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cow RAIST+ DEEEEEPDOWN, chill,relax..............I'm not here to destroy the SDF squad today :]

no need to get ALL anaylitical, and sceptical. Did you add/consider all the chinese/korean "Blackmarket" titles? you didn't did ya? MORE FOOL YOU *shakes head in pitiful manner*


"Meditation Mode"

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I decide to get a PS3, it will be for THIS game!!!

Kratos is a "Kick-Ass" dude,and I prefer the God Of War series over DMC now.

You SDF guys better pray sony can hang on to this IP!

heheehe j/k

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can't wait for this one!!!!

ever since I d/l'd the mass effect "walkthrough" months back on live, I've been mad hyped for this game. It looks sick-as-fu*k, and i'm sure it's gonna be a MONSTA.


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MS collects "royalties" from EVERY single Sony blue-ray DVD released using vc-1........oh well

and since sony have figured out that MS's way is "THE WAY" to go concerning video codecs, it's "mo money in da bank" for MR. build gates.

I think that the HD DVD vs Blue Ray battle is an interesting one though.

IF blue ray fails, PS3 = DEAD

IF hd dvd fails, 360 = ALIVE AND KICKIN

Sony has some v...

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blue cheese bro, but only AFTER i train.

seriously though, there's almost 3500-4000+ titles for the DC(dreamcast) which stopped production YEARS ago. there's still games being made for it today, and you question whether there are 10,000 titles for the PS2???

you MUST think 1ST, before you move.

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let's see, 1000 titles are BC out of nearly 10,000?

that's wot? %10?

if %10 is deemed good and as "no worries here", then what was the big deal with the 360's BC issues?

%10 is poor no matter which way you look at it SONY. pull your socks up, your looking tired.

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i NEVER thought working for the po-po could be SO much fun :]

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character models are tight, particle effects are cool and the overall visuals are very good.

here's a few screens (in-engine).

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same here MART. My Amiga 500 saw PLENTY of sensible soccer action(those were the days). at the same time RAGE software released striker for the SNES, similar aftertouch control, but sensible, overall was the much better game.


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crackdown, Dave Jones (the originator of GTA) has definately "raised the bar" as to where you can take "sand-box" games. Rockstar, I'm sure will deliver the goods as always, but it's just a little harder now.


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the comments from your CEO gives a slight indication as to why the company is dislkied so much.

When the OWNER talks GARBAGE from his anus, it doesn't bode well for the entire H.Q.

People who follow garbage, end up in sh*t :]

I WATCH where I walk.

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awesome game, I'd recomend it to ANYONE with an imagination!

Imagine a game that alows more freedom than any GTA iteration, whereby you can concentrate on fully peaking either your agility,strentgh, firearms precision,driving abilities or your explosive skills before actually taking out the bad guys.

The game is sick, I was playing some co-op yesterday, my pal and I managed to stack around 12-14 cars(couldn't find any more) in a pryamid-like formation, then after...

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although these aren't my favourite kinda games, it's always interesting to here from another persons perspective :]

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if you can translate bro, that'd be cool!

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DUDS imho.

The simple fact that force feedback/rumble isn't present, SERIOUSLY damages the overall user-experience, and is so lame it's laughable.

How can you play a fighting game with no rumble?

How can you play a shooter with no rumble?

How can you play a racing game with no force feedback?

I can go on and on, but I think you get my point.

Sony better get back to the "drawing board" and conce...

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silly sony excuses............ "you can't compare this to gears man, this is only 1st generation!"

that ish won't hold no more, PS3 games have been SERIOUSLY underwhelming. Either that, or the 360 has been performing exceptionally well :]

You tell em ken

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Xbox 360!

Epic are on top of their game right now, Ms are laughing all the way to the BANK.


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the european demographic is disgraceful.

If it isn't hardware/software delays, it's getting fisted with extortionate pricing.

Compared to ms/nintendo's customer service, sony's got a hell of a lot of catching up to do. In fact, they might as well start packing up, and just go home now, it' too late for them imho.

The wii is basically doing a "ds vs psp" job on it(wasn't the wii released AFTER the ps3?), and the 360 is the OVERALL leader n...

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as soon as king of fighters(any), samurai showdown(any) and fatal fury(any) turns up, i'm on it!

SNK are some of the most HARDCORE fighting game devs OUT

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