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Anonymous Hacking Group takes Responsibility for Xbox Live downtime #1.5.2
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and Ms lighten the blow of payed online gaming? your point being #6.2
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IT IS TRUE i cashed in my voucher today #1.3.4
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Well I wonder where in the Caribbean cause I know for a fact the the 360 base sucks and Sony is doing better as the preferred console. #2.4.2
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Guys Guys First of all the original article stated the following "..Correction: This article initially mis-identified North American sales figures for Wii and PS3 as worldwide sales. I've swapped in global sales. Sorry about the confusion. And thanks to reader Chris Leonardi for pointing that out."Kotaku
The article sounds great but fail to clearly state if the interview was about 3place USA market or worldwide market hummmmmmmm.. #59
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E3 2011: What Sony did wrong during their press conference
By: FlipDock Jun 6 |22:39

FlipDock + 18m ago
They really could've shown better Uncharted gameplay #10
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you really don't have a doesn't look like before and it has new content? #61.1
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Sony Debunks PS4 Development Rumors
The spokesperson also stated that Sony was surprised by how many foreign websites ran with unconfirmed reports regarding the PlayStation 4. #92
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Borrowed to get your butt kicked by Cap,Hulk and Task.
LOL #61.1
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If hackers want to get in they can get in no matter how much security you have.This hate for a company all started with the media and the dollars that were thrown at them to tarnish a brand and make a quick buck at doing it .The thing is "what goes around comes around".
Is any information safe blunt answer no, it just means that its not your information been taken today.
A caution to those who has taken and will take this situation to continue to spread hate and misi... #5
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Thank you guys for the attack this makes the brand even stronger ,these things get legislation passed and its free press and brand recognition. The brand will forever be printed in our minds. #56
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You won't get an email because they don't want you to know it happened. So much double standards it ain't funny. #3.3
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Shooters #1.5.1
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It's the taste factor we have been fed so much trash that we don't know good stock when we see it.And as for Euro trash that where we came from we don't know our American history to realize that we are insulting our selves.
If the advertising is pretty enough and the product sucks we but it dumb. #3.1.3
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Good Idea.....we should change your life more modern as well shoot everything in site and ween they are dead change them to zombies.That's why the game community have no #2.1
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IGN quote"Our videos don't present this well because of the realities of HD video capture"..that's bull.
And what's funny is that they said so and we believe them, just like what they said about GT5 without playing the whole game. #1.1.28
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Yes i agree blame Sony for thinking multithreading when developing the PS3,and blame Intel for the i3,i5,i7 processors that mulitthread ,and blame Microsoft for developing window 7 that is design for these types of processors.
Which translates to a better experience lol even a blu ray,3D experience.
Now we can talk next gen without even the #17.1
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I will only get better and the system that is able to handle multithreading the best is where games will shine.The world is changing to that realm look at the processors i3,i5,i7 multicore etc.Even Windows 7 has the multithreading in mind to be compatible with the processors that are out there. #10.2
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single threading vs multithreading concept ,if my theory hold right one console is better suited for multithreading. #1.2.3
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The move to introduce the PS3 in this architecture is a long term strategic move on the part of Sony.On the surface we see bad ports,hard to develop for etc but that's just the short term.
Long term Sony's PS3 is actual reshaping the gaming industry and the way developers develop gaming .The key is the concept of multithreading and that concept in game and programming development.The advantage of multithreading if done right is optimum resources been reached and a game that is... #28
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