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"In early July, Sony teased the new console with a poster featuring the image of a solar eclipse. It just happens that a solar eclipse will be visible across America on 3 November. A coincidence? We think not. "

Do some research. It was a teaser for the new Rachet and Clank game. #44
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I wouldn't say these people are necessarily a minority. Regardless, the vocal part of the community is the one people will take into account when they look at it, and CoD's is far from being ideal. #3.2
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Agreed, it is a good game and it's going to get caught in this media frenzy in a negative way due to MS's lack of composure. #10.1.1
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I'm not even sure if Halo: Reach would do the trick. Perhaps something along the lines of Call of Duty 4? That would maybe draw up a better reception.

Yes, your English is fine! #1.1
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Horror is right! Quickscoper's are the stuff of nightmares! #1.1
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On the terms of those of you asking why I said the security section is a draw/neither. It's because neither of them deserve to 'win' for such a major flaw! #40
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I like them both equally. I recently bought a PS3 because of the PSN+'s great scheme and the exclusive titles are more attractive than the 360's :) But I still highly regard my 360. #1.1
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To be fair, there is something most game retailers sell that allows you to shorten Kinect's range for smaller spaces! #1.1
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When it was first out for PC it was $7 (if memory serves), which is £4 for us UK folk. I think he's referring to it's originally low price. #1.1.1
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Next we'll see Halo go back to the stone age! #1.1
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I wouldn't really say they're spoilers. Everything I mentioned happens in the first half hour of the game! #2
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I'm a him, not a her. If you read on instead of smashing your face off the keyboard in fanboy rage, you'll see I go on to explain that yes, it does outsell itself each year.

With that said, the numbers online are poorer than ever before, in the past few months Black Ops has had more players on it than MW3. So evidently there's a problem... #10.1
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It broke records last year in not only the game industry, but the entertainment industry too. It sells more and more every year...That doesn't seem like dying to me. #76
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Completely agree, the over-saturation over the market has gotten out of hand. #1
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It's a wild fantasy, but we'll need to see what path they take, E3 2012 will be pretty decisive! #1
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MLG Players are much, much different than GB sweaters. Most of them are actually pretty decent people, who actually play for a real goal. Who'd turn down a chance to win $50k by playing a game? #10.1
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Don't get me wrong, I love Search and Destroy, but if you're good enough you can win it yourself against a team of 4. If you watched the final in Providence the other week, a player won the round himself to get his team the $50,000 cash prize. #7.1
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Typical Infinity Ward. Instead of fixing the problems with their awful game, they'd rather squeeze every bit of money they can out of us, then leave the game derelict from fixes once they've done so. #8
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I was really tempted to put this in instead of head glitches, but I knew I'd get the "your connection is crap" excuses. When really the latency issues on the game are a joke. #5.1
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I totally agree, they always dominate the 4th quarter, so much so that other games are left to gather the scraps. One of my previous articles talked about this... #4.1
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