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I haven't played in the event yet... More loot!

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Somehow the Nintendo 64 feels even older than 18 years given the number of classic games on the platform and the way it has influenced modern gaming so heavily.

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... They're so different!

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I'm hoping for a wide variety of cooperative missions.

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I really like the unique looking indie games out there. May check this out later.

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Good time to be a racing game fan.

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Excellent list for anyone with credit on PSN.

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Totally clueless about this game.

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Bioware has pushed the narrative envelope, which I love. I haven't played any of the Dragon Age games, though I think I may have to start if Inquisition receives high marks.

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I'll have to check this out. I don't have any racing games for Xbox One as I traded Need For Speed: Rivals a while back.

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It still felt floaty at E3 2014, though the new characters are cool.

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It's new! Sometimes, that's all some people need to hear. My original 3DS XL is still doing really well.

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That seems like a really odd choice for a Final Fantasy game. I might even skip it altogether given that they had such a focus on Lightning and FFXIII made so much money over three games.

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Had a chance to speak with him at PAX Prime 2014 and he was really friendly!

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Does the car rundown enemies?

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I've never played one of these games. They're getting absurd now, though the Saints Row influence is probably welcome for some fans.

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More original FF on 3DS? I'll pay attention.

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Sounds better than I thought it would be.

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Nothing for me here, though I like how Sony has been pushing a lot of deals like Steam.

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Sounds intense!

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