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I'm not really a Halo fan but love these two controllers. With that said, I am super disappointed that they made such an awesome change with the Lunar White and blue Forza 6 controller by adding a rubberized grip to the back and didn't include it on these. These ones look great but in the end, I love the other two so much more because of the grips. Example:

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #8
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They have the special edition Lunar White at Gamestop now and it is even better. Such a sharp controller and it has nice texture to the back #5.1
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I did. That's why I said it puts me under $550 retail. I thought it was fairly obvious. I also figured it would be pretty obvious that the two figures I need to get tomorrow weren't going to cost another $150. But maybe I should have lower expectations as far as reading comprehension is concerned.

The math is ridiculously off. And you should read before you respond. #6.1.1
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I don't believe that number is entirely accurate. I have almost everything right now and I "only" paid $403.77 after 20% discount for Gamer Unlocked at Best Buy. I am only missing the two Toys R Us exclusives Laval and Jay. That puts me under $550 retail. I mean, it's still ridiculous, but $700 AT LAUNCH is not accurate. It will cost well over that eventually though... #6
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I was just pissed I bought a chest engram and it gave me a stupid class item when I really, really, really needed a chest piece. I hate PVP so saving up the legendary marks was a hassle for me.


Exploit or not, Bungie CHOSE to put the three of coin in the game, so as far as I am concerned, they CHOSE to have this happen. EVERYTHING they have done, players hav... #2
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Super fake. #2.1
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Not interested in wired. #5
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I absolutely love, love, love, love my A50's, but as someone else mentioned, I struggle with the mic. Half the time, no one can hear me. The chat adapter is awful. Whoever thought it was a good idea to have the wire permanently attached should sit out the next design meeting. Getting that thing off the controller is a struggle. Sometimes I don't need to use my headset. I'd leave the adapter on if I could but it seems Astro is more concerned with being able to sell replacements. Th... #7
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There are some things that I just can't see translating to live action. Mega Man is certainly high on that list. #7
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Nice unnecessary headphones.

On topic: 2TB for $200? What is this 2007? I got a 5TB drive for $180. #6
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I'm not a fan at all, I'm just the exact type of person you are blasting. I don't make as much as he does but I've pulled in well over six figures during my time on Youtube. And it wasn't by accident. I worked just as hard at it as I did at my "real" job. So maybe instead of being a jealous, cry baby throwing a temper tantrum, how about you make something of yourself instead of being envious of what you don't have? #1.23.2
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Again, queue the lawls at people that just don't get it. This product ALREADY EXISTS for both Xbox and Playstation: https://scufgaming.com/

There is a huge section of the gaming world after this product and Microsoft is just trying to get a piece of the action. People freaking out over it are hilarious. #25
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Temper tantrum much? What's sickening is that people like you complain and cry and moan instead of making something of yourself the way he did. Say whatever you want, got lucky, there's a lot better, whatever, but he put in the time, did the work and good for him in being successful. Maybe put yourself in a better position to succeed instead of bitching about the people that have? #1.23
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I always laugh at people that have a problem with this controller's existence and/or the price. Apparently these people have never heard of SCUF or the fact that this market absolutely exists and it is massive. Don't want it? Don't get it. There are a ton of people who will want it and will pay the premium for it, and guess what? That's OK.

To each their own. Microsoft saw that other companies were having their customers send them their controllers and moddin... #13
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Those are like none of the reasons I dislike the Batmobile. The handling is just awful, and I hated having it forced on me in story missions. If it was there to just enjoy in free roam, no problem, but those Red Hood chases were maddening to me. I am admittedly not good at driving in games. It's just not my thing. I almost stopped playing. Some may say oh well it's not THAT hard but that's not the point. Like 50% of your fighting with Arkham Knight is in a car and that is lame. I... #58
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It's available on Best Buy's website too. Gamer Unlocked made it like $127.

Xbox One: http://www.bestbuy.com/site...

PS4: http://www.bestbu... #6
Got this bad boy pretty much at launch importing from China via eBay. Red is my favorite color so I wasn't waiting for it haha. #7
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This is just for preview members. The full program launches for everyone in the "holidays." More games will be added as time goes on. He VERY SPECIFICALLY said so during the conference, and he very nonchalantly said they just needed approval from devs. #20
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It's rare, but I have seen games on store shelves and been able to buy them before. Once was Guitar Hero Metallica and the other time was Inversion.

Coincidentally, I was at Gamestop Friday and they had a stack of the "new" Payday 2 for Xbox One/PS4 sitting on the counter and I asked if I could buy it and they declined. Worth a shot. #4
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Why does it have to be a comic book game? Maybe they want to try something else? #14
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