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Wait. Where did it say that he's gotten his own show? I read, that he's signed with a group that's going to market him for a show. Do you know how many people produce shows that never see the light of day? Congrats to him for taking an important step to start bringing in some real funds. But he does not have a show yet.

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Asswipe. DVD's don't mean anything.

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Does any of the money you pay for PS+ go to making the online gaming better? Making sure that you rarely experience lag and drop outs? Or did I miss that part? I believe that xbox live does allocate some of its fee to the actual infrastructure of playing games.

PS+ is a discount card? Are you really justifying getting "FREE" stuff that you had to buy membership to? No matter how you shake it down. Wait, you are now allowed to DOWNLOAD demos? and then TRY before you ...

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Freed from the movies and tv show canon this is the first time I really feel at war with the Decepticons and Autobots. The fire fights are spectacular.

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Microsoft concluded that many of the RROD was due to the power supplies being faulty. They changed the plug-ins so that people wouldn't buy secondhand or put the older more faulty power cords (if taken to a friends house) into the newer console.

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They removed these cables from later systems. I believe it was a cost cutting move. But no one will know for sure why they don't include at least component cables in their HD systems. I've met many people who just use the included plugs and are just dandy with the picture they get, only to be AMAZED when they upgrade their cables. The general public don't care about 720p or 1080p or 1080i or standard def. They just watch.

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Don't we already have Blur/Split Second/Mod Nation Racers?

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The Wii?

Nunchuck - $19.99
Wimote/Motionplus - $54.99

Total - $74.99

Price of 2 = $149.98

Maybe people should consider that when they scream that it costs too much.

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Why should it be cheap? Because you say so? $150-$200 for purchasing what they are touting as basically ushering in a new console? (By that I mean a completely new way to play xbox360 games?)

I'm certain there will be a bundle for those who don't already have an xbox.

Also let's talk about the competition in PlayStation Move. Won't you be needing more than one controller? Let's say Sony goes the Wii route and sells the analog and the wand ...

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To make a comment about a typo versus all the other things that are mentioned shows that you agree. Or are you busy waiting for the game to load so you don't have any complaints on the actual gameplay?

The control scheme is NOT fluid in any shape or form.

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What were you expecting it to be? If you were expecting a game that you can infinitely mod and have fun with then no its not a flop. If you expected a new king that dethrones Mario Kart then you'll have to keep looking.

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When a game is shipped to two competing platforms there's always going to be major gripes when the one you care for feels like its short changed. The fact that we are talking about the resolution of the game rather than if its fun and good shows you how far we've falling as gaming fans. Its a steep and hard decline.

If the XBOX version of RDR never existed and all we had to play was the PS3 version, people would be screaming from the Hills about how dominant the PS3 i...

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People need to quit with the which is more *powerfuller or better. The games look great. Now if there's slowdown or things like that make a comment. As long as it fills up your tv you should be good.

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You can look. It'll definitely make you want it more!

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The higher ups at EA were turned off by the fact that Dead Space didn't sell well, but they felt compelled to do a sequel because they knew it was a good game. So in comes people who don't know what they are talking about and say "We need to expand the scope of this game". In order for it to SELL more. Whenever that is done it can never be good. The sequel still has a chance to be good, but it won't be because of why you liked the first one. It's going to be watered down, and most l...

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Could it be? Just maybe? Possibly? That these games coming out are just not as good? Or better said, original?

Think about it for a moment. Back when we were getting new franchises for the first time, you had no expectations. Heard that it may be really good. Enjoyed it and played to the end. Now a days, everything is a SEQUEL! You've already played it, already know the characters, only now its "bigger and better". But it was great the first time, remember?

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Now that the PSP is finally getting games. Will you Buy it? Forget about the GO for a second. Because most people who have a PSP are not going to buy the new one (at that price). But the knock against the PSP is that the games don't sell. This could be because of piracy (and the HD drive will probably make it easier).

But will you buy?

Same thing with all the great games that were shown for PS3! Sony fans talk a good game but then their wallets stay quiet. For once...

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You people kill me. How do you think Sony got their "exclusives" for PS1 and PS2? They PAID for EXCLUSIVITY to their console. They PAID more than Nintendo or Sega would pay so they got the Devil May Cry's, Resident Evils, Metal Gears, etc of the world. Then when promising developers like Naughty Dog rose up THEY BOUGHT THEM. So now that M$ has more money to offer them and actually compete ya'll cry foul. Learn your history.

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Ooooh Sony wins because they get a game no one's seen or heard about? I'm glad you said the makers of GTA, because if you haven't noticed that's the only game people care about from Rockstar. They've released other great games but they come and go and do not bring a hoopla. GTA is an event game. No one cares about "from the makers of" games.

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No one cares. You are right. The only game anyone cares about from Rockstar starts with a Grand and has the word Theft in it. Rockstar actually does release some other good titles, but you are right. Nobody cares. Might as well be aan exclusive from Capcom or Konami... nothing to go nuts about. Is it going to be open world? So... how many games are open world now?

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