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ShadowKnight do you understand what "user created" means? Bethesda is working on their next big game. Users have made a ton of mods on PC since Morrowind. Now some will be available on console. DERP

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Smart Gamers knew this already this is exactly how the PC market works pretty simple and straightforward.

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He has that crazy nintendo look in his eyes, you know that I'm gonna present a gimmick look.

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I agree buffs over nurfs everyday. Also they need to fix a the fucking bugs.

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What is this guy talking about? I guess news is slow right now.

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I had a WiiU, it was a waste of money because I didn't want to play more Mario. I was actually dumb enough to think I would be playing Zelda already, and that they would make a true console Pokémon and Metroid. But I was dumb and my WiiU collected dust for 2 whole years before I sold it.

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If they drop down in gear score then it's all about skill at that point, so I don't see the problem. This article is rubbish. Also do you just assume the other guy dropped down because he's good? How do you know he's not actually low lvl?

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I play on Xbox and for the last week it's been pretty awesome. I haven't experienced any glitchers in that time. What I have experienced is a ton of players with decent gear scores that are bad at playing the Division. Had a group of lvl 185 to 190 had to pick them up countless times and had to hit torrents and run bomb myself with my own survival link every time because they all wanted to use the tech link or whatever, I don't even know the name because it's garbage.

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Why do you think that? That's not what Nintendo normally does.

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I just want games, is that too much to ask? Big Huge Nintendo games with regular controllers, 50gb Zelda, or Metroid and a powerful network.

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I learned to expect small things from nintendo, normal things that gamers expect shouldn't be expected. Like a full fledged CONSOLE POKÉMON! I'm done with Nintendo Fool me once, fool me twice, fool me three times, not gonna happen a forth time.

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Crackdown will be the most important game of the Generation. If it delivers people will flock to it. Then maybe we will actually see the future. IMO there has not been a true advancement since Games like Morrowind hit PC. Things have changed but not truly new. VR is about it.

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This was originally a MS idea.

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I care about power because it makes more possible in a game. But I will say this, if Nintendo has the most power or not won't matter if they don't use that power to make Big and Complex games. Metroid needs to be huge! As big as Mass Effect 1 at the very least! Power means nothing if you don't use it and use efficiently.

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I far on the left. We don't support pedophilia. If she was fired because she was once a prostitute shame on Nintendo. What is this chick wants people to f*** children so she definitely can't be working for a company that only has games for children.

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No man's sky is on PC I thought?

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Mine collected dust, a lot of dust! Dreamcast was amazing! The plug was pulled because of the ability to copy games. WiiU and Dreamcast are not even similar in situation.

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I highly doubt it will be more powerful than the X1. Just because that's not gimmicky enough for Nintendo. There is no way that they will just spend money on power alone release a console with a regular controller and make some games that people other than, Zelda,Mario,Smash, and Kart fans will like. Make me a massive Metroid game. there has to be a gimmick

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I agree, Xbox One has kept me happy, I've not had a single moment of nothing to play. I has collected Zero dust.

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1 was the best

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