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The only thing I have always wished they would do is take the music DLC and give it it's own category. Scrolling through 2493923928 new songs trying to see what new DLC is available has always been annoying. #3
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Makes me feel fortunate that my company gave me a four month warning of my impending layoff. #27
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Fair enough. Better than nothing. #2.1.1
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It's a shame these aren't backwards compatible with 2.0 because I'd rather use them in Marvel themed gameplay than the Toy Box. #2
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I am going to say I bought it skeptically not knowing how much better they could make the controller, but I don't know how to properly describe it, it just feels incredible in your hands. There is no doubt in my mind it is the best controller ever made. I haven't even found a use for the paddles yet. It just feels good. It's a little heavier but super responsive, the grips are super nice, either D pad you can use is great, the triggers are outstanding. It's amazing.
... #4
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Rule of thumb is never buy Xbox Live for more than $35. It's always on sale somewhere for that or less. Don't wait until the last minute. Give yourself a few weeks and you are guaranteed to get it for 35 or less.

I have literally never seen PS+ for less than $40 except once or twice. Mine is up soon and I'll probably have to let it lapse. I've paid 28 and 29 the last two years of Xbox Live and for as little as I use PS+ I mentally can't pull the trigger e... #6
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You missed the point. COMPLETELY. I am always online. And there is a local save file. So yeah, if there is no online, I can't switch, and in the nine months I've owned my home I have not been without internet for even a second. Zero outages. Not the end of the world.

You can put your tinfoil hat away. #17.1.2
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I love having physical copy just because I am a collector but having two Xbox One's that I go back and forth from constantly has made me want to go digital. I can literally save my game, turn off my console downstairs and then go upstairs to my living room and pick up exactly where I left off in no time at all without having to bring the disc back and forth. I've found myself in situations with disc based games where I failed to bring the game with me and while it is not the end of th... #17
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Your opinion of him and his videos is not the point. How much money he makes is irrelevant. The overall point he is making is beneficial to all the "lesser known" Youtubers affected. That is what you should focus on.

Don't we want the biggest voice fighting for the little guy?Because that is EXACTLY what he is doing.

I don't make millions of dollars off Youtube and I am not a fan of his stuff, but I for damn sure am glad he's fighting... #1.6
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@Unreal01 - WTF? He LITERALLY said he just finished Season 1 so Season 2 coming on PS4 couldn't have come at a more perfect time. There is LITERALLY NOTHING fanboyish or negative about Sony in that statement. NOTHING. At all. In any way.

He stated fact. Season 1 is/was just available on Xbox One. Fact. He just finished it. Fact. Now he can go right in to Season 2 free on PS4. Fact.

The only fanboys here are people like you that even give a crap and want... #3.1.3
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There isn't a single one within 250 miles of me so clearly the market says no. And I live 40 miles west of Boston, which means cities like New York, Providence, Albany, Hartford and everything in between is completely sold out. I've searched my brother's ZIP code in Jacksonville, FL and the same thing. Amazon is completely sold out, unless you want to buy one "used" for almost $300. They are going for $250+ on eBay.

The controller is on the level with e... #25
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I mean who care's about the socks? It's only eight extra dollars with GU to get the $30 expansion pass. That is great value. I could care less about the socks. #1.1.1
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You get an additional 20% off ($67.99) with Gamer Unlocked making this a must buy if you plan on getting the game and DLC. #1
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I don't know why but this generation I have been a controller collector. I have every Xbox One controller released and almost all of the PS4 controllers. TO ME, the Xbox One controller is the best, especially the Forza/Lunar White controller with the texture on the back for grips. I will say I do find myself really enjoying the DS4, I just wish the grips were a little bigger. It is a massive improvement from the DS3, which I hated with a passion.

With that said, both are... #33
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Not gonna lie, didn't even notice until you said it. I have every single official Xbox One controller in my collection and I want to grab this to go with it but I don't know about wired.... #5.1
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Who is Commander Rex? #9
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I'm not really a Halo fan but love these two controllers. With that said, I am super disappointed that they made such an awesome change with the Lunar White and blue Forza 6 controller by adding a rubberized grip to the back and didn't include it on these. These ones look great but in the end, I love the other two so much more because of the grips. Example: #8
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They have the special edition Lunar White at Gamestop now and it is even better. Such a sharp controller and it has nice texture to the back #5.1
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I did. That's why I said it puts me under $550 retail. I thought it was fairly obvious. I also figured it would be pretty obvious that the two figures I need to get tomorrow weren't going to cost another $150. But maybe I should have lower expectations as far as reading comprehension is concerned.

The math is ridiculously off. And you should read before you respond. #6.1.1
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I don't believe that number is entirely accurate. I have almost everything right now and I "only" paid $403.77 after 20% discount for Gamer Unlocked at Best Buy. I am only missing the two Toys R Us exclusives Laval and Jay. That puts me under $550 retail. I mean, it's still ridiculous, but $700 AT LAUNCH is not accurate. It will cost well over that eventually though... #6
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