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"Reap it Murphy, you son of a bitch!"


isnt that a good thing?

A bigger question is why the hell did they put in that frog pokemon or lucario? would have been much more interesting to have put in squirtle/bulbasaur...

On that note they should just keep pokemon in ssb to a minimum and actually go ahead with that 'Pokken' franchise #6.1
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Not really, I mean give us back the level of customisation that was present in Halo 3. While the technology of forge improved for making maps in 4. The options for actually creating varied game types were dire.

No more real infection meant no more Omega run/predator/ghostbusters gametypes.

The lack of VIP also had a very negative effect, same as it did in reach.


what would be really cool is if they brought back Firefigh... #7.1.1
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They had better support custom games properly this time, Halo 3 was the last great Halo game and part of that reason was the longevity that custom games provided it. #7
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This is the first game with gold for a few months that just looks like a complete waste of time. #7
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I suppose your display picture should have been the first clue... #1.1.5
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1) He turns out to be gay
2) ???
3) he dies

IMO it was probably aids. #3.1.1
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How can you possibly not know that?

Do you just not get out much? Or are you like super autistic? #1.1.3
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What?!? The promethians were just tedious. Unlike fighting the elites of brutes, there were no tactics involved.

Also they were very unsatisfying to kill. Need those pools of covenant blood and interaction between elites, grunts and brutes! #4.1
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Personally I think the PS4 have the least appealing game library of the 3, at least for games I would enjoy playing. #52.1
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Lol Carolyn Petit? The token cross dresser on the team?

I'm pretty sure all he's there for is too incite controversy (and therefore hits) with his SJW reviews. #5.1.1
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Red Dead Redemption
Halo 3
Battlefield Bad Company 2
TES: V Skyrim #4
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The series peaked at DW4, 5 was still awesome, but 6 was terrible.

6 empires was such a downgrade from 5 empires.

The Jin faction from 7 was slightly interesting, but they got way to invested in effeminate male characters, pointless female characters (which seem to simply be there to implement boob physics) and in some cases, characters who simple did not exist.

Granted 8 did hold my attention for a while, but i didn't like the dual weapo... #2.1.2
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In no particular order:

Master Chief
Crash Bandicoot
Duke Nukem
Banjo & Kazooie
Tommy Vercetti
John Marston
Conker #17
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The irony of the Colonial Marines image with this award... #3
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So what are the chances of this becoming a franchise on Wii U/3DS?

If it was to become a permanent franchise do you think it would lead to Pokemon leaving SSB? #6
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Meh, while most religions have done things wrong in the past I cant see christianity being the worst. Burning witches, the crusades are probably their low points, yet at the same time another religion was deeply routed in those crusades.

Something that keeps coming up is that a certain religion has views which Christianity grew out of almost 500 years ago. While said religion is about 800 years younger that Christianity, so by that logic, theres only 300 more years of retard... #8.3.1
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Lol thats retarded, what about the IRA? #9.2
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Guess it must be the slowest news day of the year. #3
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Lol what, but I hate Mass Effect and love Fallout?

Still Elder Scrolls>Fallout #4
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While this news is promising lets hope it does not turn into a 'Too Human', 'Duke Nukem Forever' or, god forbid a 'Last Guardian'.

However, I have recently been playing a lot of N64 and PS1 games and have realised that most people seem to be totally oblivious to how much better gamers have it now with patches and updates.

Its like we have all forgotten about when games used to launch with major issues which were only able to be fixed b... #6
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