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Threats outlast wrath in so many other situations it can be applied elsewhere. #44.1.2
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Out-think Netflix was pushed around in the beginning, but that has changed and by the time current contracts run out,(like John Doe) they will have the upper hand. More and more people are dropping cable. More are moving to Netflix.

Netflix management has made brilliant moves. None better than their original content. Its put them in the drivers seat once held by cable. Now that HBO has started it's own streaming option cable will have to seriously adjust their model. And... #2.2.2
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The author is wrong about Microsoft being slow to this area. They have been less vocal, but it's clear they are working on it based on patents and leaks. He also seems to forget they already have a huge server infrastructure already in place with Azure. A system practically free for gaming use considering its main role for enterprise cloud services which sell at a premium no gamer would ever pay. Whatever they make off of it with gaming is just gravy.

He also mentions, b... #16
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I think they could go with a tiered subscription service. Instead of unlimited play, it would be unlimited on some games. There would then be premium games that have a points system or time system. Premium would also be separated by genre.

Say it cost twenty dollars(and Europeans,yes you will probably get screwed on pricing), ten gives you access to back catalog games and Indies. The other ten goes to premium content. Publishers choose what they consider premium. A twelve ho... #2.2.1
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Since PlayStation Now is exclusive to 4 it helps move people more quickly to the new console. Making a subscription service would provide more incentive to move on. As far as disc sales go, there is more money in it for Sony if they push digital. They share blu-ray royalties, not as much with digital and many other cost are eliminated. Plus DVD and streaming have eroded blu-ray premium margins. You can get movies for five bucks. No real need to remain locked to disc. And publishers can pay a... #1.1.2
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Very, very funny. #44.1
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On the other hand, Nintendo has almost always had a profit on day one business model for selling their machines. Until this generation Sony and Microsoft were selling at a loss in the beginning. At over two years in Nintendo has room to cut the console price. Its just a matter of whether or not they are financially in a position to do so as a company. #6.2.1
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I think somebody is unaware of the way the gaming business works. Normally consoles sell for at a loss the first year and a half. That didn't happen this generation. They broke even or made a small profit at launch. Once they got the chip fabrication down better during that first year it gave them room to lower the price. It may cause a slight loss, but I wouldn't call it desperate. They know they don't want to fall too far behind, but One is selling better than the 360 did.
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Dude I would sympathize with you. But it all depends on what you did to end up in that cell. #23.1.2
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The Apple suit is different. Apple only limits you with their downloads and their devices. You are more than welcome to use a different device and service. They also offer DRM-free music too which can be used with any device.

There is a potential upside for consumers with the Sony suit. The next, and most likely last traditional generation of consoles, will be complete beast. No corners cut on parts. Companies will include the parts needed to get that wow factor with no comp... #1.5.3
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America, f*** yeah!! #1.5.1
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Cap'n, as a black man I'm offended on behalf of Reginald Denny for your clearly racist comment that you can't be racist against white people. Though I agree you can't be sexist against men because we're almost always horny so objectification works for us. #1.3.1
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Microsoft could easily sell a limited edition version of everything for Xbox One that includes the ability to play it across any Windows 10 platform. People would pay $79.99 for that if it includes platform specific enhancements adding a different experience on each. The same on PC and Xbox with graphical differences and a phone based, tablet system. Eventually cloud computing will allow for an experience that even the best computer can't match and PC gamers will pay for Live. There will... #1.1.5
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I think people are forgetting Microsoft's code once across all platforms intentions. Windows 10 will, or should, bring tons of new games to both PC and Xbox. DX12 being the key to Microsoft making money from it. Microsoft's ability to offer customers a game that works on multiple platforms for one price is an advantage they have over others. Buying Nokia and designing Lumina phones that work seamlessly with PC and Xbox sets MS apart. #1.1.3
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Mystic I would love to hear a Microsoft shareholders meeting. I bet the shareholders know that Xbox hasn't lost money in years. Probably since 2008. The 360 still sells for over $200 but probably cost around $120 to make a Pro. Live and games also make money. Then add DLC. The idea that Xbox has never turned a profit is the greatest trick ever pulled on gamers. #1.3.3
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The obvious problem with the authors logic is using launch manufacturing estimates for a product whose manufacturing processes have matured some and whose parts contracts have been re-negotiated most likely once. Contracts on parts are usually redone each year. The 360 went from $526 at launch and dropped over $100 dollars by 2006. One might not be as dramatic, but I would bet new contracts and better chip yields mean Microsoft isn't taking much of a hit. #1.1.7
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I think people aren't applying new technology and market trends to the console gaming market. Cellphone technology will have started 5G by 2020. Some governments have already backed that point as when they want companies to start. That is on par with what Google fiber offers now. A Japanese university also go gigabit speeds working on old copper wire. With some infrastructure changes some companies are looking to roll that out some. In the U.S., the FCC just pledge millions more to wire s... #1.1.17
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I think Microsoft has a lot more to announce next year than games. I expect a couple of new features that will make Xbox One a much better console. First, I believe the instant translation program they are running a Skype beta on will make its way to Live. Live is a great fit for this tech. But even bigger will be full backwards compatibility. I came across a story about a Microsoft patent for software that allows APIs to work across multiple platforms and OSes. If the upgrade to Windows 10 a... #19
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That is the key right there. It is simply people following the views of a few really loud and persistent people. The fifty percent more power has yet to show. 1080 to 900 isn't proof of it. Also as the generation goes on I believe things will the cloud will play a role. Games will need better AI and physics and as they do Xbox will be in a better position to deliver that. That additional demand for GPU compute will show on multiplats. DX12 will also make Xbox more efficient than DX11 is n... #2.1.1
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It is nice to hear the CEO say he supports Xbox in a financial call. Maybe next they will admit to the profits Xbox has made for years. But I also hope they are recognizing the opportunity gaming brings them from the hardware standpoint. Since they have pledged continued support for Surface and Lumina is obviously here to stay, CPU and GPU tech developed for Xbox will prove useful. Also gaming support for PC is a given considering the move to Windows 10 will bring PC gaming to a new level pro... #8
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