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They sent me about 15 emails today about my Disney INFINITY 2.0 pre-order saying it would be available tomorrow. This got me excited, until an hour later they sent another email saying "OOPSY, our bad, no early release for you." I hate pre-ordering from them and I only did it because I have Gamer Unlocked and get 20% off. Considering all the crap I am getting for that game, it pays for itself twice over, but it's annoying to be told your stuff is ready and then be told it's... #4
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There is nothing sad about this and no one would be wrong for wanting to experience it. It's not for me but I don't see the problem. I would also 100% support version that let's females enjoy whatever it is about the male/female body they like in a game.

I'm so tired of being told what my morals are supposed to be. Play what you like, be who you like, like what you like and don't let anyone tell you that you are wrong for feeling that way. #42
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So when they got to make all the decisions themselves, they made essentially the same decisions. Good to know. #15.2.1
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I'm not sure how making nearly the exact same game is liberating. Liberating to me would be if you went from making something like Resistance to making Sunset Overdrive. Or even better, going completely out of your wheelhouse and doing something completely different from what you are known for.

I'm not saying Destiny is Halo, but it's the same structure, the same sort of thought process, the same theme. Maybe they are glad to be working on something that is not c... #15
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Cloud emulation is not backwards compatibility. Backwards compatibility is having a disc in hand and putting it in the drive and having it work. #16.1.3
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Do you really need one? It's not happening. Ever. On either console. #16.1
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I can't support this. I really want it for my collection because my favorite NHL player is on the cover. That's a terrible reason to give a company $60 for a game that is so massively lacking. This is actually quite pathetic and everything that is wrong with EA.

I am sure I will get it at some point, but not until it is down to $20. This is just pure disrespect. They basically took out everything that doesn't directly involve micro-transactions.

... #4
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How you feel about the ad is completely dependent on which team you root for. The PS kids are mad, the Xbox kids think it's great.

That is the hilarious part. More of the same. #38
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I would absolutely love to play on console. I literally bought my PC to be able to play this game and loved my time in it, but I am just more of a console guy and would love to figure out a way to play it there.

I would much prefer a KOTOR3, though. #22
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I really wish 2K still made NHL games. I had completely transitioned to 2K by the time they had to drop it because their crappy baseball game was killing them. I haven't bought the EA game since. I am ONLY buying it this year because Patrice Bergeron is on the cover and I am a massive Bruins fan, but now I even feel like I don't want to do that. Not that I play the mode, but I have two friends that absolutely adore it and it's one of the only games they buy each year and they are... #16
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That thing is pretty sharp. I'd get one, but... Call Of Duty. But it's super awesome looking. #8
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Copyrighted music. Copyrighted music. Copyrighted music. Copyrighted music. Copyrighted music.

I'm repeating myself because I don't know how people aren't grasping the concept. If you don't own copyright on the music, you don't get to pick how it is used. Feel lucky they aren't being forced to block it from the live streams, because I guarantee that is next on the docket from the copyright holders.

Getting mad at Twitch is useless, b... #6
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I got the Magma Red one off eBay straight outta China. Ain't nobody got time for waiting, lol. I may get the white one and trade in my black... not that I need two but whatever haha. #29
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I got one completely out of the blue this morning. Probably because I bought a PS4 through them at launch? #8
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Couldn't agree more. I actually wouldn't mind going back to some 16v16 servers on Conquest for a change... #22.1.1
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I'm as big a Battlefield guy as they come. I own it with Premium on X1, PS4 and PC and did the same on BF3 and BFBC2. I've played pretty much every Battlefield title. It's been so hard to be a fan of Battlefield 4. Every time I came back there was something new wrong. The lag was it for me. If it is truly fixed, I can't wait to finally experience the game working right... #22
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Loved the last two. Hopefully this is similar. I can dig it. #4
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Meh... I'll just get it on PS4. I'd rather play it on Xbox One but the Youtuber in me won't let me wait that long, lol. #4
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I enjoyed this way more on Xbox 360 than I did on PC. I can't wait for it to launch with everything on PS4 (though I'd prefer if it came out on Xbox One, but so far doesn't look to be the case). I'll play it all over again on either new console. LOVE it with a control.

Can you use a control on PC now? I may just pick up Reapers on PC if you can... #5
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My favorite FTP game is Marvel Heroes, even though I have spent more money on it than any other game ever. If I wanted to play completely free, I could... but man it's just too fun to not want everything NOW haha... #3
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