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Too many bloggers just go along with what PR tells them instead of finding their own information. Good piece!

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The Author: Why would Activision release it's next Call of Duty exclusively to next-generation consoles? 70% of their market won't get the next console for at least a year after it's initial launch. Let me introduce you to my friend Bobby Kotick. His best friend is Mr. Benjamin Franklin.

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Thanks man!

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You didn't read it. I always call people out on each editorial I post here on N4G and you are that lucky one today. I explain why exclusive reviews are bad for the industry and consumers in the editorial. You should try reading it. Maybe next time, I'll just look at the first word in your comment and say what I feel.

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I wouldn't say that he was wrong in correcting the media from his former statement but then he reiterates what the media perceived that he said.

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@Kratos_Kills #1.1.1 If developers are trying to 'wring' your money, why do you give them money in the first place? Is it because you like the game genre the gameplay is based upon or the franchise that you follow? If this such a big deal, maybe the gaming media isn't doing their job to report it.

I saw NeoGaf play the blame game with Polygon earlier but there really wasn't an interesting discussion that started as most of it was alluding to the fact that game...

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You didn't even read it and you gave your opinion. :|
I actually gave good examples of why micro-transactions are important. I also explained they could be used in a bad way such as what most gamers are fearing will become an industry standard.

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As the author of the post, I can reassure you that I meant to report the deal because people like saving money. Also because I wanted to use some British joke. Good day, mate.

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Consumers want to know where they can get savings so it's the media's chance to report it.

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Yes it is. The first game is definitely one of my favorite tower defense games.

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If you decide you want it, CoD OL features MW2's campaign as well through a micro-transaction.

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As Colin Moriarty, who is still employed with IGN to clarify for @fucadastates, said at the end of his article, the future isn't here yet. The PS Vita has a lot of potential and poor gaming journos (or bloggers) are just willing to put up statistics without using a little bit of feeling or cognitive instinct.

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It's already over.

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I deserve to be disappointed? I guess you could say that since I haven't gotten a groundbreaking Halo game since 2007.

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Harmonix said they are working on new games but they aren't going to announce anything right now.

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They had some great football games before EA purchased exclusivity rights to make NFL games.

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Fist & Scottis: Did you guys even read the article?

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It's the Internet, man. Are you really shocked? :)

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Yet probably the majority of the iOS titles that you mean are free-to-play. It's just like people who use AdBlock that complain about seeing an advertisement once a week.

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