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Wouldn't be difficult to use one of the MANY for 3-7 day passes I've had come with games before once every five years if not for the fact that this is probably going to effect no one that actually uses Xbox with any regularity. Honestly, if you end up losing your gamertag because of this, you probably won't even notice.

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I love it how everyone on this site pretends exclusives are the only games that exist. Get over yourself. There is literally an unending supply of games for both major consoles and PC. If you run out of games to play on any format, you probably need to go outside.

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Can't wait for mine. And then I'll get Scorpio when it is out. I have two Xbox One's now and I will just shift the S up to my living room TV where I don't play as much and use the 4K player a lot. My main console is in my office. All I have to do is unplug my hard drive, plug it in to the S or Scorpio and BOOM, it's like it was there all along.

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@arijitfrens2006 - shocker that a new IP did worse than an established franchise. Still irrelevant.

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Idiotic statement. Insomniac has made games for Xbox before and could have done it again and it would have been the EXACT same game as it will be on PS4. This has more to do with Spider-Man going to MCU and Sony getting financial kickbacks in return. Otherwise, again, Insomniac could have EASILY made this multi-platform and it would have sold well on Xbox and PC.

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There's no mixed message. Buy video games and you will be able to play it on all of their platforms. Buy digitally on Xbox and they give you a copy for PC and saves go between platforms. Don't need 4K? Stick with what you have. Want a faster machine and/or 4K? Get one of the faster machines. All seems pretty clear to me. Like, literally no confusion. Xbox games will work on Xbox machines, whether it's the one, S, or Scorpio. Like... crystal clear.

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Let the market decide. Do we need anything at all? No. It will have no impact on anyone. If you want to buy it, buy it. If not, don't. The games will work across the board.

I'll bet most people complaining have no problem upgrading their phone any chance they get. Same principle.

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If you only own a PS4, you're probably creaming yourself over their show. It was a well done show for sure, but even though they showed a lot of games, most of them are nowhere near coming out, and the results are mixed at best. It literally depends on your individual taste. Spider-Man made me extremely happy I own two PS4's, but everything else was just kind of there for me. Some decent stuff to keep my eye on, but for anyone to act like they were blown away is complete hyperbole. ...

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Your analogy is awful. Not even remotely apples to apples. This happens all the time. Companies have had sale prices online that were a mistake and canceled orders. Best Buy once had $100 gift cards on sale for $5 on accident. I tried to buy 20 of them knowing full well I'd get an email saying the order was canceled, and what do you know, I did. Then there are misprints in flyers. You get your Sunday paper, look at the ad and say oh hey, great price, get to the store and they have a sign ...

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So completely stoked for this. I've owned a lot of headsets and worked for Bose, so to say I've been exposed to a lot is an understatement. This is my favorite headset I've ever owned. I just hate being tethered to my controller. Day one purchase.

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Ordered mine but it got backordered. They said they expect it to ship Tuesday or Wednesday though so it could have been worse .

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I ALWAYS claim the 360 games purely because why not, they are free and if I ever want to go back to them I can. It's fantastic. BC is such a huge win. I already own Sunset Overdrive on disc but I'll claim it just to be able to not need to rely on the disc, so even if they are games I already have, it's still a win because having the digital copy makes it that much easier. Love it.

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Incorrect. Download them straight from the console.

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This article was unwarranted.

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He needs to find another hobby because he thinks the free games he's had to choose from over the last two years haven't been of interest to him? That makes a TON of sense.

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You have literally no proof of that. I don't want to upgrade my PC because I don't need to. I can run any game on the market max settings no problem. This is about maximizing my console experience, which I strongly prefer.

Times change. I've purchased five PS4's and four Xbox One's and it's crazy, nowhere on any of the boxes did it say how long it would be before the next one came out. To be able to release an updated console that literally has no pro...

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This is a no brainer to me. Completely optional. So long as it's the same disc between 1/1.5 and 4/4.5 than we're good. No different than choosing graphical settings on PC. PC gaming benefits. Console players benefit. It probably prolongs the life of the X1/PS4. I'd replace both of my Xbox One's and both of my Playstation 4's to make sure I had the best console experience. Everyone wins. You want your launch console to last longer? No problem. Keep doing your thing.

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Why would you even want a console to last 7-10 years? At the rate everything is changing, you would be severely limiting yourself if you are still playing a Xbox One/Playstation 4 7-10 years from now.

This would be completely optional. Like seriously, people make it sound like they have to take out a mortgage to buy a console...

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BlackWolf12 nailed it. The literal point of a review is to give an opinion. New stories have to be objective. Reviews are 100% opinion. I mean if all reviews are supposed to be objective, why not just let the devs write them and call it a day?

Should reviewers be open minded? Absolutely. Should they give full disclosure that they aren't really into shooters if they are reviewing Call Of Duty (just as an example)? Of course. But in it's purest form, a review is one pe...

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It must be a terrible burden to be obligated to watch all these videos. If only the internet gave us the ability to look the other way, but no, it forces us to watch ALL THE VIDEOS.

Because GOD FORBID people find new ways to have fun and be creative. I mean, shame on them. They should stop for your sake.

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