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The writing seemed entertaining, from what I've seen, but I think the complaints are understandable.

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Gameplay before graphics, in my opinion.

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Sounds fair. I'm still enjoying Los Santos, but next-gen Saints Row will probably follow if I can find it at a discount.

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Oh Saints Row, never get serious about your business. It's better that way.

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Spent all of the digital credit I have I think.

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Very strong month for Nintendo in software sales, though I think the hardware still needs a boost.

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PS3 still has strong software offerings but I don't think it'll last through much of 2015.

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I wouldn't own either of the next-generation consoles if they had to be online. There are a lot of reasons the Internet connection could go out in my home.

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Xbox has the better line up this year, though PlayStation 4 will still sell like crazy. People will want to buy it for their kids before they have to worry about it next year.

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I didn't play the other Tomb Raider game in this style, so maybe I should check this one out.

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Every instance of digital consumerism is bound to have some issue or error. Hopefully they'll get it settled after this attention.

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I still don't have a camera for my PS4. Don't know if it'll ever be worth it.

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Guess what all these video games are in some form or another? How many seconds and minutes do you have to kill before you're a mass-murderer of everyone's time?

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I love when players get together to do silly stuff like this in a game not intended for stuff like this at all.

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Gotta check this out since it's free. Maybe after more Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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I really just want to watch this. It doesn't seem nearly as fun to play.

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So Benoit isn't in the game?

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I wasn't really disappointed by any of these games, but Destiny seems to have had the most trouble maintaining a lot of excitement. People are still asking about DriveClub weeks afterwards because Sony said it'd be free. Otherwise I think you wouldn't hear a peep about it.

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I'm not going out shopping on Black Friday, but I'm looking for deals online.

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I understand why developers didn't like the Nintendo approval process, but at the same time it totally thwarted many of these issues.

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