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your right, Eternal Sonata is the a.k.a

looks pretty cool too.

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£425 on a PS3 is a PLUM. (try here http://www.renchi.com)

ONLY a fanboy (if what i'm writing BURNS, your a fanboy)CANNOT clearly see that the 360 IS the console of choice!

not a good look for sony :[

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should look even NICER on teh 360 :]


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look out for ikaruga(treasure's most reknowned shooter to date) to hit LIVE shortly!!

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I'd most likely DESTROY you on tekken broh :[

Kazuya Mishima = OWN4G3

I've played every iteration of tekken(yes i have a psp too), I guess the sight of Dumb-jack (WTF?) morphing into a power-nerd got me a little confused!

Dumb-jack is now officially the G*YEST character in the game, and your probably right about brian (I rate brian), but with at least 20+ new characters each series, I thought he may have been a *special*


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no your not.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the game will deliver what it does best (button bashing combos), and will be good for 30 mins, just like dark ressurection!

The visuals look O.K, but NOTHING earth-shattering. What's up with the PS3 SDF??

I was expecting a HELL of a LOT more from namco tbh, the best thing about the trailer for me, was the guy at the end with the SHOTTY!

TEKKEN the P*55

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with Big-Black and Rob Dyrdek (hottest show on t.v right now), this will be the title that will take T.hawk's crown.


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gamestation, that there will be plenty in stock, so if anyone gets stuck try there!

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I hear you on that FirstknighT!

Also, in the Edge interview, Kojima was asked what he now thinks of the next-gen consoles. When asked how is the PS3, he answered


"I'm not developing on Ps3 because it is the best piece of hardware.That's not my approach. You could find a similar level of power on PC and I think the Xbox 360 could deliver a similar visual result. I am very interested in next generation consoles, about what they can delive...

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here we go AGAIN!!!


Edge magazine gave this 4/10 :[

The game is SH*T, complete garbage and a waste of a blue-ray disc(ouch)

whoever the dev's were, I think you'll find that they were either "strung-out" on heroin, or were fully "rocked" up (coke).

Oh well, there's always NEXT-YEAR for you ps3 faithfull to hold onto :]

I actually thought that this title in pa...

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PS3 getting DUNKED on AGAIN.

I've played the demo and I'm highly impressed, NBA live has got a LONG WAY to go, to reach this level.

I know this might BURN a few sony fans scalps, but your machines getting OWNED left,right and center, like a B*tch on a corner!!!

lower your jaws down, and EAT THAT.

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WOTTUP my nucca!!!

Can't wait for forza to drop bro, it's gonna get real UGLY on live for sheezy!!!!!

keep those slugs polished MR.T , I hate it when a piece jams on me!

Kobebryantlaker - long time bro, WOTTUP!!!

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TheMART is right, the TROJAN rides again.

just like sony to pass off other companies ish as their own (ALL bravia t.v's use SAMSUNG lcd panels), doesn't surprise me at all!

sony are BOGUS, fake, NOT real.


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prologues went out with the ROMANS FFS!!

NO rumble = sh*t racing games PERIOD

Forza 2 will be a GIANT 07 on LIVE


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go and WASH your SMELLY briefs you TOSSER (wank3R)!!!

and whilst your at it, tell your mom that the boys are coming over tonight! gonna run a "Train" on that tight a55.

"who the hell do you think you r"
I chase nuccas through HALLS, CLAP(hollow-tips) nuccas through WALLS


ok bro, here's how it goes:

1. 3290°
MotorStorm | PS3 - pretty but MEH
2. 3190°

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you mean SONY NOOBS!

get the F*ck outta here KID, go play with your girlfriend, palmela.

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NINTENDO'S on top in a BIG way!

360 > U.S

Europe is Sony's last hope!



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after nearly 4 months (4) of being released, this is the Ps3's first No.1 selling game, that's pretty POOR :[

wii sports has been out ages, and has sold just 3,000(also just past the 1 million mark) copies less!

Dead or Alive 4 sold 80,000 copies (we all know the japanese dont favour the 360 much) in its first week :]

so, when you put things into perspective, it's NOTHING to shout about really :]


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"Sony puts EXCELLENT tech (other companies)inside their T.v's" is more appropriate.

the last GREAT t.v's Sony made were the WEGA series! EONS ago!!!

imo, SAMSUNGS running things now, if not OVERTLY,then COVERTLY.

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I'm not saying the bravia's aren't SICK bro, I'm just giving credit where it's DUE. heheehe

Sony's bravia's are SICK because SAMSUNG's lcds are inside them :]

I agree, the contrasts are VERY nice, and the overall visual quality is TIGHT!!!

Personally, I'm waiting for 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio line-ups, with HDMI 1.3 = SICKN355 :]

I'll most likely purchase a KOREAN set, because for those who don't know, LG (korean) invented HD, and...

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