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Sony need to shoot much higher to anticipate Microsoft trying to up them in TFLOP department so it wont be a repeat of PS4 Pro vs XBOX ONE X all over again...

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I'm guessing starting March 24th...

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This is why you never play Bethesda games on consoles of you want ro mod the game. If you want Mods have to play on pc. No restrictions on pc

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Does this apply to preorders?

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I don't see it on the Canadian Xbox app store....

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Plus who is to say in maybe a 1 year or 2 Sony comes out with with a PS5 with specs that stomps Scorpio. I have a feeling something like that will happen...

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Are the perks only for the PS4 version of the game?

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"Don't forget for all you people to get the heck out so GOOD people can take over and make Konami great again. Especially the jerks at the top"

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Sony needs to learn to go with regular micro sd cards this time around...

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Then pay much more for a 5.5Tf version with BC. Can't have the PS3 BC with the addition of Cell/RSX processors and XDR Main RAM.

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Was hoping Sony redid the specs of Neo to match much closer to Scorpio....

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No what they need is a major change in management and all those in charge of the company. Get rid of the Pacino and other stuff and have a new smaller Konami dedicated to video games with all new and better people in charge ...

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@sleepless_gamer Wrong there is no way ps4 has power to emulate the ps3, since the Cell processor is too difficult to emulate with the current ps4 hardware. The Cell processor works very different in the way it processes than the x86 processor the ps4 uses...

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Unlike Xbox 360, the Cell processor makes it very difficult to impossible to do BC by software. The would need add Cell/RSX processors to ps4 for BC. So that means a more expensive PS4 SKU...

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I'd rather Sony hold off on Neo till they can retool the specs to meet or surpass Scorpios. I can wait till then...

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I'd say hold off Neo until it can be respeced to match or surpass Scorpio.....

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Maybe after Microsoft confirming Scorpio's specs at E3, they maybe looking into retelling Neo specs to being more powerful than Scorpio's. That is the o lyrics way I would be interested in a Neo....

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I really hope Sony changes the specs of the Neo to match Scorpio or come up with a "SuperNeo"...

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That is a good score.

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PS1 BC and maybe PS2 can be done by software, but least have PS3 hardware due to the crazy Cell processor

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