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Unlike Xbox 360, the Cell processor makes it very difficult to impossible to do BC by software. The would need add Cell/RSX processors to ps4 for BC. So that means a more expensive PS4 SKU...

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I'd rather Sony hold off on Neo till they can retool the specs to meet or surpass Scorpios. I can wait till then...

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I'd say hold off Neo until it can be respeced to match or surpass Scorpio.....

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Maybe after Microsoft confirming Scorpio's specs at E3, they maybe looking into retelling Neo specs to being more powerful than Scorpio's. That is the o lyrics way I would be interested in a Neo....

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I really hope Sony changes the specs of the Neo to match Scorpio or come up with a "SuperNeo"...

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That is a good score.

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PS1 BC and maybe PS2 can be done by software, but least have PS3 hardware due to the crazy Cell processor

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If Sony does the PS4.5 thing, they should have a sku with built in Cell/ RSX processors then we would have our PS3 BC everyone is asking for...

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Or do a campaign to have a $600 PS4 with Cell/RSX processor built in and PS2/PS1 hardware......

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Whole new meaning to self love!

Or Kanye West kissing someone he truly loves!

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Even though I have the Vita version. I am getting the PS4 version as well...

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Neither did I...

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Link to podcast says account suspended. ...

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7) Stop tying downloads to hardware but to the online account. Enough of the stupid transfers between old and new consoles....

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+VsAssassin I would consider the option of getting a US PSN card. Like you said, neither the devs or Shuhei Yoshida gave a time frame when it will be ported, if ever. I know many games on the Asian/Japanese PSN I would like to see come over, but usually never happen....

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If you are good with English, then maybe you should setup a PSN NA account (Can/US) and then purchase the game and play the game that way.

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I don't mind playing game but I find grinding tedious and don't have tones of time to grind

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Is there a cheat to make easier to level up much faster , or at least an exp multiplier cheat?

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This is why HARDWARE BC is the best. No need for software emulators needed, and have 100% BCI wish they would make a seperate sku PS4 with FULL PS3, PS2, AND PS1 BC, but it would cost $500-$600. I would save up to buy it....

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I am thankful that gaming is getting more awesome!!

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