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Sorry man, our freedom of speech went down the drain after the attacks of 9/11.

Go complain to those morons who made bomb jokes at their national airports.

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Please bring a PC port to Steam.

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I'm just hoping KH3 doesn't become like a hallway simulator like Kingdom Hearts 2 and BBS.

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Sony should take notes from this bundle. /s

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There's no limit on the number of words/letters you can implement into the N4G (News 4 Gamers) comment box so why can't you just tell us the full names of these games instead of putting them into acronyms? As far as I'm concerned, you're spouting a lot of fake names for games which we don't even know.

@WeAreLegion and KarmaV12

Thank you, thank you very much. See Foehammer? That wasn't so hard listing these games at their full names was...

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Buying a PS4 for 99% off, but one can only dream. Otherwise you can do the sneaky five finger discount. ;)

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I've been noticing a trend lately. I haven't yet to see a AAA PS4/Xbox One game so far, nor have these anticipated games been receiving excellent reviews so far.

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I wouldn't mind if Gamespot closed down soon. Their glory days back in the early 2000s are long gone.

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There will come a time in the future when Capcom will go bankrupt or sold to another company.

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I hope the enemy respawns can be quick though. I don't want to walk like half a mile away, and when I arrive back the enemies will finally returned.

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Tekken 4 will always be my favorite Tekken. It's true that it has a smaller roster compared to 3, 5, and 6, but I've always loved the fighting system which wasn't always based on body juggling. Furthermore the music was flatout awesome which made the environments feel so real. Lastly I liked how each character felt so mature and with modern personalities like in our today's society, unlike 5 and 6 where many of the characters were just plain silly and dumb.

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Never been a fan of sandbox games so yay for me! :D

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Then again how are we supposed to know that these guys are telling the truth? How are we supposed to know they're keeping their word when they say that their games is fully polished?

See that's one aspect which they ought to earn from the gaming community: Trust.

If game developers can't keep up to their word to their fans, what is the point of constantly buying their games? That is why I don't trust Square-Enix anymore when it comes to PC por...

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Likewise I had about four games: Legend of Zelda OOT, Star Wars, Super Mario 64, Bomberman 64.
It had never crossed my mind that these games were like $40-$60 back during that time period.

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Why aim down the sights of the rifles and pistols? Why do that animation of climbing obstacles? Is this Halo 5: Call of Duty edition?

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Remember there is a white-line difference between Halo 3 and Halo 4. Halo 4 wasn't supposed to be Halo 3.5 by adding slightly new elements here and there, but rather change or otherwise revamp the multiplayer and campaign in various different ways.

That I'll give 343i a 1+ point.

However since these changes like sprint, ADS, and killstreaks did more harm than good toward the multiplayer, I expect them to take the conservative route like following Halo...

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It's never going to come out. /s

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Team Fortress 2 mimic and no Warcraft 4.

Blizzard has yet again failed to exceed my expectations.

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So no The Division on Steam? :(

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