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"Reap it Murphy, you son of a bitch!"


So no multiplayer? :( that really is disappointing #2
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Bullshit, nuts & bolts is one of the most underated games of all time. People just got pissy because it wasn't a traditional banjo game. #4
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Such a shame the series is so much worse now than it was back in its 4/5th iterations.

Smh #3
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Such as shame most of them are sh*tty eastern games or indies.

Bring back the Spyros, Crash Bandicoots & Jak & Daxters.

*EDIT* Oh God its actually worse than I thought... theres like 10 games on each page, but literally only one real game per page. By real I mean a physical disc release, not just some indie stuff. #16
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games need to install on wii u too, but its like 4gb :') #1.2.1
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Meh I have some issues with unravel.

Firstly Its seems way too similar to Little big planet & Yoshi's wooly World/Kirbys Epic Yarn.

Secondly the presentation was such a scam, sticking some ridiculously nervous guy on stage to try and garner sympathy/support for there obviouly lacking game. #3
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really seems to be the story of this gen, well that and remasters/sequels. #4.1
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The hypocrisy on this site is hilarious, imagine if MS only showed 2 real exclusives, filled their conference with multiplat games (some of which aren't even timed), a bunch of indies, asked people for money to fund the a new banjo game and to top it all off the trailer for a new halo crashed.

From the reaction some "people" have given Sony tonight it could very well be the greatest E3 ever! /s #13.3.2
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Because games in development for decades always turn out to be amazing! /s

Looks and Duke Nukem Forever & Too Human...

Sonys conference was a let down Uncharted looked amazing and horizon and journey have crazy potential but everything else was either multiplat, indie or just plain uninteresting. #13.1.1
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Its going to sound so childish, but why are there 4 female spartans?

If I play 4 player co-op its going to turn into L4D2 again where everybody refused to play as Rochelle :(

I wish it was more like ODST firefight where you could select your spartan from a choice of like 10. #8
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LOL i haven't been happy with a BioWare game since 2003. #19
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then buy a wii u for local get togethers and keep your xbox one for online/singleplayer #37.2.1
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Lol that's pretty insulting to halo :') it was more like a chromosome lacking love child of Gears of War and some low budget, wonkey controlled attempt at an FPS. #34.1
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I dont really see the need for the GOW remaster or this "Nathan Drake Collection".

TBH it seems like its being released to counter the "Master Chief Collection", especially given its title, but it also seems really dumb. How many Uncharted games were there that didn't star Nathan Drake?

Plus he's not exactly a famous name, if you polled how many people who know Nathan Drake or Master Chief I think you'd have a pretty one sided... #6.2
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-- Reported by the community --
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nothing happened :( http://fallout.bethsoft.com... #40
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It still pisses me off that they messed up the timeline of the brutes betraying the elites, It would have been much more interesting to have been fighting Elites in New Mombassa. #3.1.1
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If firefight returns I hope it comes with Forge access for creating our own maps. #1.3
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Hmmmn I think they're could be a lot more exciting prospects coming than this list.

Red Dead sequel
Fallout 4
Crash Bandicoot/Spyro remaster
Halo 5
Age of Empires
Banjo Kazooie #8
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Lol thats society for you, the smallest proportion make the loudest noise and ruin it for everyone else.

You can see it in gaming/sports/films and now more than ever society is losing all its morals. #19.1
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