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That's probably at the heart of the problem. Douchery and exclusivity can kill a stupid. That combination can only work on smaller games.

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This games got a real purtty mouth.

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Krangs both consoles had special pricing the entire holiday season. If Xbox One benefited from it so did PlayStation. And these mythical shortages people are talking about are a joke. Both Xbox and PlayStation sold out of the sub-$200 offerings quickly. The base consoles were never out of stock. The only console that was out of stock was Switch. It consistently ran out. Though the numbers received were less than the others. It was clearly selling better. I worked at a Gamestop this holiday. A...

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Gemmol I haven't looked at the numbers for some time but I know there is a huge difference in attach rates. Nintendo attach rates make their consoles successful even when they only sell twenty or thirty million units. Firstly, they always sell hardware at a profit. Second, regardless what others do they sell a ton of their exclusives.

Zeuanimals, Sony has been making consoles for twenty years. They have yet to make a Link, Mario or Chief. Last of Us isn't their fir...

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People always focus on this second as if things stand still. Sony needs to get PS5 out by 2020. More likely 2019. Developers love Xbox One X. It's a matter of time before we see games really start to push it. We will also see it drop in price and start to squeeze S out. Sony doesn't want Microsoft to have two full years to court hardcore gamers. And developers that aim for those gamers. X could steal exclusives. The other reason is VR. Sony has an advantage right now. To exploit it th...

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Exclusives matter when they have a 40+% attach rate. Not so much at 4-5%. Seventy million install bases have exclusives selling over 10 million when they matter. Nintendo will probably hit Horizon numbers, better actually, with an install base of less than ten million units. That's impressive. Horizon may be a great game. But people outside of gaming know who Laura Croft is. Bet they don't know the girl from Horizon. Or the kid from the Last Guardian. Or even the characters from the L...

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But you can play 3DS games on 2DS. It's no different than Pro and X. Both play all the same games one just doesn't have 3d.

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I know developers need additional revenue sources. But I won't pay for the hope of winning an item. Sell me the item directly. The games phone developers play with lotteries and treasure chest has convinced me developers will never be fair with opportunities to "win" a certain item. You'll receive useless junk 80% of the time.

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Princess you're looking at the parts the wrong way. You're thinking about base parts and not taking the overall function of displaying the game into account. Think of it as a delivery system. One uses a truck to deliver, one a Porsche. One uses a basic highway system, one the autobahn. AMD provided basic parts with additions not available on their reference cards. In addition, Microsoft and Sony make adjustments of their own. A PC with a add-in board and a CPU is not as efficient as a...

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Wood it's not an Xbox thing it's a business thing. As gaming grows new gamers will know the PlayStation name but who knows the PlayStation exclusives characters outside of gaming? Mario and Zelda? Iconic. They transcend gamers. Master Chief, people outside of gaming know him. No one really knows who Nathan Drake is outside of gaming. I doubt most will know any character from a PlayStation exclusive except gamers. So when pulling in new people Nintendo is best positioned by having imme...

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Stop it Pachter, you're stealing my argument. Though it took you a few years longer to come to that conclusion. They stopped mattering when the big titles like Madden(then) EA Sports and GTA all went multi. If the mainstream titles are on all the majors exclusives matter a lot less. They really only matter to Nintendo. Uncharted selling 6 million copies to 60 million users isn't amazing. Nintendo selling 6 million copies of Zelda to 10 million users is extremely impressive.

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Not disturbing at all that a game announced 18 months ago and in development for probably two years hires a new design director. Obviously the work done over the last two years was amazing. Or at least the developer seems to feel confident about it. And PlayStation fans loved Tomb Raider so much they bought three million copies, right?

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Microsoft has a great documentary on the ET game and Atari. Very entertaining.

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That's just plan weird. Imaginative, but incredibly weird. It is perfectly fine and totally not racist to say some Japanese people weird.

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All the years EA put out broken half-assed titles and they sold tons. Loot boxes make people stop buying their games.

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When clowns get scared and sheep need something to hold on to. Go away trolls. Xbox is fine.

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Hey, ThreeInch,
It's sad clowns will agree with you just because they believe they are being supportive but saying that as a negative is pretty stupid. Every console generation has multiple versions of the hardware. The new iterations are how we get price cuts. The design matures, parts shrink and the box shrinks as well to cut cost. That expands the user base which increases the chance a game makes a profit. That gets a console exclusives and keeps developers in business. New it...

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I might even buy two of those exclusives. Hopefully enough others will too and they make up for the losses on the others.
Teh exclusives ftw!

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YeahOk, please don't use silly right wing talking points about government control as reason to go with clear corporate overreach and congressional prostitution. A law saying everyone is equal goes to the very heart of the constitution. It's hilarious seeing people get so caught up in rhetoric that they start arguing with themselves. That should make them realize they've been had. But no, they soldier on. Net neutrality is freedom of speech and the very definition of a free market....

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