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Did I just get listed for a personal attack on a comment directed at no one in particular? The inmates are truly running the asylum. If the "moderators" are willing to let fanboys run the site for them cool. Instead of trying to take advantage of the success of the site by providing a forum for layman to have honest discussion they've decided to let lifes clowns be the guides.

Oh well. On the bright side it just reminds people with a brain to be patient and push... #2.1.7
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Popper the ten percent was what was needed to make Kinect go. With dx12 I'm sure it needs less than ten percent. But that is because there isn't a CPU in Kinect like was originally planned. But Kinect has equipment built within it that allows it to use only that ten percent. Things that make it much more than a mic. Plus you're comparing an incomplete system. Maybe you haven't noticed that Xbox One matches PS4 on resolution and frame rate on all of the upcoming games. So contr... #2.1.6
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I'm not sure I would automatically choose Playstation. One thing people have been silent on is that all of the games on Xbox One seem to be 1080p now. We have been told over and over by so called experts that DX12 and Windows 10 wouldn't make a difference. Yet here we are with nothing but 1080p games. If the difference was marginal at first it is a complete nonfactor now. Time to let the superior hardware thing die.

The reason to choose one console over the other woul... #1.1.10
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The problem is microphones don't do voice recognition on their own. Someone has to code the game to recognize the signals from the mic. Kinect doesn't require much additional programming as it does the heavy lifting part of the act.

A mic is like having GPS in a normal car. Tell it you want to go home and it marks the way. Kinect is like having GPS in a automated car. Tell it you want to go home and it marks the route and then drives you there. It a huge difference. #2.1.3
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Not really. Doesn't Kinect itself contain the actual recognition ability. I remember when Mass Effect added voice they said it was easy on Xbox because Kinect did all of the voice recognition. You remove it and you have to program for every interaction with every program. Plus I'm sure Kinect would work better for Cortana just like Mantle works well with amd cards and worse with NVIDIA cards. Companies gear things toward their equipment m #2.1.1
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Lemonade if I were your friend I wouldn't pay up just yet. This console isn't coming out until 2017-18. At that point the chips should be 10nm. So you're talking powerful but low power consumption. AMD is making the parts so you could get a Zen APU with stacked memory and GNC's next architecture. If you add AMD's power boost when docked ability you end up with a Wii U tablet that pushes much more power than a PS4 or Xbox One when docked. And would still be cheap to make. T... #1.1.12
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I think the only thing that has changed is the way Phil handles the public. He is a lot more patient and calm under scrutiny. Don didn't have the patience for 12 year olds that have no understanding of the direction technology is moving. If you read gaming websites or comment sections you will mostly see people questioning the possibility that the cloud computing could ever add to gaming. But if you read the business section or watch Bloomberg you will see the exact opposite.
<... #5
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It shouldn't come as a shock. If nothing else the number of OS updates having nothing to do with the look of the dashboard makes it clear the OS wasn't ready and was intended for DX12. Despite the parts involved being different the overall performance of the two consoles is similar because of design and OS. Maybe in the future the PS4 will move ahead again but they are closer than most thought. Like many things there is more to it than numbers. #2.1
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Edmix if it's not about BC what is it about. You can still buy a ps2 or 3. Though Sony fans seem to have moved on. If it's about playing on other devices, it looks like Microsoft is doing that for free too with universal apps. Sony fans don't believe in cloud compute. It looks like Gaikai was just a bad acquisition right now. Unless they go cloud compute with it Microsoft undercuts the value of any planned service with offering the same thing for free. #1.1.12
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I have a feeling Dreams is going to consist of a small package of LSD and no game disc. That new experience has been happening since the 60's. Ask your parents. #1.2.5
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Kneon it has a lot of use in gaming both on the couch and off. The things I mentioned like LARPing or survival horror in a park. On the couch I could see it being used for RTSs and as an way to do 3d add ambiance to games. Rainstorms extend out into the room. Lightning strikes next to you. Smoke or fog fill the room. The bugs or flies land on your hand. You're searching for a monster or zombie and hear something behind you. You turn in your chair and it's there. Or in Star Wars your... #1.1.16
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I have to disagree about the PowerPC architecture. They are very different. I believe the difference is Windows 10. All of those updates have opened more Windows 10 features. Windows 10 is made with the Server 2012 kernel I believe. Servers talk to lots of different architectures.

I bet the Xbox OS plays a major part too. The design is a virtual machine run on a hypervisor from what I've read. PCs can run many VMs and I believe Xbox One is just running another OS when you... #5.5.1
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Microsoft is limiting the view for whatever reason but with an expanded view AR has far more uses than VR. VR is almost limited to gaming with some use for therapy. The fact that you pretty much have to use it in a box or stationary position leaves no mobility.

AR on the other hand can allow for complete freedom. Applying it to museums, industry, medical, advertising and gaming. Even movies. With gaming not only do things leave the screen there is a... #1.1.14
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Sony's biggest announcement for me was ala carte cable. I really like Horizon. Never played Final Fantasy because the turned based androgynous thing does nothing for me. I do love strategy but FF just doesn't do anything for me. And don't get me started on Dreams. MMs goal seems to be do as little work as possible. "Here's some tools. Go make some stuff and we'll say we made a game".

Don't get me wrong. LBP was making something that others c... #1.2.2
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If so many playstation fans think BC is so unimportant did Sony make a mistake buying Gaikai? Is this the last Playstation console? You have to assume Sony spent that huge amount of money for something. If fans don't care about old games Playstation Now will never be able to price the service reasonable enough to attract a large user base.

If you plan to run it as it originally was and stream full games does that eliminate the need for a next Playstation. If not, and you... #1.1.9
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It seems Forbes never has anything relevant to say about Microsoft. Their so called tech people are as blind as bats. BC brings huge opportunities for Microsoft. Looking at the overall picture Microsoft has slowly revealed BC was a given.

With Windows 10 as the platform instead of a particular device Microsoft has brought the Xbox brand in direct competition with Steam. With universal apps running across all platforms we may soon see some of these old games being run not onl... #1.1.20
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People aren't applying all of the relevant information here. At least not as a whole. When you apply more of the information I think you will see just how savvy an executive Phil Spencer is. Probably the best in gaming right now.

E3 is the biggest trade show in gaming. But it's barely open to the general public. Gamescom is open to all. It's in Europe and like Christoculos said Microsoft is courting Europe. Saving three of your biggest guns for Europe shows just how... #1.1.12
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Septic is on the mark with this issue. This was Microsoft's "this is how you share games on One" hit at Sony. With many developers trying to cash in on remakes Microsoft is simply allowing them to determine if it is something they want for their fans. Under Phil Spencer Microsoft is giving developers final say on just about every possible aspect of their IP. From universal apps to BC.

As far as how Microsoft is doing this I believe it is far more simple than th... #1.1.12
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Actually I believe that was all Hololens. Hololens basically has Kinect built into it. Hololens and Cortana are the children of Kinect.

But the problem with Kinect isn't the hardware, I think it is the way the developers see it. They only need to consider using it slightly differently than it was given to them. #2.2
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Vega there is a chance they could come back and offer BC for the Original also. Because of Windows 10 not caring who makes the GPUs it just sees GPU assets. That's why you can use NVIDIA and AMD together or a combination of embedded and discreet parts. It should be even easier for the Original since it's already x86 and the GPU doesn't matter. #1.20
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