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Most likely at TGS

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This game is gonna be a PS3/Wii U game, PS4/XB1 game, or just a PS4 exclusive.

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They need to localize Yakuza 5 and the HD collection first.

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Don't forget Housemarque's next game will be revealed at Gamescom. It's most likely the spiritual successor of Stardust.

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I think Nintendo should stick to making games for their platforms but release some of their old NES/GBA games on phones which would make them alot of money. Doing this means they still could make money off of their new games/hardware and even more money off of their old classics since their are a bunch of smartphones/tablets out in the world.

As far as releasing their games on another rival platform, I doubt it but their games on PlayStation wouldn't be too bad considerin...

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It's not region free but the XB1 will be.

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Microsoft is lucky Sony finally retired the PS2 because even that was selling more than the 360.

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It's going to come PS4 6 months to 1 year later. EA won't miss a opportunity to make some $$$. If you wan't the game badly on a console though than just buy the XB1.

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It's coming to the 360 too so you can buy that version or get the PC version if you got a decent gaming rig.

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It's a concept art that was created early in development in which Naughty Dog had originally planned for Tess to be the villain of the game. They said this in the Last of Us art book which also has this picture.

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I'm glad this is selling well.

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Of course Killzone SF would be outpacing Forza and Ryse in pre order numbers, since both Sony and Microsoft are advertising the game.


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This chart has several mistakes.

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They still haven't confirmed what everybody really wants to know, is PS Home coming to the PS4?

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According to Microsoft it does. It's called Kinect 2.0

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I can't wait to see all the titles Sony's 1st party are working on my anticipated unannounced games I want to hear more about are Naughty Dogs next game and Santa Monica's rumored Scifi game being written by the Battlestar writer. I wonder if the scifi game is being done by Stig's team.


And yet they still want to charge $60.

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PS4 records more gameplay minutes most likely because Sony put a chip in the system specifically to deal with things like game dvr and downloading things in the background.

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The Last of Us is proof you can release a AAA game during the Summer and not wait until the fall. I hope more companies see this because it seems only Rockstar and Naughty Dog see that gamers will buy games anytime of the year.
Anyway the game is amazing and deserves every sale and accolade its been getting. Good job Naughty Dog you have created another classic.

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I hope a third party company gets Atlus that way all three 1st party companies and gamers benefit. However you can tell the author of the article clearly wants Nintendo to buy them because he says things like Sony most likely won't buy them because of their track record over the last few years in which they sold some buildings and shut studios down. Those are true facts but yet he failed to mention in that same time frame Sony spent money on purchasing Gaikai and expanded some of their 1s...

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