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Crap story, jumping the shark with robot enemies (even more tedious than zombies), pretending to try something new then just reverting to locusts, ridiculous micro transactions (way to much grind), lame new characters, and selfishly - I can’t stand the joke skins in multiplayer.

despite the improved Horde mode and cool giant robots... the game was right up there with No Man Sky for my personal biggest disappointment

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God, I hope GoW 5 is better than the train wreck of 4.

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More choice is always fantastic, but I think it’s innacurate to describe the Xbox one as a failure .

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What they need is a three allegiance system (Spanish/english/pirates) that you can align yourself too and assist allies you come across. Use the telescope to see what flags being flown. Maybe even add a home outpost for each faction.

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They already tried that with the 4th game and it resulted in the worst in the franchise...

What they should have done was a prequel based around the Pendulum Wars.

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Lol wtf is this crap.

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Nice, I can’t think of anything I’d rather play less 😂

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Genuinely curious as to if that’s true, have you played the game?

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RDR is one of the greatest games of all time, however, Jack Marston is lame. No question.

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Would actually be happy if the game was further visually downgraded and instead runs at 60fps.

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“We wanted to make it more realistic”

Because this game looks like the peak of video game realism.

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Would you argue the same for tacked on unnecessary multiplayer? Ala Bioshock 2

Surely it must take dev time away from other areas of game development?

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NFL Blitz, is actually want to play that. Is there anyway to get in in PAL regions?

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Surprised this isn’t another article aimed at Kingdome Come: Deliverance...

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Next your gonna watch some mini series on Troy and think Achilles is black.

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You mean like how the switch has been out for a year and is still lacking steaming services and a worthwhile online service?

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still lame to have driverless cars...

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Um... wasn’t halo 3’s theatre mode technically a photo made? And didn’t Forza 3 has something very similar?

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It’s the exact opposite of what they should have done. If anything they need to go back to the style of 4/5, where enemy officer could actually pose a threat, last few games have been average, but 9 is absolutely terrible. The open world just makes me think of the bland original Bladestorm.

Also remove the totally fictional officers and get rid of the dull Jin focus.

Most disappointing game for me of the last few years.

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