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Oh well will pick up on amazon, just tried the demo really enjoyed it!

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Hang on its £49.99 in the UK on PSN and on amazon its £35.99!!

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And who gives a crap?? Oh no it don't have an IGN GOTY.

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Why the hell do i get disagrees for stating a fact!!??

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The content is the same!
Why on earth did someone disagree the shows and films are the same on them all??!!

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No the Xbox version does play the next episode it was updated last week.

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Well the price is between £39.99 and £44.99 in the UK if you look at sites like play etc.

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Clearly the list is a joke to claim the graphics in the first Halo where rubbish is just daft! At the time of release they where amazing!!

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Maybe the games don't deserve a high score!?

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This is nothing new, it's always been like this!?

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God you're a fool!

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Seems fine for me now, so hopefully it's fixed.

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Agree i think it will be a waste of what should be an amazing game if they release on the PS3 near the end of its life and not make it even more amazing by launching on the PS4.

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There was warning!

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Yes its on the back of the box under Additional System requirements.

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It is

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I'm gonna get some hate for this but my second fav after Halo CE is ODST, just loved the atmosphere in that game.

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Cheers for the info and awesome love to give R&C a go.

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"First, Saints Row started off like you, too. The first game was all po-faced, “thug life” and such, trying way too hard to be gangsta"

WTH was this part all about!? So the first Halo game was trying to be gangsta!

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WTF did i just Read and who the hell approved this rubbish!?

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