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They have absolutely no reason to.

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The Conquest game mode is hardly exclusive to Battlefield. It is Domination in Call Of Duty and many other things in many other franchises. It's also not complicated to add. It's just they don't want to develop non-linear maps and vehicles with purpose other than going in a straight line.

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The message in this article is atrocious. Shocker that the campaign is used to introduce you to the weapons, mechanics and vehicles of Battlefield 1. Why would anyone want that? The story was also fantastic. If anything, it displays exactly why Battlefront DOES need some form of campaign, and even better, gives a blueprint for exactly how to do it. If there were six smaller two hour levels in Battlefront that helped tell six different unique Star Wars stories, it would have been incredible, b...

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That "article" was 85% ads 5% article 10% blank space.

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Such an ignorant statement. I own two PS4's, two Xbox One S's and a gaming PC that is housing a GTX1080. Am I such an awful gamer for playing Contest Of Champions and Injustice on my phone? Are all my friends not gamers because they enjoy Clash Royale? People on mobile are every bit a gamer as someone on 3DS or Vita.

This study only shows usage with Paypal. I would never trust my Paypal account on PS4, and I don't use it on Xbox either. I buy cards and insert t...

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Agreed. The auto-lock was not intended and they are going to fix it. People should realize this by now and unlock it. Can't be expected 100% of the time but still.

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Agreed with Kombatologist but I wonder if the indicator that says how close a medic is, does that only show up if they actually DO have a syringe? Or does it just show up if someone is medic class. Would be good to know. Would ease my rage when I don't get the revive haha.

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Very much this.

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I now own the original and the Gears Of War 4 version and I can't use another controller. Love them.

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I'll save everyone some time. According to the article, you need to play the game to rank up.

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Why would they do that? It is one of the top selling franchises year in and year out and the fans have shown absolutely ZERO sign of giving up. Why should they stop because of anything you say? I think they are going to go ahead and make their next billion dollar game and laugh all the way to the bank while you whine about it on internet message boards.

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Could you have picked a worse example than Gears Of War and Halo to ask if those studios can do something else? The Coalition just made their first ever Xbox game in Gears Of War 4. 343 Industries has only made two Halo games, with their third coming next year. You do understand that Bungie and Epic are, in fact, making something "different" now right?

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Here's better advice: Maybe just accept that I decided VR isn't for me and move on?

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I will pass the info along. Thanks! I don't think this is the right product for me.

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All of this is fair. I've just decided it's not for me. I don't know why this requires so many tears (not necessarily from you)

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@Amiga-guy here read this:


So, videos of me playing it and I went ahead and took the unit out of the box and it's on my desk. And tomorrow it goes back to Amazon. Consider yourself sufficiently REKT.

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I haven't tried it?





I don't think you know how to read. I am out on VR all together. It's pretty sad that you can't just accept someone doesn't blow a load over your little wittle precious toy. I said it was fun, just not for me, and the lens fog up is 100% a no deal for me. And to help you since you can't read, all my complaints can probably be made about VR in general. Did you get that? So I am out on VR. Anyone that goes through someone's comment history to find out if they like anothe...

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I have one sitting on my table that I ordered from Amazon as an impulse buy. I was really torn on whether I wanted to do it. My friend brought his over before I opened it and I am so glad, because I am sending this thing back. For me, the problem is that the lens fogs up constantly. I've tried everything with the flaps and it does not matter. I also have beyond 20/20 vision and the game was constantly out of focus. The amount of wires involved is also a little over the top. Most of these...

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I just got the military green Xbox One S and I love it https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Logitech is supposed to have a line of Battlefield 1 products but for the life of me I can't find where they have them for sale and they are completely non-responsive. I want to give them $$$ for their new gaming surface. Maybe even the keyboard. But WTF how do they not at least have more info about them?

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