Waiting for War Z And Day Z standalone


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That is seriously awesome.
This isn't quite as good but not far off.

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Skyrim for PS3 was a joke. It'll take 100 hours to complete at 0fps

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I bought a new PS3 this week to play Blops 2, the old one had a faulty blu-ray drive, so I started to download previous purchases off the store... what a complete farce, some stuff downloads, some give an error, some wont activate without restarting the PS3 and trying again.

The PSN store is in a sad and bad way.
If it's not broke, fix it 'till it is.

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Nintendo aren't in an arms race with Microsoft and Sony, so it doesn't really matter how it looks on screen, just as long as the family fun factor is there.

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The original Halo was brilliant (for the time) but it doesn't hold a candle to today's games.

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It's very good, I tried the PC Demo and loved it.

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if you're not connected to the internet, how did you find out about the patch?

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Deleted by Paramount.

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Could really do with a score instead of just a PASS/FAIL

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good walk through. Should help newbies for now.
Anyone else looking forward to the stand alone? Just please for pity sake Rocket, get rid of the hackers.

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EA can say what they like, it's the reviewers and the buying public who really get to choose whether they like it or not.

And right now for the most part, people are really hating it.

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Grab a gun, grab a chainsaw, or be scared silly and grab a pillow and jump right in.

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Few games give you the freedom of GTA. Just that GTA beats them all.!

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there's a screenshot feature too, not sure if it was there all along, but yes PS3 web browser takes screenshots too.

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I always felt that GT:P looked amazing, but it felt like you were driving a bus. Has this changed?

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It looks like JAWLTD are doing an enormous amount of work just to update an old game.
Good for them, and good for us.

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but still fascinating to look at.

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I love the old style updated retro titles too.
There's something to be said for simplistic but addictive gameplay.

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what about the smaller indipendents like ThatGameCompany? They make a tiny amount of money back for what can be an expensive marketing tool.
Or hyperdesk, they made the excellent Star Trek red and blue, they dont make any money from creating a theme based on an old TV series.
Also disruptive publishers are wanting to step into the dynamic theme market, but if they loose money, they wont make any more.

Some themes ARE worth paying for, and at $2.99, £1.59, or 200&...

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@evilmonkey501 is right, I've just been talking to the host, and the traffic brought the server to it's knees.
It was receiving over 1000 simultaneous hits constantly, the adaptive firewall just started banning everyone thinking it was a DDoS attack.
The database was also consuming over 500mb of ram - trust me, A VERY large amount of memory for a post thats only a few kilobytes.
Everything has now been cleared up though.
So once again, my apologies for the inconvenienc...

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