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The skulls give the illusion of a hour glass figure which draws attention to the setting where hell will break loose. Pitch me another box art Einstein. #2.2.1
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Are you really trying to compare open world games to this? Those games were bound to have a few problems because of their scope and what they aim for. This game just has to have an intriguing narrative that will invest the player in which at the end of the day will be subjective. #2.1
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Of course not. They're similar to what you find in the tell tell games and quantic dreams. The reason I'm psyched for it is because I loved heavy rain. The control added to the narrative and didn't feel disruptive what so ever. Loved how the choices you made actually made a difference which this game has going for. #2.1.1
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Very creative box art. Love it and can't wait to get my hand on this game. Played it at the playtation experience event and loved every minute of it. #2
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You can can bet that if a game is made for the rift then it will most likely get morpheus support. That's the beauty of having morpheus and rift out together. Developers will support them. #1.1.1
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People just need to let it go. If it's exclusive then so be it. It's timed for the reason that it's labeled for holiday 2015 but it's annoying how they hide it so much. Can't understand why they just don't say "console debut" like Sony. #2
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The attachment rate for anything regarding ps4 is higher since it's the most sold. I doubt xbox one will outsell the ps4 but it's finding it's own ground so kudos to them. The same can't be said for the Wii u though. That console is pretty much dead. #1
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Exactly! If the experience is affecting one personally I could careless how I look. That London heist demo looks pretty sweet and is a perfect example on the direction VR should go. Virtual Theaters would work pretty sweet with it too. #1.1
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The game looked amazing on the ps3 don't see how better it can look on the ps4. I honestly don't see the point of this remastered. #2
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I'm glad they delayed it. Uncharted 3 felt rush and I'm pretty sure they learned from it. Who can forget the awful aiming that launched with the game. I'm hopeful that they do a beta and that the gameplay is similar to whats found on Uncharted 2. #1.2
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Darn it so does that mean that the sly Cooper one that was scheduled for that year will move to 2017 now? I really hope not. #1
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news flash The Last of Us ins't a franchise. It only has one game out lol c'mon people need to learn the meaning of words before using them. #1
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The technology didn't catapult the wii to success though. The marketing and the gaming fad did. It was a risky decision because Sony and Microsoft knew that their demo won't have so much demand for it and they were right. Nintendo took a risk and introduced a new demographic with the wii that didn't exists before. #1.1
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I really hope they do. They're just dragging the announcement because if they didn't have him back then why would they show the Playstation symbol aiming at the bandicoot sign on that one PS4 trailer. The message is so specific for it to be just a coincidence. #2.2
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The nostalgic marketing they made when releasing the Ps4 did wonders for them. It will be a no brainer to reintroduce a lot of the old classic IP's. Bring Tomba!, Ape Escape, Croc, etc. The variety in content will help them stay on top like the way Ps2 and ps1. This E3 is going to be a good one. #8.2
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Let's not leak stuff!!! I'm psyched they're bringing the franchise back. E3 is going to be good this year! #1
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Gamescom and E3 are closer to one another because of the changed dates. Sony isn't backing out just because they're in the lead. They're replacing it with the Paris event that's coming in October. It will still be 4 conferences like last year. #9.1
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E3 is later and gamescom is earlier this year #5.1.2
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No wonder they're cutting off gamescom. It will be E3, Paris week and hopefully another PSX event. #1
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Sucks that we can't look forward to it. With gamescom out of the way we can expect bug announcements that will get piled up on E3 and PSX. I find it odd since they were pretty big with it during the last few years. Is Paris games week a new gaming convention event too?? #3.4
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