Reap it Murphy, you son of a bitch!


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Kinda disappointing that you can't turn off certain characters.

I'd rather just have the main cast than see "metal Mario", "pink gold peach" or even the koopalings.

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Meh, i might not agree with what he said, but it feels excessive to remove him for his opinions.

I would bet 95% of people who were going to buy this didn't even know he was involved in the voice acting to begin with...

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Christ, these are getting milked out more that the Lego games.

At least the Lego games were fun.

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"I'm an original Duke Nukem purist so maybe I'm biased, but you know what, no. I think most would agree that Duke Nukem 3D was pretty atrocious."

I don't think anyone would agree with that statement, 3D is one of the best FPS off all time. In fact I don't think this author even knows what the original Duke Nukem looked like.

Garbage website. Garbage article.

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Well, that's disappointing.

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Well if it's based around the Mark Anthony, Cleopatra and Ceasar saga, then they should all be Phoenician Greeks.

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Eh, while it was fun as one of the games with gold last year, I wouldn't have been happy to pay more than £20. Doesn't hold a candle to ratchet & clank or the Classic spyros

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I wish it's what activision did with crash and spyro remasters. All 6 games on one disc would have been amazing

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Honestly, these look terrible.

Despite that, the Switch does look like the console which both Mario party & wario ware can return to form.

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Alien isolation did it better than both.

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This is such a sensationalist headline.

The actual story behind it is that GAME are raising their trade in prices to be higher than companies like CEX by default, negating the need for price matches. If anything this will benefit gamers by forcing places like CEX, Graiger Games, etc to also raise their prices.

But whatever, negative news sells.

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Actually the official RRP for most PS4/Xbox one games was £59.99.

I guarantee the RRP for those Switch games will be more in line with XOne/PS4 by launch.

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I don't get this recent anger of cancellations. Games get cancelled all the time this is nothing new.

And tbf, nothing that has been cancelled recently looked that interesting too begin with.

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This is the exact same thing that happened from GTA IV-V though, Crowbcat even made a video about that.

Developers obviously felt that things needed to be sacrificed/scrapped in order to optimise others. For better or worse...

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That sounds awful.

Why do people want to ruin other players immersion with ridiculous, weapon/player skins or emoticons.

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Really anything by Insomniac or Naughty Dog, keep everything else :')

Interested to see how, Days Gone and God of War 4 turn out though.

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You know if you ever do give IV another go, especially after playing V, you'll realise how much more interactive that world is compared to Los Santos. Its definitely less 'fun', but going back to see how 4 compares and even surpasses certain areas of V is amazing, especially civilian/police ai.

It's kind of a long video, but worth watching if you have 15 mins to kill.
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Well I guess that explains the poor ending for Nadine in the main game.

She was portrayed as this unstoppable enemy, but it really felt like she should have died at the end.

she should have really been the final enemy, after betraying her employer, yet instead she walked away as if nothing happen, such a non-ending.

It almost feels like they changed it just for this dlc :/ which if that's the case, sucks.

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I really wish these kind of deals came to the UK :(

New 3DS' are still around £179 in GAME.

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