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It was fun on the PS3 with the EyeToy. You do these exagerated motions and your character fights like a KungFu action star. I haven't played the Kinect version but it's supposedly better.
Here's a trailer:

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Thank God the voices aren't as scary as the picture.

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Wow, Spec Ops for free? Download and enjoy the campaign everyone!

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Eh, I'll try multiplayer and see how I like it.

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Watching some of these gave me chills. I remember these games so vividly. My favorite on the list has to be Mass Effect 2. Stepping into the vacuum was just jaw-dropping, especially with the sound cranked up.

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Thanks for the tips!

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Well we know it'll at least stick around for another year or so. I think the Wii U is fine, even if it is underperforming.

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Wow, over a full year of Bf3. I'm on PC, if you wanna squad up send me a pm.

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I love Uncharted 2, but I am looking forward to that cinematic quality with a bit more to do in the world. When you only really have to use the jump and shoot buttons, things can get boring. Hopefully there's some variation in Tomb Raider.

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You mean Canada doesn't just get all of the deal we don't want?

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lol, Spin the Bottle?

Hawken is pretty B.A. though.

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Haha, that Conan review convinced me to buy the game.

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Looks cool! I'll check it out

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Yeah definitely agree.

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Excited for Vergil's Downfall.

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Bioshock Infinite for sure.

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Wow, how many are just contract workers and how many get to stay after the project is done?

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Looks pretty cool.

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Yeah, now we have numbers to back it up.

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It totally puts PS3 ram to shame.

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