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Better than Elite Dangerous?

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Or you could say this is super regular or extra... ordinary. I have way way more savage sprees with Tracer.

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Smite is awesome and this isn't a clone. Development started here first.

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You sir are correct. Wing up Darth Zoolu is my gamertag.

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Power and convenience is the point. DERP

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I see no reason to buy NX or PS4 because I don't care about their exclusive games. I kinda only play Western Games racers, and shooters. Plus I need the best network.

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That was enough to make me laugh out loud.

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This can be the best space sim out. If it helps development I say do it (as a greedy Xbox and PC gamer.

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I forgot I owned this game. One day I will learn my lesson about buying digital.

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Millions like it?

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One of the cheapest 4k blu ray players is a Xbox One S. Cheap and good at it.

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Go get Elite Dangerous.

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Metroid is my favorite nintendo game. Prime on GC was one of the best games ever. Could you imagine a world where Nintendo games actually mature it at the same rate as the gamers. Metroid should have been on the scale of Mass Effect.

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This is sooooo right.

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I have enough games to never buy any game at launch. It WILL go on sale. It is not worth $60. Or in this case $80 This whole industry is about demand. Development is "expensive" because that's the perfect excuse to charge us more for less. Fallout 4 was easier to make than Fallout 1 or 2 but costs way more at time of purchase. My opinion with facts sprinkled in. Rant over.

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=) anytime

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I will never play Destiny again.

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Exactly! Plus if you pay $60 for a game normally you are stuck with it so people playing it 50 hours trying to see if it's going to get better is normal. I paid $100 for the division the first few days it Rock from that point on it's been horrible. I didn't ask for a refund immediately because I didn't know it was going to turn horrible.

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Easy solution is a voting system, make crazy players play together. Easy way to vote the Guy only moving enough to not get kick, or the Mei player that blocks the doors on purpose, or the flyers checking to see how far out of bound they can make it. Trash talk tho, who gives a damn about that. They should make a server for people that actually play the objective.

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