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Wow apart from Eddie the dlc characters are extremely lacking.

Such a shame with the lack of Batista, Mysterio, RVD.

And despite being almost impossible to include due to contracts or controversy it's still a shame to not have Hogan, Angle, Benoit, or the Hardyz :(

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Just seems like another generic list with little thought put into it. After playing Unity on Xone over the past few weeks (£1.99 on CDKeys!) Its massively underrated, it really tried to get back to what made 2 good, while at the same time pushing further into multiplayer with the co-op aspect. Maybe they tried to do too much at once (Hence the launch issues), but IMHO its a hell of a better game than Syndicate or 3.

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The art style is pretty cool, but holy f*ck that trailer voice over is terrible.

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Meh I'd rather simply see them make AC Rogue Backwards Comptible with Xbox One.

I'm sure that is the game that most people, especially early adopters, never got to play.

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I just want them to rerelease that four swords anniversary ds ware game.

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Nooo, your ignorant... Ignorant...

And still after reading the 4 and a half paragraphs of text, my previous comment stands.

The game sounds terrible and there is no split screen to redeem it.

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Its definitely a worse game.

Unity's launch may have been a mess, but playing it recently and its massively underrated. Up there with 2 & 4 as one of the best.

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Whats the point of making these on 3DS, the one redeeming factor of the majority of Mario sports games is the splitscreen.

Seems almost as dumb as putting Mario Party on DS... oh wait

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So no Batista, Rob Van Dam, Eddie Guerrero or Rey Mysterio? :(

Also i'm still hoping for a selection of retro attires for The Rock/Triple H/Undertaker/etc

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Yeah sounds about right, I agree though, I definitely want something more substantial than Left Behind.

Luckily I played it as part of the Remaster on PS4 so wasn't 'too' disappointed, but man if id been waiting for the dlc to drop on PS3, i think it would have a left a sour taste.

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I think the problem is that people were led to believe there was more to the game.

That if they just got through that initial slog, then they would eventually see some of the really cool things from the trailer.

If anything i'd blame the people online who were blindly fanboying to protect the game.

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Any news on the single player content?

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Lol no.

I have no shame in calling myself a Halo fan, but 4 almost killed the franchise for me.

Promethean's were so boring to fight and the final quick time event was a joke.

The multiplayer was far to easy and lacked skill compared to the rest of the franchise.

The game has the honor, imho, of being the worst multiplayer and single player.

And just incase you'd forgotten in 2012 Far Cry 3...

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Guess what... I disagree.

1- Halo 3
2- Halo 5
3- Halo CE

Plus Co-op in ODST, especially splitting up in Mombassa Streets and looking for Intel was actually awesome.

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I've only just realised that GoW is following the same route as Halo...

Halo - 1, 2, 3, Prequel, 4, 5,
GoW - 1, 2, 3, Prequel, 4,

If if follows halo too closely we might as well just skip the prequel & 4th and wait for the 5th entry to redeem the franchise.

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Just like the dogfighting and airships.

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That's my bad, I guess I'm just associating BFs with DICE still, the thing is BF4 is pretty much a staple on PC online, but even that doesn't give me confidence in them making a WW2 after this. They'll end adding some ridiculous, weapon attachments or plain dumb concepts, like s blimp for the losing side...

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Exactly, but they are butchering WW1

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Given their recent track record with Hardline & Battlefront and the direction BF1 appears to be going... I actually don't think I trust them to make a good WW2 game :(

...and that's all I've wanted them to do since BC2

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The stupidest thing is that if you go back to the game now and compare the Rookie to Master Chief in combat on Legendary, the Rookie can actually take more damage before dying... That was something that always bugged me,

But 4 of us splitting up to go find data logs was pretty cool.

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