Eating steaks & lifting weights.


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Um... wasn’t halo 3’s theatre mode technically a photo made? And didn’t Forza 3 has something very similar?

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It’s the exact opposite of what they should have done. If anything they need to go back to the style of 4/5, where enemy officer could actually pose a threat, last few games have been average, but 9 is absolutely terrible. The open world just makes me think of the bland original Bladestorm.

Also remove the totally fictional officers and get rid of the dull Jin focus.

Most disappointing game for me of the last few years.

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No thanks

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I wouldn’t quite say RB Is dead. New tracks got released just a few days ago. But the games obviously aren’t as big any more.

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I can’t believe this is the same company that gave us Halo 1, 2 and 3.

In name only I guess.

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That’s simply not true.

There were multiple paid dlc’s for RDR.

Legends and killers
Liars dice

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People will complain about anything. I’m no fan of what we have, but can’t you remember the state of our country back in 2010? I’d take the current form over that any day.


And to be honest mate, if you think this issue is really a priority for our government in the current climate, then you are rather deluded.

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Best implementation of loot boxes I’ve see so far was back in Halo 5.

Cosmetics and Warzone items.

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I really enjoyed “the New Order” and “the Old Blood, and when rumours came out for this back at at e3 2016 i was hyped.

But now two years later I just don’t care. I don’t know if it’s bad marketing or a bad release window.

Maybe I’ll pick it up out of a bargain bin in 6 months times, but right now I just have no interest. Now that I’m finished with Odyssey im sad to say I’m actually more interested in Origins than Wolfenstein.

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Who approved this shit?

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Does it somehow make the worst game in the franchise any good?

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I’m sure this was relevant 6 years ago ...

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Still holding my breath for Lego LotR.

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That seems really disappointingly.

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No it really wasn't.

The droids screamed "we've runout of ideas!", just like Halo 4.

Never mind the fact that it completely took the fun out of chainsaw executions for the first third of the game.

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The greatest perhaps, but not the last great one.

It's multiplayer was still the series peak until It was surpassed by 5.

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If only that equated to them removing the forced diversity in the recent interactions of both franchises.

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Wasn't Origins the terrible one?

Then again what do I know, I didn't enjoy the first one and didn't play any others.

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I came here to make a joke about CoD WW2 not including swaztikas, but after seeing how pathetic the previous comments are... Christ this website needs a purge.

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Not without local co-op it's not.

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