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Shh, don't bring any attention to it.

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I actually liked Connor more than smug-ass Ezio.

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I know right? That Sony presentation could put any man to sleep.

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However, he didn't name any specific titles that are new IPs. "Beyond" looks really intersting but the "Agent" game seems to be a dropped title.
P.S Him commenting on an article about IPs automatically makes it related to them hence making him susceptible to critism on his misinformed answer

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I guess someone fell for the flamebait trap....

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Remove all sequels and potentially you have 2 new IPs from that list.

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They do have new IP's though:
e.g. xenoblade
wonderful 101,
yoshi yarn,
and more TBA.
The WiiU is 2-3 month old give it some time to conjure more IPs. It's seems it's fanboyism to a single console that is trapping the Nintendo.

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Another indie team decides to work with nintendo it's they have quite a good eshop.

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So you actually think it's too power consuming?
(The WiiU is the "greener" console.)

Also that the it's too bulky?
(Which might be the case for some people but, honestly if I a 5'3 15 y/o teenager w very small hands thinks the dualshock is too small it obviously has design problems.)

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What makes you think it's being outsold?

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Im pretty sure the government is in favour of region-locking, but lets just wait and see.

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Very true... but it's nice not having to get up to grab the remote to change the input, and then picking up another remote to change the channel.

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It was actually down for a week and it got fixed yesterday.

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Madden doesn't really scream day one buy.

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I know the game has some short comings but I also know it deserves more than 2/10.

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I'm pretty sure you read that on the tablet has less lag than on a TV. An HDTV with 720p should look way better than a tablet.

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That is one of an indie dev's problem. That's why alot of them debut on the PC and later port to console.

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Most indie games don't require a multi-touch so, i don't really see a problem.

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I hate to say it, but the wii U name is starting to grow on me.

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Im not sure if it as easy as AC2 or if it was on easy difficulty. Even though my expectations aren't too high I just hope you don't have to use the counter button over and over again.

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