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Short term success that may have doomed Nintendo in the long run. Maybe.

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Xbox one launched with Killer Instinct free.

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God damn right! I stay fresh!

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That sounds dreadful, I would have killed you all anyway. Fight back and die or just die, makes no difference to me.

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I'm 30 and I dislike what nintendo has been doing because I like games that grow with the times. I just expect games to evolve. I play many games today that I played 20 years ago and most of them have come a long way and have advanced quite a bit.

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It's sad because they have so much potential. They need better leadership.

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Nintendo has always had trouble with HD games.

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Lol congratulations on the ability to spend money on whatever you are told to.

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This is why I hate gaming new over half the time. Most of it is not news. Years ago news was once news. If gearbox said they were shutting it down that would be the time for news.

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Titanfall2 is amazing

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I hope it's just for a few days b/c I paid $60 for this 4 days later it's $30. I played the first religiously, and I think 2 is slightly better with more content overall, single player is plenty hard on Master, and the game play is much more balanced than the first.

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Yep sold good but not to gamers, so fail.

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Ubisoft has been selling broken games for so long and people didn't go for it this time. Gamers buy from companies they have faith in overall.

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Go thing I only bought B1

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If there is even a single gun that you can get on Xbox I won't be buying it.

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Yes! I'm playing The Mass Effect Trilogy right now.

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I'm not sure their games are mediocre they're just all broken. Which makes them worse than mediocre! I learned my lesson from Ubisoft I'm not ever going to let them burn me again. The division is still unplayable. Fool me once...

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It's better slightly often when I'm playing it's not a lot but it doesn't maybe every 9 steps and it's annoying as hell Battlefield 1 on the other hand it is the same good old Battlefield. So they tie.

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