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Rightttt ¬_¬ wish gaming was like before. Ever since online got introduced it made it easier for the consumers to get screwed #1
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Fake! ¬_¬ excitement for nothing #2
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I would think so. The Playstation community have a diverse taste in genre when it comes to games. Look how successful heavy rain, little big Planet, infamous etc. were when they released. Xbox is a shooter console. That beign said I still believe the PS4 version will outsells it silly because of the bigger install base. If you look at every other multiplatform game that has released you will see that it usually outsells the Xbox one counterpart #5.2
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I assume the point of the pre-order was to just pay it over time instead of paying it up front when release. You truly can't be disappointed unless you try it out for yourself. Yea it's a gamble but if a game gets your attention then trying it for yourself is the best way to go for it. #1.1.7
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I think that beyond two souls suffered because the choices you made weren't really that drastic to the point where the story will change. Heavy Rain had stiff animations and cheesy voice acting but overall the game immerse me with the story it was trying to tell. I really felt that the choices I made matter. My first experience with that game was amazing and is one of my memorable ones from last gen #5.1
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¬_¬ woe lol. The multi-player is close to perfect so I'll give them that #1
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And then they question why their games don't sale on that system. I really feel bad for the wii u crowd. #1
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Let's see if this game does break a million #1.6
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I guess when you're desperately losing at one war you make another one to make yourself feel better. #1.7
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They weren't just exclusives but quality exclusives. Tell me a title that Xbox one has coming up that's exclusive that will join the ranks of halo, gears, uncharted, the last of us etc. Just because it has exclusives doesn't mean squat. They need to be of quality and have hype around them which no exclusive has right now. All focus is on Multiplatforms right now. #2.2.2
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I knew I craved it. I know heavy rain wasn't a perfect game with amazing writing but one thing that game achieve is immerse me on the story it was trying to tell. After my experience with it I wished for a slasher game that would take the same mechanics heavy rain used. My wish looks like it came true. #1
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Exactly. Honestly, the only reason everything was so even last generation was simply because of the hurdles that the ps3 had in the beginning. People opted out for the 360 early but later bought a ps3. This generation people are just going over the PS4. We will honestly witness another Playstation domination like the PS1 and PS2 Era #1.2
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I think once these so called "Next Gen" games start appearing in the older consoles the promises will be met. Next year should be a better year. #1
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I think most of them dont have anything against it. Sony isn't forcing it down our throats. The ps4 is a gaming console first. Where as Microsoft had gaming in the back seat and was advertising the Xbox one as an entertainment center. When I'm not gaming I'm usually on Netflix or Hulu like any normal gamer with a box. This streaming thing will be a nice addition. #1.2
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Yea I truly see it. The PlayStation 4 and the service itself is becoming the heart of the company where the other devices implement well with it. Like the new tablet and phone being compatible with the system. #1.1.1
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Well seeing how they're charging online this time around I would expect it would benefit them more if they continue to sell more PS4's. Then put in the fact that the games are selling really well on that system. However, they can't expect that that alone is going to change the whole company around when it comes to losses. They really have to be careful and minimize their products. For example, the Z series was introduced at the beginning of last year. They had the Z1,Z1s,Z2,Z3 and... #1
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The lack of of first party titles is due to the fact that Sony kept pumping exclusive after exclusive towards the end of the ps3 cycle. Something that Microsoft was clearly avoiding and instead was just releasing shovelware for kinect. #4.1.1
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I'll play it but this is when buying pre-owned games come in handy. #2.3
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Exactly the problem is the Playstation is making Sony where as the Xbox is doing the opposite to microsoft. #1.4
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Yea robots can't necessarily evolve but maybe some sort of antagonist would play a big part in the creation of them just like the movie 9. I mean it's really early and all of this is just "rumors" so the story could be something else. The concept arts itself look gorgeous though but boneless it's just concept arts. They can go as far as to making them real instead of robotic . But like you said I hope they do tackle the story with care. From what we've see so far it... #17.1
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