And that is ginormous compared to Vita. And always will be. Even if Sony gave away a Vita with every PS4 it couldn't match the number of iPhones sold each year. So ten percent of a huge install base beat 30%... #2.2.1
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They may be covering the cost of the unit. But that doesn't mean they have touched the other cost associated with launching a new machine. Don't get me wrong, this isn't like the PS3. But AMD didn't go from consistent loses to profits because Sony and Microsoft got amazing deals. But because of APUs Sony is likely to be making a profit on every console sold which in turn means they will pay off that debt very soon. Dealing with the debt from the rest of the company is the prob... #15.1.2
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