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It's too bad it doesn't even work on Wii U and WB/TT don't even want to acknowledge

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IIIIIIIIIIIIIII considered it. Can't do it. Love Geralt and The Witcher series but if I am paying that much for a statue, I'll get the Sideshow Collectibles Deathstroke figure. Which, by the way, I will also never own. But man that looks awesome.

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Pre-ordered. Already have the white one for my living room and wasn't planning on changing out my office launch console until Scorpio but I love the Military Green. I'm not sure many people will appreciate it unless they have been in the military or grew up around it. My Pops was a Marine and if any of you have a parent that was a Marine, you'll understand when I say you served with them :-P

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For me it is. That answer is not necessarily the same for everyone. But I adore it.

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Best controller I have ever owned and I don't even use the paddles. I can see why people would and I think it's more me not wanting to learn how to use them then not actually wanting to, but the controller itself has been worth every penny to me. I can't even use the new controller that came with my Xbox One S. It feels like a toy.

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In other news, water is wet.

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I always "download" or claim all four titles just to own the digital license, even if I already own the game on disc. It just means I can put the disc away and always have access, or I can store them and play later if I want. I hate racing games but who knows, I it takes nothing to hit the download button and then cancel so you at least have it in your inventory just in case.

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It's nice looking, but sad it's not wireless. Still have my original Titanfall controller and love it. Wired is not awful but I'd prefer to have the freedom to choose. I'll probably pass.

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It's too bad Sony is copyright striking people that are doing these unboxing videos. Complete misuse of the system.

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LOL NOPE. Not even close.

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I have probably played about an hour and a half of the game on PS4 and had it crash two times. Reported both times. I don't buy this for a second unless EVERYONE that has issues just doesn't hit the report button, which again, takes two seconds, so why wouldn't you?

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Squirrel Girl is literally the worst comic book character ever.

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Actually, people's knowledge of how Bluetooth works is lame.

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Aww isn't that cute? Throw around a bunch of adorable sentences full of self-importance and try to act like you're some sort of smarty pants because you literally got demolished. You LITERALLY said "but it's turned into nothing but ports of old "Arcade" games nobody asked for that have been on PC and countless other systems for years" and now you want to pretend you didn't. What a clown. Shocker that the companies behind the arcade games are lining up to co...

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Shocker that Bluetooth is a one to one connection. Like, who knew?

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You certainly love speaking in the hypothetical and hyperbole. It's like you know there isn't someone at Microsoft already asking publishers about adding BC titles to the collection. Like publishers are somehow naive that this is a thing that exists and need either Microsoft or fans to knock on their door and beg them to add it. Nope, it's all on the fans. They need to kick down doors and beg. It's not the publishers deciding what to do. It's not companies who no longer in...

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How so? You were literally given directions on how to understand why your comment is completely ignorant to the process by looking at the post directly above yours. Microsoft can only put games into backwards compatibility with the publisher's consent. No consent, no BC. And it's not a matter of pushing a button. There is work that goes into prepping the game to be available to be read by the disc drive, installed and played. There is nothing about it that is a joke. It is a free serv...

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One hidden aspect I LOVE is the power and eject button. I can't even tell you how many times my dog has sniffed my Xbox One and turned it on or I've grazed it and ejected a disc. Now it's an actual button that presses in and it's perfect.

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Mine arrives tomorrow. Stoked.

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Wouldn't be difficult to use one of the MANY for 3-7 day passes I've had come with games before once every five years if not for the fact that this is probably going to effect no one that actually uses Xbox with any regularity. Honestly, if you end up losing your gamertag because of this, you probably won't even notice.

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