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Seeing as we've been mindlessly killing people in games since year dot (if I had a dollar for each one...) I really don't see the problem with this game. At the end of the day, if you don't like it, don't buy it.

Waits for the first nut Job to use Hatred as an excuse for some rampage in the USA.

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I love how between the two consoles resolution matters such a great deal, yet in a recent "pc is better than both" article it's not such a big deal to Sony fanboys. Things that make you go, Hmmmmmmm.

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How about releasing EA already?

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But out on PC first, lol

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It does smell like a reskinned Halo, only time will tell I guess.

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What a lame article. :/

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If he used Nvidia shadow play to record he would get higher fps, frags is garbage. Looks pretty good though.

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Because it's rather boring with few (Hardpoint) decent game modes. Ones you get over the "wow" this is fun, it soon feels like many other shooters.

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That makes it shorter than the MGS2 demo lol.

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An EA game not having problems at launch, lol.

Really looking forward to this, on pc but let's get real. EA always mess up the online side of things right back since year dot.

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If you like cock, your loved Rust lol.

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MGS2,still one of my favourite games of all time.

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This game beats most others even in Alpha, imagine what's it will be like in 6mths time. First patch already ready for test server release.


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Finally I can use a proper controller on a playstation, I haven't used the ps4 on but always hated the ps3 one. Xbox360 is by far the best Imo.

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Releasing a game a year was it's biggest mistake, as far as originality goes. However for all those who got bored, many more became hooked and Activision got rich.

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To be sure, gamers from all sides are in for exciting times.

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This is all no more than virtual willy waving, everyone knows it's what you do with it that makes the difference

"So say the man with the small dick"

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Yes not everyone has a high end pc but all the ones I know do, the lowest set up is a GTX680 so @ 1080p they should be able to run it on Ultra with AA off at a solid 50-60 fps. As for my 780, I've no worries but then it did cost as much as a PS4.

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Medium, ouch!!!! PC FTW every time.

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Lame article but I suppose it makes a change from all the mines bigger than yours, ps4 vs X1 stories.

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