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Exactly they simply kill to not be killed. Heck anyone would do the same if they were in their shoes. Like you said it's simply survival instincts. You do what you got to do to stay alive. #2.1
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I love playing but the main reason I like watching others play is to see what they think of what they're experiencing. Same reason I can never get tired of watching many videos of people reviewing and analyzing games. #2
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While it does look fun to play I'm curios to see how the story unfolds and whether it's good or not. #1.1
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It would perfectly fit into the sequel to offer more variety in infection encounters. I'm so curious to see where they'll take the story and the atmosphere if they do decide to do a sequel. #2
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I like it but I agree it gets to much credit for no reason. Sony has Destiny and Driveclub coming up but they choose to do a Frozen Theme PS4 @_@??? Why?? #2.1
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I can careless if they stop making games. There are plenty of studios that are passionate about games that they will make one simply to marvel over the quality. That's why I'm so thankful for a lot of the Sony studios and indie developers. Passion and quality seems to always come first. #3
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I played it on the ps4 and even though it was a "beta" I like many others can tell you that it played better than a lot of "released" games. #1.1.2
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They won't do it. This whole exclusive DlC practice has gone on for a while. I clearly don't see why people are up in arms. One word... Haters. I still remember the whole DlC for gta4 that was for the Xbox. It's amazing how things change. #1
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Even though they're old you have to admit that they are funny. However just putting them for the sake of putting it kind of kills it. I love it around the time of press conferences #1.2.1
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You could question the stock for the Xbox one version which could a scenario #1.2
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Seeing how a lot of the tech demos use the Playstation move controls I'm sure that's the case. Let's hope the release date is some time next year. #2.1.1
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Maybe a surprised fall announcement incoming? Or better yet it will be compatible with morpheous =D #2
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Especially when games like The Last of Us get released. Not to troll or anything but what was the last exclusive that Microsoft released that had a similar impact like the The Last of Us? #2.1
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The thing I loved about this game is the adrenaline rush that you get when you're getting chased around and have to find a place to hide. The atmosphere was done perfectly #1
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It's crazy when you look at the history of ND. As developers they have really come a long way. From Crash to The Last of Us, they have grown so much and it's quite amazing when acknowledging it #3
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Which are?
Horizon for Xbox, Drive club for Ps4
Sunset Overdrive for Xbox, LBP 3 for PS4
Halo Remastered for Xbox, TLoU for PS4
The majority of the titles coming this year are third party so get over yourself in making it seem that Xbox has more exclusives #1.1.1
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They have to be working on a game with the concept that was introduced in the KARA te have demo. It only makes sense on why they would put so put so much emphasis on the AI. #3
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Exactly! There is no point for them to say things like that. Let the game speak for itself. Look at what happened with Watch Dogs. Ubisoft said that it was going to redefine the open world genre and it fell right on its face. #1.1
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I agree on Uncharted Drakes Deception but The Last of Us??? O.o??? I can think of a lot more games that can take its place like GTA 4 for example. When people complain about the AI are they referring to the enemy or friendly one? The friendly one didn't bother me and the enemy one was amazing when playing in hard and survivor mode. #2
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If only people thought like you. If they release a broken beta they will get scold at for doing so. People will complain for the dumbest thing. #1.2
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