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"Reap it Murphy, you son of a bitch!"


This is literally what I was about to post, not sure why you've gotten disagrees. #10.1
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Also why on earth do games need to be 'inclusive'?

Instead of trying to change a successful, but challenging concept like Bloodborne it sounds like you need to go play something harmless like Animal Crossing or Viva Pinata.

Games like Halo already suffer from too many difficulty settings. After playing its obvious Heroic is designed to be the standard difficulty, but they put in an easier 'Normal' to appeal to worse players.

T... #6
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Seems like a pretty bratty article.

I applaud Wolfenstein for keeping true to the whole 90's vibe of with its difficulty settings. It harkens back to games like Wolfenstien 3D, Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. #4
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??? This is honestly the most autistic thing I've ever read. #8
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Meh, having a diverse protagonist should not be the defining feature of a game.

List gets 8/8 for great bait. #5
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It's a good game, but there's a reason it launched at £35.

Fun mechanics, and endless creation possibilities, but the lack of an actual story mode or 4 player coop does somewhat affect this game.

If your not in the mood to create or it's really not that entertaining and struggles to hold my attention after a while. #4
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Id rather they actually add in wildlife.

Simply having Animals to hunt or sharks to be terrified of. They could even incorporate them into those cr*ppy events, Shoot the most birds, Hunt the most deer, etc. #3
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Lol right the story and physics... Ha #3.1.1
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Galactic Conquest... #1
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The last time I tried to a cross play game it was the multiplayer demo of shadowfall, it was very unbalance.

The only I could for see as an issue is the cost, wasn't Rocket League free at one point? #2.1.8
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The game is being ported to XOne? #2
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It's only releasing for around £30 so I think it will definitely have its own target audience of the market. #2.2
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I disagree, the games were good, but they weren't amazing by any means.

However, as you say they were similar to battlefield, and they didn't try to hide that. The most recent iteration is a joke, it's as if the developers don't want it to be similar to battefield, yets that is why people loved it!

But yeah the first two battlefronts are still very enjoyable today, especially galactic conquest. Even with the God awful ai.

*edi... #1.2.1
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The current incarnation of Battlefront is an embarrassing shell of what the franchise used to be.

Graphics and sound design to not make a game.

Despite what EA would have us believe there does actually need to be content in a game.

Then again, take out the customisation, add in Galactic Conquest, add in the prequels, totally remove the card system, and improve squad support and you MIGHT have a decent game.
... #10.1.10
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Only 3 reasons? :') #9.1
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The thing is the old ones became cult classics, but the critical reception they received (especially 2) was very average. Yet if you play them now, they are far superior to the most recent Battlefront. I hate to say this is a good metaphor for the gaming industry right now, but... #3
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The UK not getting Doritos Crash Course?! Why!

It better be coming soon. #20
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As good if not better?

Sure Halo 4 left a sour taste in most peoples mouths, but Bungie were washed up before leaving Halo. Halo 5 is far superior to Bungie's last effort in Halo Reach. Its unlikely that the Original Trilogy will ever be matched, but that is in part due to mass nostalgia. #20.1
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Yep, finish the game that Kojima released unfinished.

Yet everyone continues to praise the man.

Its an unpopular opinion I know, but IMHO, his games have always had terrible mechanics, storylines, timing and are just generally overrated.

I don't agree with how Konami are purported to have treated him and other employees. Yet I really don't understand the legion of fans he has. #15.1
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They don't deserve your money?

Wow you sound incredibly butt-hurt over something. #5.2.1
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