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Many, if not most, say Nintendo has the best exclusives. Yet Nintendo has ended up third in two of the last three generations. Sony's president came out and said six or seven of ten exclusives lose money. If exclusives were such a huge selling point six or seven would be profitable.

With a 50 million install base 2 million units means 4% of the owners bought a game. That is not important. There is no amount of spin that can change that. The majority are in it for the b...

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It's amazing how desperate sites can be. Or should I say manipulative. But looking at the number of people who gave you a down vote I understand it eventually becomes a matter of if they're that stupid why not. I'm not sure it's exploitation if stupid is the natural state.

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In the beginning of the generation when playstation sales were at there peak it didn't have games. Fans said it was all about the power and potential. Now with Scorpio coming its all about the games. People are sheep and full of sheep. You'd be better off just sayin you bought it cause.

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If you're happy with a Windows PC then you'll like it. All stores, Xbox, phone and PC will be combined on all platforms. Many games, like those from EA and other publishers will be playable on any Windows device if the dev allows it as long as it's UWP though emulation will cover most things. I believe Mass Effect is UWP so you should be able to go from Xbox to PC to phone if you want. Greed might kill that but we can hope. Even if it requires a 79.99 special addition fine. But I ...

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Actually the reason mobile was left out is because Microsoft hasn't been completely clear on moving away from mobile but they have. When they announced Windows on Arm with the Snapdragon 835 it signaled the end of Windows phone and the start of PC for mobile devices.

Phones with that chip or equivalent will just be mobile PCs. They will run all or most UWP or Win 32 apps. Given that people upgrade phones constantly and they are subsidized they probably feel it's no...

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Scorpio's ability to play PC games is a given. One should be able to too. The OS is the key there and I doubt there will be major differences. With Microsoft pushing publishers to use UWP and many doing so, PC on Xbox will eventually happen. It will be truly play anywhere once most phones pass the snapdragon 835 soc power threshold

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Septic in the long run Zen is cheaper than another version of jaguar. Zen will be in every AMD machine. Jaguar in twenty million at best. Zen will hit half the CPU market or around 150 million CPUs. Plus AMD will continue to do constant refinements.

Jaguar means design, shrink, low order cost and maturation are all on Microsoft. Zen puts that on AMD. Zen gives developers breathing room for CPU intensive features Jaguar couldn't begin to do, It gives you all of the advan...

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It's not a big enough leap over the previous generation. And making huge leaps doesn't make sense anymore. Things are moving to fast. No need to break the bank when there might not be another console afterwards.

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We will also see x86 soon in phones so there would be even less to keep major titles off of phones.

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Most phones can connect to a bigger screen. So there is no reason not to make AAA games for phone. Since Microsoft is moving away from Windows phone os and instead going with regular Windows starting with the Snapdragon 835 we could see Windows play anywhere expand a little further. Games made on UWP will work on phones. So it's just a matter of time before someone builds a backpack with a screen and battery in it. Also a controller hub.

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I think when it comes to dealing with Japanese developers US companies should be prepared to be patient. There are cultural differences between America and the rest of the world.

It's the that saying other nations use, "we work to live, not live to work". America is the opposite. It doesn't always mix well.

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Just how many premium products does Microsoft have. You're not looking at intentions. Microsoft wants to sell as many Xboxes as possible. They are trying to sell Surface because as we move to more mobile devices they have more competition from IOS and Android. With Studio it's price to limit sales. If they wanted to really sell it they don't pass around the design for others like HP to release their version a week later.

It will be $399 because that is the cons...

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You don't stop advertising if a product has low availability during the holidays, many products aren't available. You stop if you're doing a relaunch later once you get games or if you've lost confidence in the product. Or given gaming is still Sony's biggest draw right now you don't want to waste money before you have games.

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Exactly Gangsta, Sony can add it to the pile of games that loses a ton of money. But what are the four out of ten that makes so much money they break even on exclusives. The LoU does its job. Who else. Oh, Bloodborne. Then?

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Who's betting Microsoft throws a ton of money at Nintendo for exclusivity on a lot of those Nintendo exclusives. Nintendo on Xbox will sell some Xboxes in Japan. They could give Nintendo 25 million each for exclusivity on the next Zelda, Mario and a few other things and finally sell consoles in Japan.

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Funny thing about growing adoption of phones for gaming is the "hardcore" fanboys hate multipurpose consoles but it could be a major factor in bringing people to the table. An Xbox One advertised as a 4k bluray player could eventually sell at least some casual games.

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Didn't Nintendo say that they felt the pricing on the Wii U was a mistake and they had learned from it? Well, apparently not. Once again what Nintendo Nintendoes makes them look completely Nintendumb. NINTENDOH!

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Funny how people's expectations change with public opinion. For several generations now a pre-E3 launch show was the norm. The 360 had one complete with the Killers as the house band. It's kinda funny now because the crowd completely ignored them. PS4 and Xbox One had a launch show. In January and February of their launch years. Pro should have had something and just before GDC would be perfect for Scorpio. Launch show GDC, price and games at E3.

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Apparently three people would prefer to get taken for $60. Or they're playstation fans that want Microsoft pushing out sub par games. I want them to have standards.

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The problem is if Microsoft goes ahead and releases a lackluster game they will get criticism. Quantum Break is an example. It may have been an issue of missed deadlines but it's a business and as long as the deadline is reasonable you only get so many chances. If Phil believes there is no more room for mediocrity then that should be reason to celebrate not criticize.

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