Reap it Murphy, you son of a bitch!


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Nintendo needs no help in hurting itself.

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Pandemic Studios and Bizarre Creations :(

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I don't see what everyone is excited about with VR on home consoles, I got to experience one of the early dev models of oculus rift and it just seems so expensive and limited.

I honestly have no doubt that home console VR will end up sat collecting dust at the way side with Motion Controls, the Ouya and dance/rhythmn games.

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Lol what, Cortana sucks.

Then again so does this list

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I honestly think nintendo have forgotten how to market games.

Why don't they focus on the 'fun' aspects of this kind of game, the simultaneous 4 player, football, rugby, etc

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Seriously? Who compiled this list? Games like Battlefront, Destiny, Blops 3, Fifa, Life is strange are on it, but no sign of AC4, Rare Replay, Alien Isolation, Sunset Overdrive, GOW Ultimate or either of the Halo games? Even Minecraft is better than alot of these listed.

Poor list ...

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The first J&D was awesome, but I never liked 2 or 3. Sly was always cool concept; stealth platforming in a'noire' setting, but it also felt cringey and childish. Hands down R+C has been the most consistently entertaining franchise,

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I still cant get over how out of place that female character looks. She really does not fit with the vibe of Gears of War.

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A game about zombies impacted your decisions on parenthood?

If thats the case I don't think you were ever seriously mature enough to raise a child.

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I though UC4 was using open level designs? Or at least thats what I gathered from the E3 trailer with the jeep.

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It's a nice ideal to have, but when it comes to retro games that have either ceased publication or never got released in certain areas I don't really think it's really comparable.

Also this thing would be simply be really cool to own.

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As long as its better than the joke that was ice hockey...

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Ahhhhh i can't wait for Crackdown.

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Really? I played Broforce on PC then discovered it was coming to PS4, I was actually jealous of a Sony exclusive for the first time in a while :')

(Except of course Ratchet & Clank)

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Explain? Im genuinely interested, was there some controversy with IGN and this game?

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Hardcore mode in Fallout 3?

Is he referring to the mod? Or does he mean New Vegas.

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With the recent GWG announcement I'm sure there will be lots of happy XOne owners.

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Id still like to see some of the early XOne exclusives be given out with GWG. Ryse, DR3, even Sunset Overdrive.

Those games really don't seem to have come down in price.

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Sure its free, but so were season 1 of GoT and the Walking Dead. The last Telltale game I enjoyed was the Sam & Max one, but unfortunately they are too slow paced for me and require too much time to experience. Time I would rather put into the excessively large backlog of games (as far back as the PS2) I still have too finish!

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