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So now playstation brand has top rank MLB and uefa champions league.

If you are unsure what that is well to Europeans like myself its football and to americans its soccer which by the way is the biggest sports industry in the world #13
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Had this happen twice and its nothing what the article makes out

both instances I had managed to fall through a wall or building and then get stuck inside. At first you can still see everything but the longer you keep moving the darker it gets until eventually pitch black.

Nothin major, I have fallen through the maps on plenty of games #8
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Fully agree with what you're saying and i should have pointed that out.

I have 8Gb DDR3 @1600Mhz, let it be known my rig is purely for gaming and nothing else so there is no bloatware installed, that being said even with 8gb of system ram it barely goes above 4gb plus my dedicated 4gb Vram which i have yet to max and i game at 1600P

I would have thought that the OS on ps4 will use no more than 3gb at any one time therefore leaving 5... #1.2.3
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I have a gtx 680 4gb and I game at 2560 x 1600 on pc. Safe to say nothing has come close to using all that vram maybe skyrim at a push if you mod the crap out of it.

so really what I am saying is this gen will have no issues with how much ram there is available.

If we managed games like the last of us or crysis 3 on last gen then its a bright future for this new gen.

any dev who is struggling with 5gb+ vram needs to reevaluate their developm... #1.2
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what's to disagree about?

The xbox one did launch did launch 1 week before the ps4 in the UK and it has sold more than the Xbone in the uk.

Confused or is it that we have a couple of enraged xbots just smashing disagree? #8.1
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Xbox launched a week earlier than the ps4 in the uk and yet the ps4 has sold almost 100k more units. #8
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"Inputs cheat code, Cheat code accepted, restarts machine, BAM - Welcome the boot cycle"

"Oh You Muthafucka.......! #1.6
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This is nothing short of phenomenal for sony. With the demand so high if sony had the supply I would guess that figure could easily be 4 million

It shows how hot the product is when stores such as CEX are buying the console for £400 which is £50 more than retail #1.1.8
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Sounds like your just about connected everywhere haha :)

Glad you understand the benefit of tweaking your own network. As they say "every little helps" #3.4.3
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I feel sorry for you guys having to pay more for less!!

At the end of the day though guys speed isnt always everything. I have neved had an issue with PSN and its down to 2 things.

First i have always made my IP static and used it in a DMZ state,

second i NEVER use a popular DNS such as google, i always search for local DNS with minimal traffic and it always results in faster PSN speeds.

DNS is a major part in how quick your... #3.4.1
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yeah im in the uk buddy.

@han costs me £37.50 a month just for the fibre line but its worth it :) #3.3
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No issues for me. Currently on a 120mb fibre link soon to be upgraded to 150mb

also my ps4 ip is in dmz state.

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Practically ripping the shutters off to get in that second quicker.

Sony i take my hot off to you, it feels like the good old PS2 days, yes those were the best days.

HAHA some dude lost his shoe in the zombie chaos #1.4
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Guys im sony through and through but honestly in the UK the price of PS4 games are £49.99 where the ps3 is £39.99 or less

FIFA PS4 http://www.game.co.uk/en/fi...

FIFA PS3 http://www.game.co.uk/en/fi... #13.2.4
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I was promised a day 1 console with my local GAME branch however they cancelled the midnight launch last night due to no delivery and today i have been told i will have to wait upto 3 weeks as they only got 20 consoles delivered.

I have been all over today in search of one however nowhere and i mean nowhere has them, i even travelled to another city in hope of one but NOTHING!

Angry at GAME, sad that im not able to game next gen yet #7
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Yeh my bad it is in the sun too, just seen it now.

Only BIG stuff replace page 3 girls so congrats sony!! #6.1.1
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Brilliant news #9
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The paper in question is "metro" which is a free paper in the UK and the Page 3 section on this paper has NEVER had a model.

However it was a nice touch to see this in the paper this morning. #6
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Judging from the video the voice commands are smooth and seamless and if it helps to get something done quicker im all for it. #3
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Haha cant believe I have just been rick rolled #1.4.7
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