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I'm a black dude and I don't want any separate ship I want respect and equality and the ship that I'm already going to. Mainly I want every video game to have dreadlocks as an option. Then I'm all good.

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I'm sorry.

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This is exactly why I don't own a saw me, so I'm just not into those games I really don't like single player especially if I'm going to have to follow a linear path.

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Yes new graphics if you choose. But none you have to buy to function favorably.

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more and more and more gadgets and accessories that you have to buy just to make your system work correctly is what's next.

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@schn0dd3r The game I play most is Elite Dangerous. Please Have yourself a seat.

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A Nintendo representative is talking about variety... variety? Variety. Lmao these guys are on drugs.

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I hate Genji.

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They should make a ginormous game where you go all over the Galaxy doing space pirate stuff! Pew pew

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I'm 31 years old and I've been gaming since I was four, as an adult gamer I like to see intellectual properties grow and mature. The company that has had the absolute most lackluster offerings over the last 15 years of my life is Nintendo.

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Who gives a flying f*** about this goddamn for real it I'm never coming to I'm blocking it.

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Elite dangerous just came out on PlayStation 4 go play a real game

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Game sucks, I'd say. If you meet a new person and you're having sex with them and it's only good at the beginning and you have to force your way through the rest of it, it would normally be considered bad. No?

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I get so tired of a clickbait, Crackdown has nothing to do with this game they should have just talked about the game itself.

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Only four reasons I can actually think of outside of a hardware or software malfunction.
You suck.
The game sucks.
You didn't have time.
You aren't a gamer.

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I and most others prefer controllers, not knowing the controls and bad controls are absolutely not the same thing you literally don't know what you're talking about. Yes it takes a long time to learn how to play the game completely because it's a very steep learning curve, that's why the game tells you to do all of the tutorials but I bet you didn't do that because that's too smart.

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You can customize every single input and almost any combination. You don't know what you are talking about. They also have an flight sim controller.

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It's already big on Xbox, we play almost every day.

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EXACTLY! If you felt like you got burned at all with the first one. Get ready to bend over again. If you loved Destiny 1 all the way though you will love being bent over again.

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I played, and there is no need or requirement for fireteam to be 1 each of each class, we beat almost everything with a bunch of warlocks and titans with one hunter every time. Your fluff is invalid.

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