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that's a very big declaration. For sony's sake, they have to "show and prove" on this one.

A cool guy @ my local gamestation, told me that their pre-order list for Ps3 isn't as severe as the wii was. I'm just not sure everyone who'd like one, has that kind of money, this time of year.

Most shops are offering bundles, 2 games(genji and 1 of choice) + ps3+ 1 controller = £525


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no need, GAF=ORACLE :]

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cool, i'll have to keep a watch on this.

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and the fella explodes,I can't explain, but it feels like I was RIGHT back in harlem(145,lennox), runnin the streets with the "50 state reb3ls", piling on the pressure.

it's COLE baby!!!

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even if your a die-hard sony fan, you gotta admit moore's a funny guy :]

he's got a comedic attitude, and is not as uptight as a lot of other execs i could mention.

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I didn't know he was runnin "HARD-BODY" in the joint!

Mad props to ya Ken, We all miss you shogun! hehee

*gives the imperial salute*

On a serious note though, I think the inside treatment of Stringer (slightly racist, if you ask me), SUCKS.

what's up with the "gaijin" behavior from his own employees,and behind the back bi*ching comments? Jeez, it must be pretty hostile over there.

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gotta laugh bro, I don't think i've witnessed a more aggressive person on live, and look at me nucca!!!!

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DC - my initials

RIDER - my old man's a good farmer, I've been providing chinatown (B.ham) with work for the last 3 years, I'm a rider!

360 - self-explanatory

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forza's shaping up real nice! I'm sure even the most diehard GT supporters can appreciate this game

that new force feedback technique sounds cool too.

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the 360 is the focal point of my entertainment center, even if I get a PS3 I just can't see the situation changing.

with U.S marines, heat-holders, yakuzas, friends and family in my squad (friends list), I'm connected from all angles accross the globe, and Xbox Live is unquestionably, the TOP online gaming service.

I'm sure the Ps3 will be entertaining (just like the wii), but the 360 is my console of choice.

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good to see the PS3 with some decent title to actually play.

props to evolution studios, didn't think you had it in you guys, now just include rumble/forcefeed-back, and it's a GO

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N4G is quickly becoming one of the best game sites out, thanks to the cool comunity and such, so its ALL GOOD BABY!!!


hehehe that was a epic battle bro. my fists still have his blood on them! (balrog/m.bison)

Good luck Everyone :]

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looks like SK have learnt some modelling tricks from konami (twin snakes).

I was dissapointed with the E3 showing of the game, but SK have had plenty of time to progress since then, and these screens look TIGHT :]

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as well, not sure about the ps3.

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mentioned by all of the contributors.

whilst we're all trying to make this site the BEST, sometimes it's hard to concentrate on editing articles to absolute perfection. being penalized/downgraded for this is pretty harsh imo.

@ outlaw don't stop posting bro, we (all of us) have basically "built this city", whether sony/ms or nintendo fan, and it's important that we keep ALL the communities up to date with the latest news.

@ TheMART I agre...

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God Of War 2 is the ps2's last hoorah. AND a damn FINE one too!!

Sony's most exciting IP in imo!

I cant wait for the GDC, there's gonna be some FIRE!!!!!!!

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condone what sony is doing!

Who the F*ck do sony think they are, trying to bully the gaming industry?

1st, they SHUT DOWN lik-sang just for even contemplating selling PS3's, ban play-asia (and all other import/exporters) from selling it, and now they're ORDERING around game-sites, dictating what they can/cannot publish?

they've (sony) now hit an all-time low, and it will be interesting to see who supports/justifies this kind of outrageous behavior!...

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I'll d/l it, see what it's saying :]

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i'm not trying to slate sony or blue-ray, i'm just stating facts.

Sony NEEDS blue-ray to succeed (just like mini-disks and UMD's), otherwise, the format will die (just like mini-disks and UMD's)..................compre hende?

Sony wants HD DVD to DIE A.S.A.P........no? or do you think sony likes sharing the HD market?

"Alls fair in love and war"

I don't follow, "i likes wot i likes". When the Terminator series, matri...

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whichever way you look at it, this is a very poor showing from sony.

I'm sure they guaranteed 4 million units shipped by march?

and yet, only 1.8 million units (IF that) have been sold?

listen, when your selling something, you want that product in people's homes, NOT on store shelves. That's not a good look.

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