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We bought the beta version lol but seriously though this games multi is worse than MW2 in my opinion.

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I can't stand cheaters in the games anyways, I mean real cheaters.

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do it and I'm gone, seriously, i'll trade it all in on a PS3 the same day. $100 dollars a year would be exploitation. $50 dollars is bad enough. What they need to do is get a price reduction! Get even MORE users online and make money that way. Not the other way around.

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when i play a game like GTA or Saint Row the fact that I can do almost anything I want is great. I would rather have fun than realism, lookin at you GTA. I thought it was a better title than GTA minus the glitches, bugs and small graphic details.

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you have no idea what you are talkin about, there is no reoccuring fee. it $29. thats it. ur just mad cuz 2-3 years after upgrading for 100 bucks you're upgrading again. Just buy a Mac and it wont happen lol

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cant wait to see it

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tanks completely limit the use of snipers on large maps. The thing with larger maps is u should be able to snipe. Tanks completely hinder that to the piont where u cant even get to a good spot.

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Hahaha, Microsoft is just mad because for the past 2 years their market share is being chipped away at an increasing rate.

I just bought a Macbook and it works so well and I can run ALL THE APPLICATIONS I WANT AT ONCE and it doesnt slow down. The only thing holding me back is well.....nothing, it has everything. Also, believe it or not it is a great gaming computer. I love it and cant wait for Snow Leopard.

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I think so, as my grampa used to say, "u can buy a POS that'll last ya a year or u can spend a lil extra and get something that'll last a whole lot longer."

i think that is exactly what u get compare Microsoft to Apple. POS that u have to get the securirty for, crashing and all that, BUT U SAVED MONEY lol Microsoft Windows.........or u can get a computer that actually runs and does so very well, Apple

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this is a great point. i'd like to think Microsoft will do what he says they should and hit the tennis ball back to sony. This is the greatness of console wars

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1. forza is at least 2 years old. 2 I would hope GT5's graphics are better cuz for as long as the game has been in development, it should have better graphics. im sure forza 3 will have better graphics than GT 5. its the way of the world

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cuz u have no idea what the gun is. it semi auto just like several others in the game. i cant believe so many are hating on this. its all for fun

ps you can also use what looks like an electric guitar and u dont see guitar hero haters up in arms sayin thats its stupid, cuz its all for fun

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love it

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The story was terrible. I wasnt interested in it at all.
The AI is completely idiotic and respawn WAY to quickly. This is extremely frustrating! It would be ok if it was easier to kill them much like in Halo or COD but these guyz dont wanna die.
IF you wanna drive or boat anywhere, IT SUCKS! Because of mountains you cant avoid guard posts and towns. They say there is 20 square mile to explore but half the damn map is mountains or deserts that you cant climb or drive through.

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lolol but really this should be a great game

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this video implies that Playstation owners are Nazis

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presidon't American't lol

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They are definitely pushing Hi Def Downloadable Content and theyre soon to be Golden Goose Netflix will make us all push the download button a few more times.

buts its great to hear that microsoft is planning to push even more systems, makes me wonder if theyve got some up their sleeve??

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will it have enough support to really get off the ground

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