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I think that's why they have a day 1 patch. Just saying. #1.1.6
I hope they fix the multiplayer. It's definitely one of the best out there but riddled with bugs and hacks. #1.1.7
Both for me as well, although playing one on PC and playing a demo that obviously isnt using PS4s hardware completely is a little unfair. But then again what do you expect from the bias journalism these days. #1.1.1
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Getting mine #1.1
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Well Insomniac Games has a strong history of making very good games. On PS3 all the Resistance games, all the Ratchet and Clank games were very good. They are one of the better studios around. #1.3
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Good morning guys. I woke up today and read that there is a final fantasy 15 demo coming next year. Two things:

1. Is this real? Because if it is........ FINAAAALLLLYYYYYY!!
2. What the hell is type 0?

Thanks. #1.1.2
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Great! Maybe he can now get a job @ m$. Well, he can always get a job at an only xbox website. Im pretty sure he can excel there. That will be great for him. Regardless of how much of a fanbot he is, I wish him the best. At the end of the day he is a person with a family that he needs to support. Every man should be able to do that. Good luck Sess. #1.1.26
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The only good thing I see from this is that now I will be able to sex chat with some girls in VR. I wouldn't mind that at all. But it does suck for gaming.

However, the possibilities...... XD

This is just a joke by the way. Lets see how many disagrees I get. #1.1.40
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Mine is somewhere in that big heap of win. #1.1.13
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Sessler is a known xbot. He should just review xbox games and be done with it. This score is no surprise. He is a shill. #1.1.14
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"Dan Olson, Treyarch Software Engineer:
Maybe it’s called project morpheus because it starts out really cool and then everyone’s tired of it by the third movie."

Like call of duty? #1.1.4
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"So, Did Titanfall Convince You to Purchase an Xbox One?"

No. #1.1.12
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Crappy Multiplayer??!! Wrong game man. Ascension multiplayer is AWESOME! Not every multiplayer will have you shooting faces. I personally prefer ripping someone's head off that shooting them in the face. Makes it more personal. If facing a good opponent you actually need skills. That is when your not playing cheaters. LOL #1.6.2
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God of War killed itself???? Please explain how! Ascensions single player definitely had issues (sound, and others), no denying that. But the story was good (not great). The set pieces still put a majority of games to shame. The graphics were better then 97% of games out there. The music was AWESOME. The multiplayer is FREAKING INCREDIBLE! They attempted something new with the multiplayer and succeeded. I dont see how it failed or how it killed itself. I cant wait until the PS4 version of GOW... #1.1.3
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Here we go...... Specific media outlets and xbox fans grasping at straws. Go ahead and hold on to thief guys/gals. When the next batch of PS4 games come out and show what the system is capable of, the same people/media outlets running their mouth will have a nice cup of STFU.

Bad programming does not equal weak console. Hasn't anyone learned anything from last gen? #1.1.21
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Resolution mattered last gen when 360 was on top of PS3. Why shouldn't it matter now? The answer is yes it does matter. With better graphics you are more immersed into what is going on in the game. I do agree that its not the most important thing and you can still have a blast with fun gameplay. However, if your machine can do it, why not flaunt it? #1.1.16
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typical m$ bullshit. That is all. #1.1.10
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Let me start off by saying that I in no way, shape, or form am an xbox fan. See my comment history if you dont believe me. Im a PlayStation guy all the way. That being said, it worries me how the media and how some guys are calling or insinuating that m$ is doing bad and should go out of business. This is exactly the position the PS3 was in at launch. Guess how that ended. PS3 outsold 360 and had better games.

Point of the post: Lets not count m$ out yet. Although I feel the... #1.1.9
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I'm not really into first person shooters. They finally wore me out. For those that do enjoy this type of game, I hope you all enjoy it. I personally didn't see anything that made me remotely interested. But I'm sure this game will sell a lot and lot of people will enjoy it. #1.1.4
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LOL. I don't know if your serious or not....... #1.1.10
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