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Yeah same killed in 1 hit while im putting my 20th bullet in him, games not fun

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After a couple of months i might get it preowned.

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Let them, dollar voting, dont buy anything they do. I've been playing bf4 on ps4 and if u get a good server its pretty good but i aint getting any DLCs until the game is fixed 100%

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Agree. I'm not. None of my friends are. Just cause the news says it is dont make it so.

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Its just odd, i only play big maps so i guess a shield is pointless to me, standing with my riot shield and a tank shell hits me or a heli falls on me.

The amount of nades in bf4 aswell, if there is a movement penalty your dead you'll just get spammed.

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At this point aint they just copying cod?

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You shouldnt trust that, i read that the netcode was better in bf4 before release.

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Can you? Wont it just use the same trophy icon in your list?

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By the end of Survivor i had full supplies just no ammo lol

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Yeah only 2 mil and it was free?

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I got it for 20 bucks and i really like it, mp and sp there both fun

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I only play 64 conquest and yes it crashes less but playable? The bumping from lag makes me turn it off, i couldnt run while i played 1 game yesterday.

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Thats a good point, if the last of us had some infected ai i would have loved it even more!

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Brink real players mixed with AI, all the ai did was cheat i dont wanna play with real people and AI again it was horrid.

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Yeah im with you, there iqnoring people who paid money for there game maybe this will get them back to fixing it alittle faster

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My ad blocker is on, thank god.

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That picture! lol someone musta scanned it and dumped it

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I managed to get the download but i cant get onto psn for some random errors, im guessing traffic

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Great fun watching all these sites trying to get some attention off gta5

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