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Not all, just many, some of them are fire!

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Still overrated.

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All of this was to be expected though. The gaming industry has taught us so much since the 80s yet we continue to not pay attention.

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Well you must be new to Destiny. The beta test continues.

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And they killed it. I get stuck in this game. Even when I die I realize I could have lived.

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That's what I've been saying Dark Souls isn't hard at all compared to a bunch of old Nintendo games.

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I agree Dark Souls isn't actually that hard Ninja Gaiden black isn't actually that hard and cuphead isn't actually that hard you just got to get used to it.

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Dark Souls isn't that hard!

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Derp de derp

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I'm gonna buy a 4TB HDD if I need the space.

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Yeah just make sure that you saying in public when people like me are around, also hopefully your teeth have a strong connection to your mouth.

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People don't understand that Gamers take our industry serious. For most of us this is our favorite art form. We don't like people who don't play games or know anything about games making all the money an our community. I want to hear what the real Gamers say about a game in a review.

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All of that Nintendo is making you hallucinate.

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I feel like Nintendo is a drug that makes people hallucinate.

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Lmao, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice I may be a dumbass.

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If this is one of the best that you've ever played still to this day then you haven't played any current first person shooters. When something improves especially over a broad spectrum it means that this stuff is better now. Skyrim is better than Zelda. Period.

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Thank You!

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Xbox gamers shouldn't support this until They release SFV. I'm not buying capcom anything because of it.

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I'm a black dude and I don't want any separate ship I want respect and equality and the ship that I'm already going to. Mainly I want every video game to have dreadlocks as an option. Then I'm all good.

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