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Wanting to see something more done with a tech demo is a dangerous thing. That happens over and over and usually ends up blowing up. I think the Last Guardian is an example of this. I don't believe it was ever meant to be a game. But people went wild and game companies can be stupid so here we are years later waiting for bits of information. It's a great demo. Let's leave it at that and let it grow without a hype train forcing anyone's hand. #3.1.3
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Raptor let me rephrase that. Not advertising, but services. You frequent a business. As you pass their store items on a wish list appear as a targeted sales item. Not just randomly tossed up BS. Things you are waiting for to go down in price. Retailers do unadvertised sales all of the time for excessive inventory. It's easier to get rid of it if you let the people you know want it know it's cheaper and they just happened to be in front of your store.

You're looki... #1.1.10
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Sigma look at everything coming out of Microsoft lately. It is completely about everything fitting together. Windows is the platform and everything fits within it. And that includes Xbox. Xbox runs Windows and Live runs through Azure. Which is also Bing. Which is also on Xbox. Bing is search and advertising. Again, Xbox and also Hololens. And Azure and Windows. All running Office. All of it applies to Nokia as well. Name where it isn't all connected. It's broken down into divisions to... #1.4.4
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I think another important thing people are forgetting is the potential commercial uses for Hololens for the consumer. Hololens isn't stationary like VR. The opportunities for business to use Hololens is so great it would be a great opportunity for subsidizing.

First you need information pumped to it. The cellphone industry already foots the bill for $500 of the $8-900 for an iPhone. Why not this. Telecoms are building wireless networks and streaming is making them irrele... #1.1.3
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While I believe Hololens will cost as much as a console I don't believe it will be significantly more. We have to remember there will be two versions. A consumer and commercial version. The major components are done in-house which means the chips will be shopped around for the cheapest price. The consumer version will most likely be sold at a loss initially though overall it will profit day one because the consumer version will be sold at a premium far greater than what consumers pay. Muc... #4
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Actually IOS apps will be available soon on your Windows 10 Xbox One. #2.1
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Jon that is just it. Windows isn't limited by RISC or CISC processors. It works on both. As well as all of the GPU architectures. And Xbox One will be running full blown Windows. The Original Xbox was off the shelf PC parts. So again, it's just another Windows app and should work. And moving forward Windows is becoming increasingly more inclusive given compatibility with Android and IOS apps. Which will mean more games for Xbox One without any additional costs.

Even i... #1.1.10
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Lost in the debate is the OS. The OS in a machine works with the parts contained within it. On PC, that has never been limited for the most part. Consoles have usually gone with proprietary OSs. But that changes with Xbox One. Xbox One is running Windows 10 starting in a few months. So will PC. PC will not lose backwards compatibility with any of its previous architectures including PowerPC and unified shader architectures. So while Xbox One won't be getting any new parts, it will be gett... #1.1.7
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Moldiver there is a chance that it might be for other reasons. It seems the 360 has been getting pretty consistent updates since the Windows 10 announcement. IIRC the 360 OS is actually built on the same kernel as Windows 10 also. It would greatly benefit Microsoft if the 360 lifespan could be extended since it makes a far greater profit per unit sold than One. With that in mind, allowing the 360 to store movies, music and games while acting as a cheap extension of your One steaming games to... #2.2.2
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I believe Hololens can be a big difference in games at home and away from home. It could bring a whole new level of immersion that 3d never could. Zombies no longer stopping at the TV screen. But outside the home LARPing takes on a new life. You could have MMLAG(massively multiplayer live action games). Murder mystery games or digital scavenger hunts. You could do a massive spy game with built in marketing. Something like the Michael Douglas movie The Game. You meet a hologram contact that in... #1.2.5
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Rain I'm not sure you're right. I think making things work across any platform is exactly what Microsoft is doing. If you watch some of the GDC videos on DX12 they talk about apps working across all platforms after coding once with just minor changes for the UI. If you look at what Microsoft has been working on for several years with things like C++AMP it is all about not needing to make different versions. It's about seemingly communicating across different devices and architectu... #1.1.3
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It could add new enemies but even better would be enemies based on real people and their setup and tendencies. So the tactics of every enemy you encountered in the game would be based on the methods used by people playing the game. It learns as people get better at the game. AI of those enemies would be based on the difficulty level you're playing on. Go with an insane difficulty and you play against the ghost of the development team. People that would know what does and doesn't work... #4.1.2
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In my previous post I mentioned the developers leaving things for people to find in a single player game that disappear in everyone's game once someone finds it. Actually, a player could do the same. Say Destiny does last for ten years. Someone could bury a time capsule today and seven years later someone comes across it. People could bury treasure and make maps in Skyrim. No need for the developers to do it. It could be an evolving world that is basically modded by everyone's actions... #2.1.6
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Christopher you are making the mistake of believing how things work now is the way it will always work. A common mistake. But it ignores hundreds of years of innovation. #1.4.4
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Nature if you read a little about Azure you'll find real time updates are a major component of it. Whether it is a game or a document real-time updates for AI or collaboration on a presentation is the goal. This is another reason I believe Microsoft was pushing always on. If you look at drivatars they make AI cars more realistic. But imagine every Xbox One reporting every player action back to the cloud, the cloud then adjust the actions of the bots or CPU controlled enemies and you have... #1.3.5
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Too Human was a great game. Too many never actually gave it a chance. The same piling on mentality that goes into voting EA the worse company killed that game. Not the game itself. #5
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The best way to handle this is not to cancel your preorder. It's to overorder now and cancel a few days before launch. That way they don't know how many they actually need. Also wait for MGS to hit the bargain bin. Kojima will make a ton o money on his next game. He'll have no problem raising the funds. But after Konami has spent tens of millions developing it they will lose a ton. And if gamers stand their ground on future Konami games terrible sales on MGS will hurt them badly. #113
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That's the thing, it's not industry standard. It was a Sony thing. Like mentioned Microsoft didn't own Gears. If Mark Rein is to be believed Microsoft paid the entire cost of that game in a advertising budget. It's a terrible policy, in my opinion, holding a small company hostage because you have money. If you love gaming support new IP and developers. But don't take what may be the one good idea they ever have. Plus given that most games don't make a huge profit, it l... #13.2.1
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I think the parity clause is insignificant compared to Sony's old policy where Sony owned the IP if they financially supported the game. I'm sure they are a few developers that wished they still owned their ideas like Insomniac. #13
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Some gamers are such entitled brats. Can't do anything nice for them. Microsoft gave gamers a really nice gift with MCC but now mutts are crying for everything practically free. While I agree it can't be full price, there is nothing wrong with $40 and at least $30. They somehow hate the big publishers that often chase the money but also have a sense of entitlement that will drive any small business to bankruptcy. No good deed goes unpunished. #1.3
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