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Because controversy is the bread and butter of gaming "journalism". Don't follow your own rules when not following your own rules increases revenue.

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You're right. I stand corrected. Insomniac owns SO. But it does seem like the deal includes console exclusivity. It does leave other things like toys or merchandise for them and that can be millions.

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Shinoff that is the proper answer. Sony owns the Spiderman license and commissioned Insomniac to make a game. It's no different than Microsoft owning Sunset Overdrive. If Microsoft wanted to make SO movies and comics they still control it. It's why it took so long to get Spiderman into the MCU films. Despite him being a Marvel creation they temporarily sold the rights to Sony.

Now Microsoft could license Hulk for a game. But I've never been a fan of the monkey ...

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Read again Gumby. I said what Threadripper cost to produce. Rumors are that based on yields over 80% and four module design, Threadripper is $120-40 to produce now. That's at 14nm and AMDs roadmap calls for 7nm next year and at least one refinement on their 7nm processes by 2020. So if $120-40 at 14nm, it will be much cheaper in 2020 because it will have skipped 10nm, gone to 7nm and that process is based on the 14nm process that quickly gave them 80%+ yields. Threadripper will cost well ...

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This effort to pander to sheep is sad. But apparently very lucrative.

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By 2020 12 teraflop GPUs will be $200 or less retail and if Threadripper only cost AMD $140 to produce now at 14nm a 8 core CPU at 7nm will be substantially cheaper. We will definitely go back to $400 consoles.

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I agree that we are about to see a new golden age of gaming. We will have full BC. We will have improved visuals and performance from that BC. We are at a point visually where the level of visuals on games not patched for an upgrade will still be at a level where it isn't a distraction in replay years later. We're at a point where console power will allow for 4k/60 and have headroom to let developers really add to the gameplay. And we're at a point where the games developed can be...

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I still question whether people know that manufacturer not allowing damage thing is a PR lie. You know that because other games had damage when that claim was made. PC has had far more extensive damage during the time that claim was made. And more than anything, cars are designed with crumple zones that absorb the impact of crashes in order to keep the energy from being transferred to the people inside. That is the reason pro race crashes are so dramatic. The car is meant to disintegrate like...

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Razzer, here's the quote in an article by a know Sony fanboy.
Games that eventually sell a million copies after a few years and mostly at discounted prices aren't usually profitable. If you sell 1.5 million in a couple of months it's one thing. Over the course of two or thre...

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If the exclusives were as important as fanboys make them out to be this wouldn't be the case. Sony's point is clear. I understand it and support their thinking 100%. I believe Microsoft should think the same way in gaming. The way they do with other segments that they waste tons of money on and discard products without th...

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You people really need to stop it with the exclusives mess until you start buying them. When the president of the company comes out and says seven or eight of ten lose money he is saying you don't buy the exclusives.

If you were to say Sony supports gaming more because they will support a game they know will be a money pit for the love of the art then I couldn't argue with you. Microsoft definitely puts finance ahead of gaming. But bragging about things you would n...

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Exactly Jobboy. X is going to sell far better than people think. It won't catch PS4. It might not outsell the S during the Christmas season, but afterwards X will take over and get a high percentage of console sales going forward. If the people in marketing at Microsoft have any skills they are pushing Phil to show the difference that X brings at Gamescom and TGS. If people see games running at 4k/60(and second gen should mostly) X will sell a ton of consoles. The $100-150 price differenc...

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Works for BB as Amazon continues to work out it's logistics but in a decade they will have their distribution network in place and their delivery methods set. Prime will add a same day level and brick and mortar will die in the big box form.

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You can go back and nitpick anything. The fact remains over twenty five million people bought and enjoyed Skyrim for hundreds of hours each. Considering that there was obviously a whole lot right with it. But you're acting as if things that come later aren't supposed to be better than the things that came before them. Let's see if it works on consoles.

"Here are 25 reasons the Atari 2600 was total sh*t".

See, it works there too. He...

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Ouch. Amazon won't give brick and mortars a break. Well played.

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Because 1080p hurt his eyes of course.

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Such insecurity. Does anyone doubt Sony is dominating. When was that in dispute. My comment is simply that vgchartz was Pachteresque to Sony fans last generation. Now they are credible. Because anything pro-Sony is and anything pro-Microsoft isn't. There were Sony fans believing Microsoft lies in financial calls earlier. Do you understand how ignorant that sounds.

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Apparently ten people's tears are that important. Interesting.

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The word inconsistencies came to mind for me. I can't tell when vgchartz, or any source, is reliable or not. What is it that decides when information counts and when it doesn't? I can not figure that out.

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